Jack Frost (1997)

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A murderer returns from the dead to get revenge on the sheriff who captured him.



Horror, Comedy

Horror, Slasher


Jack Frost - Scott MacDonald

Sam - Chris Allport

Agent Manners - Stephen Mendel

Paul Davrow - F. William Parker

Anne Tiler - Eileen Seeley

Stone - Rob LaBelle

Ryan Tiler - Zack Eginton

Jake Metzner - Jack Lindine

Sally - Kelly Jean Peters

Marla - Marsha Clark

Deputy Foster - Chip Heller

Deputy Pullman - Brian Leckner

Tommy - Darren Campbell

Jill Metzner - Shannon Elizabeth Fadal

Doc Peters - Paul Keith

Father Branagh - Charles Stevenson, Jr.

Billy Metzner - Nathan Hague

Driver - Todd Conner

Second Driver - Richard F. Whiten

Guard - Harley Zumbrum

Tanker Driver - Kurt Bryant

Idiot - Brett A. Boydstun

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Detailed Synopsis

A little girl asks her Uncle Henry to tell her a Christmas story on Christmas Eve. Uncle Henry is at first hesitant, but then proceeds to tell the story of Jack Frost who murdered people and then baked them into pies.

Jack Frost is being transported to his execution in a state executional transfer vehicle during a snowstorm. Jack asks his Guard for a cigarette, but the Guard just blows smoke into his face. As the vehicle is driving through Snomonton, Colorado, the snowman capitol of the Midwest, the Driver mentions to the Second Driver how Snomonton was the city where Jack was apprehended. Jack kills his Guard and takes his cigarette. Going in the opposite direction is a Tanker Driver from Genetic Research carrying a chemical substance. The vehicles barely miss each other and both vehicles overturn onto the side of the road. The Driver gets out of the vehicle and looks in shock at the back door, before turning around and seeing Jack Frost free and holding his cuffs. The tanker explodes and sprays Jack with the chemical, and he melts into a puddle of goo that disappears into the snow.

Sam Tiler his wife Anne Tiler and Ryan Tiler are driving when Sam notices the clock has changed to midnight, when Jack Frost was supposed to be executed. Sam remembers back to the day when he arrested Jack. He then flash forwards to when Jack Frost was convicted and sentenced and as he was being taken away yelled that he would have revenge on Sam and the town of Snomonton. They come across the accident between the truck driving Jack Frost and the chemical truck. Agent Manners interviews The Driver who tells him that after his transformation Jack Frost just ran off. The radio reports that Sam Frost was killed in the crash. Before leaving for work, Ryan gives Sam some oatmeal that he mixed up and Sam puts it in a sandwich bag. On his way to the office Sam stops outside the Fawn Lodge where people including Jake Metzner, Jill Metzner, Sally Metzner, Billy Metzner and Tommy Davrow. Sam walks across to Davrow Hardware to say hello to Paul Davrow. Sam walks into the police station and greets Marla who works dispatch. Marla then shows Sam a phone memo noting that someone died. Sam goes to the property of Old Man Abraham Harper where Deputy Foster and Deputy Pullman are already present. They find Old Man Harper dead in his rocking chair with his neck broken and no sign of a struggle. Sam calls the FBI and is directed to Agent Manners. Agent Manners tells Sam that Jack Frost was killed in the crash. Manners gets off the phone with Sam and tells Stone, who was in the room during the phone call, that at least he knows the experimental chemicals work. Doc Peters arrives at the scene of Harper's murder and tells Sam the killer must have been wearing a large glove or mitten. Anne returns home from the grocery store and notices a snowman that seemingly moves towards her outside her house. Sam returns to the station and encounters an angry group of people asking what he is going to do about the murder. Sam tells them all to go home and as they leave, Paul Davrow tells the group he is going to have a sale on ammunition. Ryan Tiler goes outside with two coals and a carrot and adds them to the snowman outside his house. He is confronted by Billy Metzner and his friends who tell him to get out of the way and then Billy uses his sled to cut off the head of the snowman. The snowman turns out to be Jack Frost who knocks Billy in the way of a kid sledding and Billy's head goes flying off. Billy's body is put in an ambulance and Jake argues with Sam and calls Ryan a psycho.

After yelling at Sally and Jill, Jake goes outside to have a pipe smoke when he hears someone calling out to him. Jake grabs an ax and walks around calling out to whoever it is. Jack sneaks behind him, grabs the ax away and shoves it into Jake's mouth handle first. Sally walks into the living room and notices lights on the tree, which she assumes Jake did. Jack then sneaks up behind her and kills her by wrapping Christmas lights around her neck and shoving a ball ornament into her mouth, before tying her onto the tree. Paul Davrow walks into their house carrying a salt pellet bag and runs away when he sees Sally dead and Jack Frost. After visiting the Metzner residence, Sam returns to the sheriff station and finds Manners and Stone there. Manners tells Sam to take him to the Metzner residence before telling him the case is now out of his hands. Stone uses a device to examine a puddle left by Jack Frost and tells Manners Jack can freeze and unfreeze himself at will. Doc Peters tells Sam whatever killed Jake was immensely strong. Manners tells Sam to institute a curfew for the town that night. Most of the town gather at the Fawn Lodge with the help of Father Branagh. Sam tells the citizens that he is instituting a 24 hour curfew. Sam goes outside and grabs Paul Davrow, who is destroying all of the snowman from the snowman making competition. As Deputy Pullman is driving towards Paul's house, he comes across Jack Frost holding a stop sign in the middle of the road. He grabs a snow shovel, but finds Jack is now only a puddle. When he goes to put the shovel back in the trunk, Jack Frost materializes in his car and Jack reverses the car into Deputy Pullman, killing him. Anne is getting blankets from her home when she notices water pouring out from underneath her sink. Deputy Foster surprises her and turns the coupling to stop the water from leaking. As Foster drives Anne back to the lodge, Jill and Tommy watch them leave. They break into Sam's house and start making out before, Jill goes upstairs to take a bath. A snowball hits against the window, scaring Tommy who thinks it is Sam. Tommy opens the door and is punched in the face by Jack Frost. Tommy attacks Jack with an ice pick, which proves ineffective. Jack then expels icicles into Tommy's shoulder and head, killing him. While Jill is in the bath she is attacked by Jack, who slams her head into the wall until she is dead.

At the police station, Agent Manners finds out his men will be delayed due to a snowstorm. Sam, Agent Manners, Stone and Marla go outside when they hear Deputy Pullman's car arrive. Jack Frost appears and Manners tries to kill it by shooting it, but it doesn't harm Jack. Manners finally admits to Sam that Jack Frost is not dead and he is the snowman. Sam uses Marla's blow dryer to heat up Jack which appears to work. They lay a trap of bug spray cans and then exit the building with Paul Davrow, who was in a cell, before setting the room and Jack Frost on fire. Jack Frost reforms and everyone except, Idiot run back into the lodge building. Stone admits to Sam that they were working on genetic research that would allow people to survive a global apocalypse and he has no idea how to stop Jack Frost. Sam and Manners come up with the idea to lure Jack into the boiler room of the lodge. Jack arrives and they use blow dryers to force him into the boiler. Jack escapes through the steam pipe and reforms behind Agent Manners. He then bites Agent Manners in the face, killing him. Stone offers to help Jack, but Jack enters Stone and uses his body to walk outside unnoticed. Jack Frost then vomits himself out of Stone's mouth and Sam runs into his police car with Ryan. Jack pours into the car and Sam and Ryan jump out. Sam shoves the bag of oatmeal that Ryan gave him into Jack, causing him to scream in pain and Sam finds out Ryan mixed anti-freeze into the oatmeal so Sam wouldn't get cold. Paul Davrow shows up and Sam tells him to fill the bed of his truck up with anti-freeze. Sam runs into a hotel with Jack chasing after him. Jack catches Sam and impales him in the chest with an icicle before Sam pushes them both out a window into the bed of Paul's truck. Jack Frost dissolves and the anti-freeze is put back into their bottles and buried, except for one bottle which the Idiot pours into his radiator.