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Jeannie is the niece of Mack. She remembers Dr. Ian Thorne from when both of them were in grade school.

During the events of The Cremators (1973) played by Maria De Aragon

Mack drops off Jeannie in his boat and introduces Ian to Jeannie. Ian and Jeannie talk and he tells her if she ever needs help to contact him on the CB radio. Jeannie sees on of the rock crystals and Ian offers it to her. Ian and Jeannie go out onto his boat and they talk about why he came back to town. That night they have sex and while he is driving Jeannie home, they sea a bright flash. They get out of the truck and Ian finds a piece of metal on the ground. Later, Jeannie is out on her boat listening to a conversation between Mack and Ian when the Cremator suddenly appears. It chases her and she calls Ian for help. Ian asks her if she got rid of the rock crystal he gave to her and she tells him she gave it to Mack who then tells them he put it in a pail on the boat. Ian tells Jeannie to get rid of the rock crystal and she throws it away. Ian visits Jeannie in the hospital and tells her he will see her tomorrow. Later, Pete tells Ian and Jeannie that Cunningham and him are going to conduct a search for Dr. Willy Seppel, who is missing. Ian packs up the last of the rock crystals and goes to try and find the Cremator. Jeannie follows him and Ian places the rock crystals on the ground in a circle and they start to glow and move. He place explosives in a pit and then places the rock crystals on the explosives. The Cremator appears and as it goes to collect the rock crystals, Ian causes the explosives to go off, causing a large explosion and the Cremator disappears. A crowd gathers and Mason asks Ian if it is over and he tells him he hopes so and Pete says he is disappointed they couldn't learn more about it.