Invasion U.S.A. (1985)

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A Soviet agent forms a terrorist coalition to invade the United States.





Matt Hunter - Chuck Norris

Rostov - Richard Lynch

McGuire - Melissa Prophet

Nikko - Alexander Zale

Tomas - Alex Colon

Cassidy - Eddie Jones

Johnston - Jon DeVries

Harper - James O'Sullivan

Mickey - Billy Drago

Castillo - Jaime Sanchez

John Eagle - Dehl Berti

Flynn - Stephen Markle

Kurt - Shane McCamey

Adams - Martin Shakar

Koyo - James Pax

Terrorists with Tomas - Nate Esformes and Tony Bolano

Clark Little Hawk - Nick Ramus

Detective Tom Green - Bernie McInerney

Maria - Lorraine Morin

Maria's Girlfriend - Marilyn Romero

Carlos - Anthony Marciona

Tonio - Michael Carmine

Victor - Mario Ernesto Sanchez

Cindy - Amanda Graham

Girl on Car - Sheryl Brown

Angela - Teresa M. Rojas

Gentleman Shopper - Dan Albright

Girlfriend - Megan Blake

Mall Brat - Jason Ehrlich

Security Guard at Mall - Charles Kahlenberg

Policeman - Randy Parks

Katherine Martin - Katherine Ann Payne

Newscasters - Bill Alexander, Peter Bannon, Bella Shaw, Tom Mintier, Don Miller, Bob Varsha, Monica Kaufman, Gene Griessman, Art Eckman, Jack Bell and Tranette Ledford-Furnad

Girl in Car - Beth Burns

Boy in Car - Jeff Benninghofen

Supermarket Manager - Bernard Barrow

Terrorist as Guardsman - Bruce Evers

Teen Girl on Beach - Lisa Stahl

Teen Boy on Beach - Rene Rokk

Young Cop - Joe Frasca

Veteran Cop - Dan Fitzgerald

Waitress at Beach - Robin Kinsey

Male Tourist - Michael T. Kelly

Sick Old Man - Ruben Rabasa

Young Boy - Raymond Rosario

Street Person - Howard Jackson

Captain - Jim Towers

Security Guard - Kevin Maggiore

Christmas Father - Andy Stahl

Christmas Mom - Chondra Wolle

Christmas Daughter - Jana Camp

Christmas Son - Tommy Nowell

Pastor - Wallace Wilkinson

Father at Church - Bob Hannah

Mother at Church - Laura Whyte

Daughter at Church - Jennifer Sullivan

Church Terrorists - Dick Tirschel and Alex Malenky

Bouncer - Gerry Murphy

Counter Man - Robert Rodriguez

Mickey's Coke Girl - Maria Doest

Arab Commandos - Afif Yordi and Tarek Yordi

Matt Hunter's Armadillo

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Detailed Synopsis

A group of Cuban refugees are on a boat heading to Miami. A Young Boy asks a Sick Old Man how far it is to Florida and what will happen if they are caught by the Americans. The Captain says the engine wont start. The Young Boy sees a ship coming towards them with an American flag. The refugees start to celebrate and the ship comes to the refugee boat. Rostov, wearing an American Navy uniform, tells the refugees welcome to the United States and then walks to the lower deck and sticks out his hand to Sick Old Man. As Sick Old Man reaches for Rostov, Rostov shoots him in the head and the rest of the refugees are shot and killed. Rostov calls for Nikko who brings Castillo onto the refugee boat, and Castillo shows Tomas where cocaine is hidden on the boat. Cassidy arrives at the Miami port and a Policeman tells Detective Tom Green the FBI are here. Detective Green tells Cassidy information about the Coast Guard ship that was found floating near Boca Raton. Cassidy tells Johnston and Harper to check out McGuire, who was on the boat before Detective Green and his men arrived. McGuire complains to Johnston and Harper that she has been held against her will for over an hour by the police. Harper asks McGuire who she works for and Johnston asks her how she made it to the ship before the police did. They continue to question her and she hands over the photographs she took. Detective Green opens the door to the ship and Cassidy sees it full of dead men stripped of their uniforms. Matt Hunter and John Eagle capture an alligator and put it in a cage. Rostov walks into a building and has a meeting with Mickey. Rostov tosses a bag full of cocaine towards Mickey who then has one of his men make a phone call. Mickey hands Rostov the phone and Nikko tells Rostov that the weapons are all there. Mickey's Coke Girl starts snorting some of the coke and Rostov shoves her head into the coke, shoving the coke straw into her nose. He then grabs Mickey's gun and shoots Mickey in the crotch with it after killing Mickey's guards. Rostov throws Mickey's Coke Girl through the window and leaves. A Man walks into Mickey's office and takes the cocaine and runs away. John Eagle brings the alligator to Clark Little Hawk to sell, but Clark Little Hawk is hesitant to buy it at first but eventually does. Adams rows to Matt's house and goes inside and sees Matt Hunter's Armadillo making a nest out of a blanket. Matt grabs Adams and tells him he isn't interested. Adams tells Matt that the agency believes Rostov is in the country. Matt tells Adams the agency should have let him kill Rostov when he had the chance.

A flashback occurs where the United States ambassador goes to the home of an African politician. Rostov sneaks onto the grounds of the African politician and as he is about to kill the Ambassador, Matt Hunter sneaks up on him and puts a gun to his head. Rostov wakes up from the nightmare and tells Nikko they must kill Matt. Nikko advises against it, but Rostov demands Matt die. Rostov and a group of men take four air boats and head to Matt's house. They arrive at his house shortly before John Eagle does and after John Eagle warns Matt, John Eagle is shot and killed by Nikko. Rostov and his men then shoot and blow up Matt's house including Tomas, Kurt and Koyo. Matt Hunter's Armadillo runs from the destroyed house, while Matt is covered in debris. Matt lays John Eagle's body on a mattress and then sets the remains of his house on fire. Matt takes an air boat to John Eagle's airboat rides building and gets into John Eagle's truck. In Miami, Rostov and Nikko are at a restaurant and Rostov calls Americans decadent and says they are their own worst enemies. Teen Girl on Beach and Teen Boy on Beach are kissing on a towel. Nikko walks up to them and shoots them both and a series of landing craft arrive on the beach. A large group of men from different countries jump off the boats and run onto the beach with weapons. They run to different commercial trucks and are split into different groups to be sent to different major cities in the United States. Rostov tells Nikko, in 18 hours, America will be a different place. At Rey's Pizza, Adams meets with Matt and Matt agrees to go after Rostov. Matt leaves and Adams is forced to pay his tab to Counter Man. Harper briefs Cassidy on what they found on the beach in Miami and Cassidy tells Johnston to track down all department of defense sales of discarded equipment. McGuire takes a photograph of Cassidy and his men and asks them if they know what is going on. Christmas Father, Christmas Daughter and Christmas Son are decorating their tree outside when Christmas Mom tells them dinner is ready. Rostov and Nikko drive up and watch as kids play football as Girl in Car and Boy in Car kiss. Rostov and Nikko then proceed to blow up the neighborhood with a bazooka. Boy in Car helps an injured person into his car and a woman grabs an injured Christmas Daughter. McGuire is taking photographs of a party at a community center in South Miami. Tonio is trying to convince Carlos to flirt with Maria and Maria's Girlfriend. A police car drives up and turns on its spotlight directly on the party goers. Tonio walks up to the police car and is shot dead by Koyo. The party goers are then shot and killed, until Koyo reminds the other terrorist that Rostov wants witnesses.

Young Cop and Veteran Cop drive up to the party goers, and the party goers start throwing things at the car and the Young Cop and Veteran Cop reverse away from the party. As Matt is driving to a bar, he is yelled at by different groups of people, including Street Person. Matt arrives at Gil's Spot and is stopped by Bouncer. Matt grabs the Bouncer by the hand that Bouncer is holding a bottle of beer with and shatters the bottle in the Bouncer's hand and walks off. Matt sits down next to Flynn and asks if he knows any information about Rostov. Flynn tells Matt he saw some new people that looked real experienced at the King Cobra. At the scene of the party, Tonio's body and others are being taken away by paramedics. Cassidy questions McGuire and tells her the terrorists are turning the people against each other and authority. Waitress at Beach gives Rostov and Kurt a beer as they watch a Newscaster tell the audience about a wave of violence. Male Tourist comments that he is surprised it has taken terrorists this long to make it to the United States. Tomas and Terrorists with Tomas arrive at the King Cobra and run over Victor's bucket he is using to wash his car. Victor yells at Tomas, but Tomas blows him off and walks inside. Angela greets Tomas. One of the Terrorists with Tomas tells him they don't have time to be messing around, but Tomas leaves anyways with Angela. As Tomas is getting undressed, Matt stabs a knife through his injured hand and tells Angela to leave. Matt asks Tomas where Rostov is. Victor grabs Matt and asks him what is going on and Matt throws him out and warns him not to come back. Tomas tells Matt he doesn't know where Rostov is, but tells him where they next attack will be. Victor and his friend walk into the room and Matt easily knocks down Victor's friend. Matt pulls out a grenade, pulls the pin, and sticks it in Tomas' hand and tells him if he lives to tell Rostov it is time to die. Tomas throws the grenade out of the window and it blows up Victor's car.

Mall Brat walks up to a display to win a new truck and Security Guard at Mall notices Mall Brat chewing gum. Suddenly, Mall Brat takes out his chewing gum and throws it on the truck and Security Guard at Mall chases after him. Kurt walks through the mall carrying a bag that has a beeping noise coming from it. Gentleman Shopper and his Girlfriend are walking through the mall when Girlfriend notices Kurt drop his bag and tells Gentleman Shopper. Gentleman Shopper grabs the bag and chases after Kurt yelling that he forgot his bag. A security guard then starts chasing after Kurt. The Terrorists with Tomas start shooting and kill Gentleman Shopper and the security guard. The bomb in the bag explodes and shortly after Matt arrives in John Eagle's truck. He begins killing terrorists including the Terrorists with Tomas. Kurt gets into the truck on display and drives it out of the mall with Matt hanging on. Kurt crashes the truck near a car with Cindy and Girl on Car. Cindy starts yelling at Kurt and Kurt starts shooting at her and grabs Girl on Car and drives away. Matt jumps into McGuire's, who had just arrived at the mall, car and they take off after Kurt. McGuire manages to grab onto Girl on Car and get her into her car. Matt throws a grenade into the truck with Kurt and he crashes and the truck blows up. Rostov questions Tomas about what he told Matt. Tomas tells him Matt told him it was time to die and after Tomas spits in his face, Rostov shoots Tomas in the crotch multiple times and kills him. Cassidy asks Johnston what vehicle Matt was driving and Johnston tells him it belonged to John Eagle, who they found dead. As Matt is driving in town he is stopped by Koyo and Terrorist as Guardsman. Matt shoots Koyo dead after he refuses to talk and then questions Terrorist as Guardsman.

During a curfew, Father at Church, Mother at Church and Daughter at Church sneak into a church. The Pastor asks for protection from God. A group of Church Terrorists and Arab Commandos plant a bomb outside of the church. Nikko tells Rostov that Matt killed Koyo and he and Nikko leave. As the Church Terrorists and Arab Commandos are about to blow up the church, Matt drops the bomb where they are hiding and then closes the circuit, causing it to explode and blow them up. Supermarket Manager tells his customers, because of recent events they don't have any fresh meat or vegetables. McGuire notices a group of men dressed as National Guard troops drive up. Nikko, who is in disguise, is about to start shooting into the customers, when Matt arrives. The terrorists start shooting as Matt kills some of the terrorists. Nikko grabs McGuire and Matt takes his pistol and shoots Nikko in the head. Father at Church and Mother at Church put Daughter at Church into a bus taking children to safety in the country. A group of terrorists are in a car following the bus and one takes out a bomb. The terrorists speed towards bus and place the bomb on the side of it. Matt drives the truck towards the bus and grabs the bomb. He drives to the side of the terrorist's car and puts the bomb on their car and drives away and the terrorist's car explodes. Matt goes to a fair and sees the aftermath of the bombing of children's rides. Adams congratulates him for killing Nikko, but Matt tells him it still didn't save the kids at the fair.

Matt comes up with an idea to get Rostov in order to stop the violence and gives it to Adams. A Newscaster in Atlanta gives a report on a joint meeting between the military and other Federal agencies on their plan to hold off martial law. Cassidy, Johnston, Harper and a group of SWAT officers arrive at a hotel and arrest Matt for vigilantism. Rostov is watching a series of newscasts when he sees a report on the arrest of Matt in Miami who will be moved to Atlanta. McGuire picks up a leaflet telling the public about a dusk to dawn curfew and then greets Matt as he is brought to the headquarters in Atlanta by Johnston and Harper. A Newscaster asks Matt if he has anything to say and he looks into the news camera and says Nikko was easy and now it is your turn. Rostov grabs the television and throws it to the ground. Rostov tells the other men in the room to bring all of the terrorists for an attack on Atlanta. A Security Guard at an armored truck company asks the other one if he has the sports section of the newspaper. There is a sudden explosion and the Security Guard is shot and killed by Rostov and his men who then steal the armored trucks. The armored trucks full of terrorists break through the barriers of the Atlanta headquarters and a helicopter with Rostov in it lands on the top of the building. A battle erupts between the National Guard and the terrorists. Matt appears on the top of the headquarters building and kills the terrorist helicopter pilot with a bazooka. The terrorists enter the building but find it empty and a group of tanks surround the building. Rostov realizes it is a trap and the terrorists run out of the building and find themselves surrounded. A terrorist shoots at a National Guard helicopter and a battle erupts. Matt slowly makes his way into the building killing terrorists as he goes. Rostov chases after Matt when Matt runs out of ammunition. Matt ambushes Rostov and they start hand to hand fighting. Rostov finds a bazooka and starts searching for Matt. The terrorists give up and the National Guard celebrate. Matt sneaks behind Rostov and shoots him with a bazooka round after whispering it is time, and Rostov is blown out of the building.