Jake Rudd

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Jake Rudd


Todd Monroe aka Jake Rudd is a realtor and owner of Rudd Properties in northern Louisiana. His brother is Dwayne Monroe and his sister-in-law is Anne Monroe.

During the events of The Evictors (1979) played by Vic Morrow

Jake shows Ben Watkins and Ruth Watkins a house for sale. After the tour around the house, Jake hands them the keys to the house and tells them he will try and push the mortgage paperwork as soon as possible. A few days later Jake sees them again and congratulates them on buying the house. He gives Ruth an extra key and tells them good luck. Ruth walks into town and tells Jake the locals aren't very friendly. Jake says hello to Ben and Ruth after church service with Preacher Higgins. At Mr. Buckner's party, Jake approaches Ruth. Ruth asks him about what happened in 1934 and accuses him of knowingly not telling her and Ben about the murders. After Ben's funeral, Jake drives Ruth to Olie's house to say goodbye. Dwayne attacks Ruth and Jake runs into the house and shoots Dwayne to death. Five years later, Mr. Bumford and Mrs. Bumford go to Jake's office. They tell him that the houses he told them about were junk, but they saw a house they liked, which turns out to be Ben and Ruth's old house. Jake accepts their offer and pulls out his glasses, which match those of Dwayne's brother. Ruth walks in and Jake introduces her as his wife. Mr. Bumford and Mrs. Bumford leave and after Ruth finds out that they are going to buy her old house, she tells Jake she doesn't want anyone else to live in the house.