Jason Locke

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Jason Locke


Jason Locke is an agent for the FIRM.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 1 Blackjack played by Anthony Sherwood

At the FIRM headquarters, Chick plays the contents of the envelope, which consists of an audio tape for Stringfellow Hawke. Locke walks in and takes the tape and Hawke demands to speak to Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel. Locke tells Hawke that Archangel has been reassigned to the Far East. He tells Hawke, he is now in control of dealing with Hawke and tells him to be patient in regards to St. John. Jo Santini goes to the VA hospital where Hawke is being treated at. She tells Holt that she demands to see Hawke. Locke walks up and starts asking her about Airwolf, but she again demands to see Hawke and enters Hawke's room. Locke visits with Mike Rivers who he then recruits. Locke looks up the file on Operation Storm Season and sees that of the personnel on the mission, most of them died during the operation except for St. John and Alexander Montrose. He goes to find Montrose and is stopped by Hatch. A scuffle breaks out until Montrose tells Hatch to let Locke speak with him. Locke asks Montrose about St. John and Montrose tells him that he and St. John were captured by the Khmer Rouge a year ago. He continues that during a rescue operation that the FIRM hired Colonel Bojard to conduct, St. John was killed.

Locke asks Jo questions about Dominic and what he was doing beyond Santini Air and then leaves an envelope with St. John's ring as he walks away. He reports to Newman that Jo didn't seem to know anything about Airwolf. Rivers tells Locke that he has located Airwolf. As they are driving to Airwolf's lair, they see it in the air. They follow it and find out Jo was the person flying it. She tells them she knows where St. John is and they take Airwolf to rescue him. St. John tries to warn Airwolf away and escapes from his cell. Burke gets into a helicopter and attacks Airwolf. Rivers shoots Burke's helicopter out of the sky. St. John is picked up by Airwolf and then visits Hawke in the hospital. Locke goes to Hawke's hospital room and finds it empty. Locke, Jo and Rivers go back to the lair and Airwolf lands. St. John gets out and Locke recruits him to continue Hawke and Dominic's work.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 2 Escape played by Anthony Sherwood

Locke tells St. John and Mike that Jo's flight is being forced to land in Bulgaria and St. John and Mike get into Airwolf and take off. Airwolf enters European airspace and Locke tells them the double agent named Arkov is in Stockholm. Later, Locke contacts St. John and tells him where Jo is located. At Santini Air, Svetlana Linski and Taaja thank the crew and Locke for saving them and Locke tells them their testimony will be given to Amnesty International to help shut down Stara Zagora Prison. Mike asks Svetlana to get him tickets to the next gymnastics competition and Svetlana hugs Jo.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 3 A Town for Hire played by Anthony Sherwood

Locke and Mike land Airwolf in the lair and start downloaded the photographs they took on their mission. Mike tries to contact St. John or Jo, at Santini Air, but can't reach anyone. As St. John is talking to Mike, the calls suddenly hangs up. Mike tells Locke that St. John and Jo might need help and Locke tells him to trace the number. They get into Airwolf and leave the lair. Locke and Mike arrive at Jo's crash site and they use their monitors to find the wreckage, which is now buried. They scan the town of Santa Mira and notice it has had quite the population jump. They then do further scans and find a large weapons cache in Martin Lundahl's factory. Locke drops off Mike so Mike can snoop around. Mike radios Locke and tells him he has found St. John and Jo. Locke blows the buildings doors open and St. John and the others drive out in Sheriff Lou's vehicle. Hank Nelson starts shooing at Airwolf and Lundahl tries to use the laser cannon on Airwolf. Locke fires rockets into the building, but Airwolf is hit. He starts to lose power, but switches to manual override and fires a rocket at Hank and Lundahl, killing them. He lands Airwolf and flies away with the others.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 4 Salvage played by Anthony Sherwood

St. John and Mike are training in Airwolf when Locke radios them and tells them Lorrie Grant contacted him. They return to base and pack for a trip to Devil's Ridge and before leaving, Jo suggests they bring Lorrie back this time. St. John calls Locke and tells him, Lorrie was arrested for stealing a car. Locke and Jo get into Airwolf and take off for Devil's Ridge. Locke and Jo arrive at the Blue Clay Mine in Airwolf and get into a fight with Strafe and shoot the Scorpion out of the sky. Afterwards, Locke tells Lorrie that she can rejoin the FIRM. St. John, Mike, Locke and Lorrie then go to visit Charlie Rising Moon in the hospital.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 5 Windows played by Anthony Sherwood

St. John and Locke are pulling surveillance on Phillip Devereau in a car, while Mike is pulling surveillance in Airwolf. Locke tells Mike that Devereau is carrying a circuit board for the satellite that will be used in an upcoming space shuttle launch. Uri Tatloff walks up to Devereau and then after shaking hands walks off. St. John follows Tatloff while Mike follows Devereau. St. John grabs Tatloff and puts him in the car with Locke. St. John and Locke bring Tatloff to the Soviet Embassy and he tells them Devereau is working with someone in the same apartment building. He promises to tell them who if they take him to their office, but is shot dead by Fireman/Sniper. Locke tells Jo what Totloff said about one of the other tenants working with Devereau. He starts to worry that they have been setup and Devereau isn't their man.

St. John and Locke try looking up information on Ann Delaney, but come up with nothing. A bomb explodes and everyone runs out of the apartment complex. Jo tells the others the device is picking up something and St. John goes to help her. Information comes from Interpol with data on Ann revealing her to be a freelance agent. St. John, Jo and Locke go to Ann's apartment and find it empty. As Ann is trying to escape with Eric and "Oscar" the Dog, Eric and Oscar run away. Mike sees them and tells the others where she is at. Oscar bites Ann as she is about to shoot Locke and she is grabbed by St. John. Eric gives Locke the circuit board and the space mission proceeds. Later, Oscar is returned to Hannah Molner and Jo tells her that Eric was returned to his parents and Locke gives Hannah a new collar with the Airwolf logo.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 6 A Piece of Cake played by Anthony Sherwood

Jo invites Locke to go camping with her, Mike, Bobby and other troubled youth, but he declines. Mike calls St. John and Locke and tells them he was shot and Bobby and Jo were kidnapped by Max. St. John and Locke get into Airwolf and take off. When they arrive at the cabin Jo was taken to, Marco gets into a jeep and starts shooting at Airwolf. Marco's jeep is shot by Airwolf and as he gets out, the briefcase explodes when it is hit by a round from Airwolf, killing him. Back at Santini Air, Jo is teaching Bobby how to maintain helicopters as Mike milks his injury. Susan walks in and is surprised Bobby is working. As Mike starts telling another make believe story, everyone slowly walks away.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 7 Deathtrain played by Anthony Sherwood

St. John, Locke, Mike and Jo arrive in a military jeep at a train depot. Two cars drive up, one American and one Soviet. Locke spots Gregori Nobokov stepping out of the Soviet vehicle and he and Locke go inside a train car holding a nerve gas, after receiving a key card. The train starts and Nobokov pulls out a gun and says he doesn't fully trust the nerve agent is in the canisters. He and Locke talk about their first encounter in Tel Aviv ten years ago. Nobokov pulls out a mini chess set with the pieces in the exact same positions they were in when he played Locke ten years ago. Nobokov continues to rehash his and Locke's past including the time Locke refused to order a strike on a village which caused six of Nobokov's men to be killed. While going through a tunnel, the train crashes into a road block. Nobokov takes Locke's key card and Locke pulls a gun on him and orders him to give him back the card. Colonel David Randolph orders Locke and Nobokov to open the door, but they refuse. Randolph tells Locke that he and his team developed the gas and he refuses to let it go to waste.

The door to the real train car is cut open with a blow torch and Locke and Nobokov are taken hostage. Randolph has his men remove the gas canisters and put them on trucks. Randolph asks Locke for the code to open the canisters and when Locke tells him no, threatens to use truth serum on him. Locke and Nobokov manage to steal rifles from their guards, but Nobokov is wounded when he is hit with grenade shrapnel. Randolph injects the truth serum into the dying Nobokov. Nobokov tells Randolph this was his last assignment and his goal was to kill Locke. Nobokov gives Randolph his half of the combination and Jenson tells Randolph, Airwolf is flying around the area. St. John sneaks into the mountain and shoots Randolph dead and Locke takes Randolph's gun and shoots Jenson dead. Locke grabs Nobokov and he and St. John escape from the mountain as it explodes. Later, Locke and Nobokov make amends and say their goodbyes after Locke gives Nobokov an electric chess set.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 8 Code of Silence played by Anthony Sherwood

Jalapa, Honduras, St. John and Locke, in Airwolf are supporting Colonel Coombs and his team in their mission to rescue Reynolds, the ambassador to Colombia, who was kidnapped by guerrillas. Briggs contacts Coombs and tells him that the ambassador has been secured and is ready for extraction. While the operation is taking place, a combat Photographer records the mission. Airwolf successfully retrieves Reynolds and while the team is heading to the rally point, Coombs' helicopter is hit by small arms fire and he veers into Brad Lacey's helicopter which then crashes. Back at C.O.M.B.A.T. headquarters, Coombs is brought up on charges of murder for the death of Lacey. St. John meets Captain Parkinson, who is also part of Coombs defense team and they speak with Gen. Danford who introduces them to Locke, who will be prosecuting the case.

Later, St. John and Locke argue about the case. The trial begins and the Photographer is the first to take the stand and he testifies there was no reason for Coombs to crash into Lacey's helicopter. Capt. Thompson is the next to take the stand and he tells the court that Coombs' hard left maneuver was not standard operating procedure. Lt. Jennings is next up and he says that Coombs running into Lacey's helicopter seemed intentional. He then tells the court he and some others overheard Coombs and Lacey arguing over something and Coombs threatened to kill Lacey. General Lacey is called as a witness by St. John. General Lacey tells the court that Coombs strives under pressure and says Lacey had his ups and downs, but was turning into a better person. As St. John and Parkinson are leaving Lacey's living quarters, Locke pulls up and tells them Coombs has escaped in a helicopter. Coombs returns and St. John shows the court the video with an enhancement that shows Coombs took fire from Thompson's helicopter while he was trying to protect Lacey. He then accuses Thompson and the rest of the team, except Coombs, of planning to kill Lacey when they found out he was a traitor. Thompson finally admits to it and the trial ends. St. John and Locke walk to get a beer and as they are walking, Coombs salutes St. John.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 9 Stavograd Part 1 played by Anthony Sherwood

St. John, Jo and Mike are test firing weapons in Airwolf as Locke is monitoring them in the lair. Locke tells them NORAD has requested they check on a reading it picked up with high radiation. They fly there and pick up large amounts of radiation and Locke tells them the location matches Stavograd Nuclear Facility within the Taimyr region of the USSR. Locke gives St. John the details on Stavograd and St. John decides to head to Stavograd. Locke calls St. John and tells him to return to United States territory. F.I.R.M. Official is briefed on the situation by Locke and angrily tells Locke to get Airwolf out. St. John updates Locke on the situation and F.I.R.M. Official tells Locke, the F.I.R.M. is disavowing any knowledge of Airwolf.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 10 Stavograd Part 2 played by Anthony Sherwood

A van full of American triathletes drives to a Soviet checkpoint and they are then questioned by Agent who asks to see their papers. Locke, who is disguised as an athlete is asked by Agent why so many people are suddenly showing up with athlete visas. Locke is dropped off by the triathlete van and heads towards Stavograd. He jumps onto the back of a Farmer's truck. The Farmer's truck overheats and he pulls over to the side of the road and hears Locke coughing. The Farmer threatens Locke with a pitchfork, but then calls him Bill Cosby. The Farmer drops Locke off at Stavograd and gives him his gloves. Locke, who had managed to sneak into Stavograd, finds St. John, but they are caught by Commander Kirov. Uri Kolcheski fires his missile, but then crashes. Jo lands Airwolf and Mike lands the jet. Kirov and the rest of the military leave and St. John has the idea to collapse the walls of reactor 1 and Bronski thinks they might be able to use coolant from reactor 3 to prevent reactor 2 from overheating. St. John and Mike manage to collapse the walls to reactor 1 and the temperature in reactor 2 drops. Locke, and St. John say goodbye to Dr. Vladimir Bronski and Alexandria Rostov.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 11 Mime Troupe played by Anthony Sherwood

Locke tells St. John about Jaggerman and Anna LeBlanc and how Jaggerman wants Anna to be brought back to France.Locke tells St. John about Francoise and a new terrorist organization. Locke continues that Jaggerman thinks the terrorists will use stolen helicopters to kidnap Anna. Jaggerman is picked up by Locke and St. John. Jaggerman is brought to Santini Air and Jo and Mike bring Anna to Santini Air. As rehearsal is happening, Hugo walks into the theater and shoots towards Tourand and Jean. St. John shoots and kills Hugo and Mike runs over to Tourand and Jean and Tourand is dead. Locke and St. John get in Airwolf while Mike and Jo follow the vehicle with Peter Druker using the tracking device. Locke tells Mike they spotted four heat signatures in a building nearby. Mike and Jo go into the warehouse and save Anna and Jaggerman. The next day, Locke and St. John get back into Airwolf and fly towards the NATO conference location. They chase Peter and Abdul in their stolen helicopters and shoot them out of the sky. Back at the theater, Anton gives a toast to Mike, Jo, Locke and St. John.