Jennie Burton

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Jennie Burton


Jennie Burton is a teacher for hearing impaired children in Central America. She came to Central America to gain a sense of usefulness.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 9 Jennie played by Lenore Kasdorf

As Stringfellow Hawke and Jason Keith take a break in the jungle, they are ordered to drop their weapons by Jennie Burton]and her students. When she realizes Hawke and Jason are Americans, she tells her students to come out of the jungle. She introduces them to her students including, Raf, Irene, Lorena, Clemente, Ayud, Xavier, and Solita. She tells Hawke all of her students are deaf and are learning English. Hawke introduces himself and Jason and Jennie tells him government troops destroyed the children's village when they were out hiking. Hawke hears a group of soldiers coming and tells everyone to get down. Patrol Leader 1 drives up with his platoon, looks around and leaves. Jennie tells Hawke her and the children are heading to Santa Teresa and Hawke offers to escort them, which upsets Jason. Another patrol passes by Hawke and the children. Hawke and the children cross a river and Jason complains about helping the children once more and tells Hawke if all of the children died that day, they could all be replaced, while he couldn't be replaced. Hawke gets upset and tells Jason to go and sit down away from him. Jennie tells Hawke more about the background of the children and teaches him some sign language. They are forced to take cover again when another patrol walks by and a helicopter hovers overhead.

Hawke and his group are ambushed, but they manage to kill their attackers. An Old Woman leading a cow walks up and exclaims oh my god in Spanish when she sees the children. The Old Woman tells Jennie that government troops raided her village. Jennie tells Hawke the people have hope that Gustavo, who they know as El Gato, will lead a successful revolution and Hawke tells her Gustavo is dead. Hawke and the others reach the village of Santa Teresa. They are greeted by the villagers and Jennie introduces Sister Agnes Marie to Hawke. Hawke sees a black stone feature and Jennie tells him it is a relic from a Mayan outpost. The village is suddenly attacked by Colonel Ross and his tanks. Hawke tells Jason to take Jennie to shelter. The Old Woman gets the children to sing as the battles rages outside. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and shoot down Colonel Ross's helicopter. They land and Hawke invites Jennie to visit him at his cabin and the children run up to Hawke and hug him.