Jimmy (In Bruges)

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Jimmy is an actor. He was born in the United States of America.

During the events of In Bruges (2008) played by Jordan Prentice

Ray sees a movie being filmed with a dwarf in it and runs over to get closer as the Film Director tells Jimmy he wants him to tip toe like a mouse. Chloe walks over to Jimmy and Ray refuses to continue sightseeing. He walks over to Chloe and as Ray is leaving he gives the thumbs up to Jimmy. The next day, Ray sees Jimmy walking and waves at him, but Jimmy ignores him. At the pub, Jimmy walks in with Denise and Ken asks him how the movie is going. Ken compliments Denise and Jimmy admits she is a prostitute. Ray walks in and goes over to Jimmy and Denise and demands to know why Jimmy didn't wave back at him. He finds out Denise is from Amsterdam, but came to Bruge to make more money prostituting. They go to a room and do drugs together along with Kelli, and Ray tells Jimmy about the dwarf suicides. Jimmy tells everyone his theory on an upcoming race war and Ken tells Jimmy his wife was black. Ken and Ray leave after Ray chops Jimmy in the neck for trying to take more of the drugs for himself. A few days later, Ray and Chloe see Jimmy dressed as a schoolboy and Ray apologizes for karate chopping him in the neck and Jimmy apologizes for his talk about a race war. Later that evening, Jimmy walks away from the Film Director and moves towards Ray. He is then shot and killed by a stray round fired by Harry.