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Jo Santini is a helicopter equipment engineer. Her father is Tony Santini and her uncle is Dominic, who also raised her. She grew up with Stringfellow Hawke and St. John Hawke.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 1 Blackjack played by Michele Scarabelli

Jo is flying in a helicopter with Hawke showing him a wind drift auto compensator she built. They test out her machine and it works. After they land, Jo runs back to the helicopter and finds an envelope. Dominic gets into his helicopter and as Hawke goes to speak with him the helicopter blows up. Jo visits Dominic's grave and then goes to the VA hospital where Hawke is being treated at. She tells Holt that she demands to see Hawke. Jason Locke walks up and starts asking her about Airwolf, but she again demands to see Hawke and enters Hawke's room. Jo continues to visit Hawke in the hospital and Hawke asks Jo to take Airwolf and find St. John.

Locke asks Jo questions about Dominic and what he was doing beyond Santini Air and then leaves an envelope with St. John's ring as he walks away. As Locke and Mike Rivers are driving to Airwolf's lair, they see it in the air. They follow it and find out Jo was the person flying it. She tells them she knows where St. John is and they take Airwolf to rescue him. St. John tries to warn Airwolf away and escapes from his cell. Burke gets into a helicopter and attacks Airwolf. Rivers then shoots Burke's helicopter out of the sky. Later, Locke, Jo and Rivers go back to the lair and Airwolf lands. St. John gets out and Locke recruits him to continue Hawke and Dominic's work.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 2 Escape played by Michele Scarabelli

In Istanbul, Turkey, Jo is waiting outside a building when she hears a gunshot and sees Massi running towards her with a gunshot wound to the chest. Jo hides and Massi continues to run and is chased by Gorski and Bulgarian Agent who continuously shoot at him. He stops by an empty pipe and hides the envelope in the pipe. Massi is shot and killed by Bulgarian Agent and Jo retrieves the package, before she is spotted by Gorski. She knocks him unconscious and shoots Bulgarian Agent before escaping. Jo takes a photo of a map and overlay that was in the envelope and then destroys them. She calls the lair and tells St. John she has the package and is on her way to Stockholm. On the flight, Svetlana Linski recognizes Jo, who almost knocked her down while Svetlana was talking to the reporters.

The pilot of the flight tells the passengers that they are being forced to land in Bulgaria. Svetlana panics and Jo grabs her and tells her to stay calm. In Sofia, Bulgaria, all the passengers are forced to deplane and go through customs. Air Guard asks for everyone's passport. Gorski starts looking at the passengers and has Svetlana taken away and then takes Jo away. He questions Jo about the theft of the maps, but she refuses to talk. Svetlana is brought into the room and he tells her and Jo that they will be tried as enemies of peace and global cooperation. Jo and Svetlana are brought to Stara Zagora Prison and as Barracks Guard walks by Svetlana, he drops a knife. She goes to pick it up, but is stopped by Jo. They are brought to the prison barracks and Cosima notices Jo is an American and Elena tells Jo she once worked at the United States Embassy. Jo is brought before the Commandant and is questioned about what information she might have passed, but she refuses to tell him. She is brought to the Commandant once more and then put in solitary confinement. She uses a piece of her shoe to short the light in the cell to send a Morse Code message.

Jo is brought before Arkov who slaps and searches her. Arkov tells Jo that he is working with St. John and tells her to be in the prison yard at 9 am. When Jo is brought back to the holding cells, she is attacked by Svetlana. The Commandant has Jo and Svetlana put into isolation. Svetlana tells Jo the reason she attacked her and how the guards spread a rumor she was KGB. Cosima frees Jo and tells her the guards promised her freedom if she betrayed Jo. Cosima is caught by the Barracks Guard and Jo tells him she is ready to talk. Airwolf arrives and starts shooting up the prison. As a guard is about to shoot Jo, Arkov shoots the guard. Cosima is shot by a guard who is then beaten to death by the other female prisoners. Jo, Svetlana and Taaja get into Airowlf, which then flies away. Back at Santini Air, Svetlana and Taaja thank the crew and Locke for saving them and Locke tells them their testimony will be given to Amnesty International to help shut down Stara Zagora Prison. Mike asks Svetlana to get him tickets to the next gymnastics competition and Svetlana hugs Jo.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 3 A Town for Hire played by Michele Scarabelli

St. John is flying a small plane as Jo flies a helicopter nearby as they test a new digital laser communication system. They start to race each other and Jo's helicopter is hit by a laser and crashes. Later, Dr. Kinsington takes Dr. Tracy Kinsington and St. John to Jo, who is injured, but kept hidden by Dr. Kinsington. As they are taking Jo to the car, Sheriff Lou and Hank Nelson pull up and take them hostage. They are driven to the Lundahl Industries building and Sheriff Lou takes them to Lundahl. Lundahl tells Sheriff Lou to kill them. Mike starts shooting at Lundahl and the guards and St. John manages to take away Hank's rifle and knocks Sheriff Lou into a fire and Sheriff Lou burns to death. Locke blows the buildings doors open and St. John and the others drive out in Sheriff Lou's vehicle. Hank starts shooing at Airwolf and Lundahl tries to use the laser cannon on Airwolf. Locke fires rockets into the building, but Airwolf is hit. He starts to lose power, but switches to manual override and fires a rocket at Hank and Lundahl, killing them. He lands Airwolf and flies away with the others. Back at the hospital, Dr. Kinsington tells St. John and Jo he is staying in town and Tracy tells them she is staying too.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 4 Salvage played by Michele Scarabelli

St. John and Mike are training in Airwolf when Locke radios them and tells them Lorrie Grant contacted him. They return to base and pack for a trip to Devil's Ridge and before leaving, Jo suggests they bring Lorrie back this time. Later, Locke and Jo get into Airwolf and take off for Devil's Ridge. Locke and Jo arrive in Airwolf at the Blue Clay Mine and get into a fight with Strafe and shoot the Scorpion out of the sky.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 5 Windows played by Michele Scarabelli

Phillip Devereau walks into his apartment complex and tells Jo, who is fixing a light that is out, that the third floor exit light is out. She uses a scanning device on Devereau, but it shows he is not carrying the circuit board. As Jo is walking around the apartment with the scanning device she sees "Oscar" the Dog running from his owner, Hannah Molner. Eric catches Oscar and brings him back to Hannah. As Jo is radioing in with Mike, she almost runs into Ann Delaney and tells Ann where she last saw Eric. Locke tells Jo what Uri Totloff said about one of the other tenants working with Devereau. Jo goes to visit Hannah and while Hannah is making her tea, Jo searches her apartment with the scanner, but doesn't find anything. Mike sees Eric trying to climb out of the basement window and contacts Jo who grabs Eric and he tells her that he hates Ann and she isn't his mother. Jo brings Eric back to Ann and offers to watch him for her. Ann lets her into her apartment and while Jo is scanning it, Eric catches her. He tells her, he needs to tell her something, but is sent to his room by Ann.

A bomb explodes and everyone runs out of the apartment complex. Jo tells the others the device is picking up something and St. John goes to help her. An ultrasonic sound emits from somewhere and Hannah collapses to the ground from a heart attack. A Paramedic comes over and works on Hannah. Hannah is put on a stretcher and St. John notices the Fireman/Sniper is acting suspicious. Jo goes into Hannah's apartment when the scanner picks up the circuit board and Devereau is waiting for her inside. He points a gun at her and admits he caused Hannah's heart attack and then shows her the circuit board. Devereau puts the circuit board in Oscar's sweater and then takes Jo to the roof of the building. He tries to throw her off, but falls off instead. Jo is picked up by Airwolf. Information comes from Interpol with data on Ann revealing her to be a freelance agent. St. John, Jo and Locke go to Ann's apartment and find it empty. As Ann is trying to escape with Eric and Oscar, Eric and Oscar run away. Mike sees them and tells the others where she is at. Oscar bites Ann as she is about to shoot Locke and she is grabbed by St. John. Eric gives Locke the circuit board and the space mission proceeds. Later, Oscar is returned to Hannah and Jo tells her that Eric was returned to his parents and Locke gives Hannah a new collar with the Airwolf logo.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 6 A Piece of Cake played by Michele Scarabelli

St. John and Mike are in Airwolf following behind a jet fighter. Mike contacts Jo, who is monitoring their modem feed at Santini Air. Air traffic control notifies the pilot that he is being followed and he turns around and orders Airwolf to identify themselves and they fly off. Jo hears a noise and calls out. The phone rings and she tells Mike that someone is in the building. She hears someone yelling and grabs Bobby. Outside Juvenile Court, Bobby is arguing with Susan about having to go on a hiking retreat. Susan reminds him that if it was either the retreat or being on probation. Mike and Jo walk up to them and Mike threatens to rescind his offer to have Bobby join them on The Wilderness Program. Susan can't find her keys and Jo sees Bobby breaking into the car.

Jo invites Locke to go camping with them, but he declines. Later, Mike drives a van to Santini Air and introduces the hikers, Bobby, Carlos, who assumes Jo is the stewardess, Dwayne and Leigh. Jo lands the helicopter at Mt. Seymour Park and Mike asks Arnie his advice on what trail to take. Leigh helps Mike gather wood while the boys stay behind. Leigh notices someone stole the water from her canteen and Dwayne tells everyone Bobby did it. In their tent, Leigh asks Jo if Mike is single.

As Leigh is walking across a bridge crossing a gorge, Carlos runs across, putting too much weight on it. The bridge breaks and Carlos' leg gets stuck. Bobby goes to help him and then Leigh. Max shoots Mike and then takes the hikers hostage. While Souza is checking to see if Mike is dead, Mike grabs him and they go tumbling over the ridge. Max takes Bobby and Jo while leaving the other kids behind. Max has Jo drive him and Bobby to Coronado's cabin. Max demands Coronado give him 5 million in exchange for Bobby. Coronado tells Bobby he is his grandfather and Max reveals that Marco set up Coronado's son. Jo kicks the gun out of Max's hand and Bobby grabs it. When he can't make himself shoot Max, Marco takes the gun and shoots and kills Max. Marco admits he had Coronado's son murdered and as he is about to shoot Bobby, Coronado starts wrestling with him. Jo and Bobby run outside. Back at Santini Air, Jo is teaching Bobby how to maintain helicopters as Mike milks his injury. Susan walks in and is surprised Bobby is working. As Mike starts telling another make believe story, everyone slowly walks away.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 7 Deathtrain played by Michele Scarabelli

St. John, Locke, Mike and Jo arrive in a military jeep at a train depot. Two cars drive up, one American and one Soviet. Locke spots Gregori Nobokov stepping out of the Soviet vehicle and he and Locke go inside a train car holding a nerve gas, after receiving a key card. The train starts and St. John, Jo and Mike get into Airwolf. Lt. Walters drives his jeep up to checkpoint 1 and contacts Airwolf. St. John is told they can leave now, and Airwolf continues on the path of the train. The surveillance helicopter tries to contact the train, but gets no response. The surveillance helicopter pilot sees the dead engineer in the decoy train and contacts Airwolf. Airwolf catches up with the decoy train and as Mike is about to rappel onto the train a bomb goes off, destroying the train. Mike and Jo scan the area and tell St. John that the area is clear of gas. St. John decides to head back to checkpoint 2. Jo finds the train in the tunnel and Mike homes in on the canister locks. St. John gets out of Airwolf to try and rescue Locke. Randolph's men start firing at Airwolf and Airwolf fires back at the soldiers and kills them. St. John sneaks into the mountain and Locke grabs Nobokov and he and St. John escape from the mountain as it explodes.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 8 Code of Silence played by Michele Scarabelli

St. John, Mike and Jo go to Brad Lacey's funeral and afterwards, General Lacey asks St. John to defend Coombs. St. John asks Mike and Jo to recover the camera in the jungle. They track down the camera in Airwolf and use a magnet to grab it as they come under fire. Mike and Jo then go over the video from the rescue. They show St. John bullets embedded in Coombs' helicopter and St. John asks Mike to run them through ballistics.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 9 Stavograd Part 1 played by Michele Scarabelli

St. John, Jo and Mike are test firing weapons in Airwolf as Locke is monitoring them in the lair. Locke tells them NORAD has requested they check on a reading it picked up with high radiation. They fly there and pick up large amounts of radiation and Locke tells them the location matches Stavograd Nuclear Facility within the Taimyr region of the USSR. Locke gives St. John the details on Stavograd and St. John decides to head to Stavograd. Locke calls St. John and tells him to return to United States territory. Two MiG jets confront Airwolf and Uri Kolcheski orders the crew of Airwolf to land. After St. John refuses, Kolcheski starts firing on Airwolf, but St. John tells Rivers not to return fire. After landing, Airwolf is brought into a hangar and the crew is met by Arkov.Rivers argues that they are there to help and Commander Kirov suggests a Soviet pilot use Airwolf to fly into the reactor. Kolcheski offers to fly Airwolf, but Jo refuses.

Kirov brings the Airwolf crew to meet Alexandria Rostov and asks where Dr. Vladimir Bronski is. Kirov's Aide stays behind while Kirov, Rostov and the Airwolf crew return to Airwolf. Jo is forced to stay behind as Rostov goes in her place. Arkov accuses St. John and Rivers of sending classified data. The crew of Airwolf is detained, but break out of the room they were put in. Kirov's Aide discover St. John, Jo and Mike gone and find them donating blood for the injured mitigation team members. They are detained once more and Kirov updates Dimitrievich on the deteriorating situation.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 10 Stavograd Part 2 played by Michele Scarabelli

St. John looks for a way for him, Mike and Jo to escape from their room, but doesn't find a way out. Arkov walks in and tells Jo, they need help in the infirmary. Jo angrily asks Arkov how long it will take before they trust each other. Arkov tries to escape with Jo, but is caught by Guard 1. Arkov knocks Guard 1 unconscious, while Jo knocks the another one unconscious. Arkov walks Jo over to Guard 2 and says Jo is willing to cooperate, but he doesn't believe her and tells Guard 2 to take Airwolf out of the building. Jo and Arkov get into Airwolf and fly towards reactor 1. Kolcheski fires his missile, but then crashes. Jo lands Airwolf and Mike lands the jet. Kirov and the rest of the military leave and St. John has the idea to collapse the walls of reactor 1 and Bronski thinks they might be able to use coolant from reactor 3 to prevent reactor 2 from overheating. St. John and Mike manage to collapse the walls to reactor 1 and the temperature in reactor 2 drops. Jo says goodbye to Arkov and they kiss.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 11 Mime Troupe played by Michele Scarabelli

Anna LeBlanc gives a mime performance and Anton Durrell criticizes her for taking an extra bow. Mike and Jo are also backstage and wonder why he is so upset about an extra bow and Anton tells them, if he hadn't accepted their protection, he would fire them. Anna asks Mike if he and Jo are in a relationship and invites him to dinner. Jo tells Anton that Jaggerman is coming that evening and insists on taking Anna with him. Mike watches as Tourand and Jean practice and they follow Jo and Anna as they go outside with Jean. As they are walking a van drives towards them and they barely manage to get out of the way.

Jaggerman is brought to Santini Air and Jo and Mike bring Anna to Santini Air. Mike convinces Anna to wear the necklace and they kiss. As rehearsal is happening, Hugo walks into the theater and shoots towards Tourand and Jean. The lights go out and St. John shoots and kills Hugo and Mike runs over to Tourand and Jean and Tourand is dead. Locke and St. John get in Airwolf while Mike and Jo follow the vehicle that left with Anna and Jaggerman with Peter using the tracking device. Locke tells Mike they spotted four heat signatures in a building nearby. Mike and Jo go into the warehouse and save Anna and Jaggerman. Later, back at the theater, Anton gives a toast to Mike, Jo, Locke and St. John.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 12 X-Virus played by Michele Scarabelli

Mike radios Jo and tells her they are returning to base and she tells him that St. John is running with Tim Shimizu. St. John goes to the lair and Jo tells him, Locke and Mike that Bar-Med had recently spent over 2 million dollars on research. St. John and Jo go to Bar-Med while Mike and Locke fly in Airwolf as backup. Jo radios Locke and tells him, Clive Harper's office has been ransacked already. She then finds him dead with a dart in his forehead. Jo finds the door to an underground lab and goes inside, but is caught. St. John uses lab rats to chew the ropes around his wrists and Jo is thrown into the room with him. As Price opens the door, St. John pushes cages of lab rats on him. Jo is shot by Professor Barton Saunders with a dart and Technician 1 tells St. John that extreme heat is the only thing that will kill the virus and gives St. John the vaccine. Price is bit by the rats and dies and St. John administers the vaccine to Jo and escapes the lab. St. John tells Mike to blow up the lab and Mike shoots a missile at it. Later, St. John, Jo and Tim go to a bar and Tim tells them that the X-Virus vaccine is going to be used as a treatment for malaria. Locke and Mike are playing a game of pool nearby and Mike scratches the cue ball.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 13 Rogue Warrior played by Michele Scarabelli

Mike and Locke are flying in Airwolf to Czechoslovakia, while Jo and St. John are back at the lair. A message comes through at the lair ordering the mission cancelled and Airwolf to return to base. Jo radios Locke and Mike and relays them the message, but Locke acts like they are suffering from a communication malfunction.

Mike and Locke arrive back at the lair and Locke tells St. John and Jo that they were set up. Locke tries to log on to the FIRM's network, but his access is denied. Mike, St. John and Jo go to a bar and Mike sees Lynn looking at him. He walks up to her and she invites him to leave with her. As they leave, Tom Harris and J.S. Carson pull guns on Mike. Lynn helps Mike and then they drive away. St. John and Jo, who had seen the fight, put a locator on Tom's car before it drives away. At the lair, Locke and Mike argue and then Mike and Jo go to find Tom and Carson. Mike and Jo find the rental car Tom and Carson used, crashed in a ditch with Tom and Carson dead inside. They bring back their IDs to the lair and show it to Locke and Mike accuses Locke of not being honest with him. Locke admits that the FIRM no longer trusts him.

Lynn shows up at Santini Air and pulls a gun on Mike when he tells her Airwolf is in the hangar. St. John and Jo pull guns on Lynn and she takes Mike hostage. She and Mike get into a Santini Air helicopter and she demands Mike take her to Airwolf. After they leave, St. John and Jo get into Airwolf and fly after Mike and Lynn. Two jets are sent after Airwolf and fire missiles at it. St. John makes it appear that Airwolf has crashed. Back at Santini Air, Jo asks Mike if he is alright and they and Locke and St. John agree to make a fresh start in trust.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 14 Ground Zero played by Michele Scarabelli

Mike sees Jo placing a camera mount on the Santini helicopter and asks her if she has seen St. John. She tells him that St. John will be at Santini Air in the morning, but a contractor specifically wanted St. John as his pilot so he won't be able to fly with Mike. St. John rides his motorcycle to Santini Air and leaves with Mike. Takeshi Yahara and Hayashi go to Santini Air and Yahara is at first upset that St. John is not flying them, but then agrees to let Jo fly. Yahara orders Jo to fly towards the nuclear facility and Hayashi pulls out a gun. They enter restricted airspace and ground control orders them to identify themselves. Yahara tells Jo to correctly identify herself, apologize and turn around.

After he is captured and as St. John is trying to free Jo, Yahara and Hayashi walk in to the room and Yahara asks St. John if he knows fear, the same question St. John's father asked Yahara when he was a POW. Yahara pulls out a kitana and threatens to crack open St. John's skull with it. Yahara flies a plane to Santini Air and Mike and Locke are taken hostage. Yahara threatens to kill Jo and Mike if Locke doesn't order the jets to leave. Locke makes a phone call and the jets return to base. St. John is brought outside to be executed and Yahara flies in his plane while taunting Locke, Mike and Jo, who are forced to watch via a video feed as Yahara flies to his target. St. John gets into Airwolf and flies after Yahara. He shoots down Yahara's plane as Yahara tries to kamikaze the plane into Airwolf. Back at Santini Air, St. John tries to show the others how to pick a pair of handcuffs. Locke offers to help him when St. John is taking a long time and St. John asks Locke to show him how he did it. Locke handcuffs him to a chair and he, Mike and Jo leave St. John, until he offers to buy them all a round of beer.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 15 Flowers of the Mountain played by Michele Scarabelli

St. John is doing a test flight in the S-19 Viper, while Mike and Jo follow nearby in Airwolf. Alarms start to go off on the instrument panel and when St. John tries to eject, the canopy won't open due to the circuits being fried. Mike uses the laser on Airwolf to melt the canopy and St. John is able to eject. After St. John is apparently killed, Jo, Mike and Locke go to Conklin Aerotech to survey the scene and Jenkins tells them that St. John is dead. As Jenkins tells Jo and Locke what he heard before the explosion, Mike looks around and finds the floppy disk St. John had. Locke starts looking at the schematics file and tells Mike it will take time for the computer to tell them everything. Jo is on the phone and then tells Mike and Locke that the morgue somehow lost the dental records from the body pulled from the car. Locke thinks there is a cover-up going on and he thinks the body didn't belong to St. John. The next day, Mike, Locke and Jo listen to a recording left by Sandra. Mike and Locke fly Airwolf to the Retreat while Jo continues looking at the Viper's schematics. Later at Santini Air, Mike tells everyone that Jerry Conklin and the other members of the board are awaiting trial.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 16 The Key played by Michele Scarabelli

December 28th, at FIRM headquarters, Newman and General Harrisburg watch a video by Dr. Badham where he threatens to fire missiles from over 20 nuclear missile silos in the United States and USSR which he and his group have taken over. Jo walks into the room and tells them British intelligence believe the Cyprus Party are funding Badham and they are located at an abandoned brewery in the North Sea. St. John and Locke are in Airwolf flying to the abandoned brewery, while Mike his already at the brewery.

December 29th, Locke tells Jo that Mike is dead. He tells General Harrisburg that the mission failed and Badham was killed by Pervis. Newman tells Jo that Mike is alive and Mike is brought to a hospital. Dr. Keith tells St. John, Locke and Jo that Mike has been stabilized, but he is still in a coma. As they sit in the waiting room, General Harrisburg tells them that they have two days for Mike to come to in order to stop the launch of missiles. They start to reminisce about their times with Mike. Dr. Keith tells them that Mike is coming out of his coma and they go to see him, but Mike tells them that he doesn't know any of them.

December 30th, Mike slowly starts to remember things and Jo, Locke and St. John bring him to St. John's house and then the lair. He watches the video Badham made and says he might remember things better if he went back to the brewery.

December 31st, Locke, St. John and Mike get into Airwolf and head towards the brewery. Later, Locke brings some champagne and glasses and he, Mike, Jo and St. John have a toast.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 17 On the Double played by Michele Scarabelli

St. John is flying in Airwolf, while being pursued by a jet flown by Mike during simulated wargames. Meanhwile, Jo and Locke are watching the simulation over a video feed. Mike manages to shoot down Airwolf during the simulation and later Locke goes over the planned rescue of a double agent named Klaus Hertzfeld with Mike, Jo and St. John. St. John tells them that the mission date has been moved up due to Klaus flying at the beginning of the air show instead of the end. At the Paris Air Show, Jo goes into the Santini Air office, where Locke is watching as Mike applies a fake mustache to appear more like Klaus.

Klaus gives Locke a cassette with the name of the mole and Jo and Locke watch the cassette tape and see the mole is Alfred Kenderson. As Katharina Hertzfeld goes to congratulate Mike, Achmed drives up in a van with Elan and Terrorist and kidnaps Mike and Katharina. Terrorist shoots Plain Clothesman dead and Strauss shoots Terrorist dead. Locke and St. John get into Airwolf while Jo and Klaus steal a car and drive after the van while Frenchman yells at them for stealing his car. Jo and Klaus find the van and it explodes. Jo asks Franch Farmer questions and he tells her there is an abandoned farm down the road. A fight breaks out and Omar gets into the helicopter and flies off. Klaus is shot in the arm, Jo shoots Elan dead and Mike shoots Achmed dead. Jo and Mike hug while Klaus and Katharina hug and kiss. At Mike's apartment, Locke tells everyone that Klaus and Katharina have been granted refugee status and Kenderson has been arrested.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 18 Storm Warning played by Michele Scarabelli

Locke, St. John and Mike return to the lair and Jo wonders if Jack Paley took the money for himself. Locke tells them that they are going back to San Barrios to look for the money. St. John and Mike tell him they are going to visit with Jack's family and Jo tells Locke, she will go with him. Locke and Jo return to the stadium where Jack was killed and Jo finds the counterfeit diamonds General Miguel Butarra had. Locke tells Jo that authorities found Butarra's helicopter abandoned at the Oregon coast and Jo shows Locke the photo of Renee Paley, Jack had. St. John goes onto Renee's boat and contacts Lewis who opens a communication line with Airwolf. St. John tells Locke and Jo about Butarra taking Mike, Adrian Paley and Renee hostage. Locke and Jo arrive at the island in Airwolf and land. Butarra grabs Renee and threatens to shoot her and Locke shoots him, causing Butarra to crash into a butterfly display. The display breaks open, revealing a bunch of diamonds inside and Butarra dies. Mike offers a diamond to Renee to keep, but she doesn't think it would be right.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 19 The Golden One played by Michele Scarabelli

Jo and St. John are doing a test check in Airwolf. At Santini Air, a fax comes in to the office which Mike reads and then radios Jo and reads her the message, which is from Frank Casabello. It asks her to come to the Casbah Hotel in Kabul. She gets packed and St. John and Mike try to convince her not to go due to how dangerous Afghanistan is. Mike convinces St. John to go with Jo, which upsets Jo. Jo and St. John arrive at her hotel room and Habib tells Jo that Frank will pick her up later and then gives her a dress. Jo is brought to Mustafa's camp and Akar brings her to her tent. Woman 1 and Woman 2 enter the tent and give her jewelry and silks. Mustafa walks into the tent and dismisses Woman 1 and Woman 2. Jo asks for Frank and he tells her that Frank will be there for their wedding ceremony. Mustafa tells Jo that Frank sold her to him, but she doesn't believe him.

Later, Frank goes into the tent and Jo slaps him. He tells her that Mustafa has St. John prisoner and Mustafa betrayed him. The next morning, Frank admits to Jo that he is a gun runner and tells her he does it due to growing up in a war zone. He tells her that he loved her and needed her help. Mustafa walks into the tent and hands Frank the money for Jo and Frank says goodbye to her and leaves. Jo steals Mustafa's sword from him and runs out of the tent. Mike and Locke arrive in Airwolf and attack the rebel camp. Akar whips the sword away from Jo and St. John tells Habib to get Jo to safety as he fights Mustafa. Jo runs by Frank who holds out his hand for her to help him. As Mustafa is about to impale St. John, Jo shoots Mustafa with a rocket launcher. Habib picks up Jo and St. John in a truck and they drive away. St. John asks Habib to come with them, but he decides to stay. Back at Santini Air, Jo thanks the guys for helping her, and they all try to take credit.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 20 The Puppet Master played by Michele Scarabelli

Mike and St. John are flying in Airwolf while Locke monitors them from the Lair. They give control of Airwolf to the Nova 7 program and it successfully fires a missile which hits its target. Locke tells Jo that he is leaving for the weekend on a date with Kate Howard. Back at Santini Air, Jo tells Mike and St. John that Locke went away for the weekend. On Monday, no one at Santini Air has heard from Locke. Locke calls the Lair and tells Mike, St. John and Jo, he needs them at the FIRM. Locke has St. John and the others arrested by FIRM personnel and Security Guard tells Mike they are just following orders and then puts them in a cell. Jo and the others manage to break out of their cell and escape. St. John tracks down Airwolf using the Nova 7 program. St. John breaks into the front entrance of Dr. Robertson's lab while Mike and Jo break in through the back door. Mike and Jo get into Airwolf and St. John carries Locke out of the building and Jo and Mike fire a missile into the building which causes Leader to short circuit and Attendant to die. A month later, at Santini Air, Jo goes to talk to Locke and asks him if he is okay. He admits to her, he isn't and tells her, he is waiting for the hurting to stop and wonders if Kate really had any feelings for him. Jo tells him, she could tell Kate really did like him and they hug.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 21 Malduke played by Michele Scarabelli

Jo is at Santini Air doing maintenance on her helicopters while watching a basketball game on the television. Suddenly the channel feed changes on the television and Malduke comes on screen. He says that mankind is in peril from disease and he is ordering all nations to deport their sick to isolated colonies. He says the diseased are to be deported within 48 hours. St. John, Jo and Mike go to FIRM headquarters and Locke tells them Malduke has a satellite more powerful than what the United States or Soviet Union has and the freighter in the video named Trident Queen is adrift near Wake Island. St. John and Mike fly Airwolf towards the freighter while Locke and Jo monitor them in the Lair. Jo tells St. John that Malduke can track Airwolf and not to return to base. Airwolf gets out of satellite range and returns to the Lair.

Malduke makes another video where he shows the deaths of three world leaders who refused his proposal. Jo tracks the transmission to somewhere near San Francisco and Mike and St. John get into Airwolf and fly to the location. Locke tells everyone at the Lair that the National Security Council had a meeting and they decided an attempt must be made to land on the freighter and disarm the bomb and Airwolf was chosen for the mission. St. John and Mike say goodbye to Jo and Locke and head towards the freighter in Airwolf. Malduke sends a message to the Lair demanding to speak with St. John. Locke tells him that St. John was injured and Malduke tells him that he has 20 minutes to have St. John contact him.

Malduke, Malduke's Technician, Panov and more of Malduke's men raid the Lair and tie up Locke and Jo. Malduke orders his men to escape after they set a trap for Airwolf. St. John and Mike walk into the Lair and point their weapons at Malduke. Malduke holds up a detonator and orders St. John and Mike to drop their weapons. St. John throws his at the controls, and attacks Malduke, who easily throws him around. Mike shoots Malduke, but the bullet does nothing. Mike shoots Malduke three more times and St. John pushes Malduke into the electrical system and Malduke is revealed to be a robot and its head falls off.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 22 Poppy Chain played by Michele Scarabelli

Locke briefs Jo on Mike, who is in Laos doing a drug deal with Colonel Curtis. Later, Corsican drops off drugs at a warehouse and Jo and Giselle walk into the warehouse and meet with Felix who takes them to the lab to test the quality of the drugs. St. John walks in to see Felix sexually assaulting Jo and stops him. Felix accuses St. John of insulting his honor and they have a knife fight and St. John wins. Jo gets in St. John's car and then gets into Airwolf. Locke tells Mike and Jo that Curtis was last seen in London. At a drug bust, Locke catches Buccari and Mike and Jo land Airwolf and St. John throws drugs into the burning vehicle.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 23 Flying Home played by Michele Scarabelli

Jo Santini finishes hanging up a framed photo of Tony taken during World War II, when it falls to the ground due to Mike and St. John running into the wall while playing basketball. Mike misses the shot and Jo takes the ball and throws it into the basket. She tells them about how Tony never was really around when she was young. Tony lands in his plane after doing some air stunts and Jo introduces him to St. John and Mike. Jo orders a pizza and Tony tells them stories from World War II. The phone rings and Mike answers it. Locke tells Mike that he and St. John are needed for a mission and they leave. Jo flies a helicopter with Tony to a crash site and during the flight they argue and then reminisce about Jo's mother. Jo arrives with the radiation suits and St. John and Mike find Brooke dead and the plutonium cylinders empty. Tony walks up and the Geiger counter starts to go off. He admits that he was going through radiation treatment for cancer, but has quit taking treatments. Jo asks Tony about his diagnosis and he tells her that he has between 4 and 6 months to live. Jo tries to convince Tony to restart his treatments, but he refuses.

Locke calls Jo and she and Tony leave to help out. Man in Van drives up to Tony, who is in disguise as a lettuce farmer and tells him to get his disabled vehicle out of the road. As Man in Van and another man get out of their van, Tony pulls a gun on them and Locke has them climb into the back of the lettuce truck while Tony and Jo drive the gun runners van to Sullivan's property. Tony tells Sherman about the weapons in the van and Sherman and Sullivan pull rifles on Tony and Jo and tell them to get inside the house. Sullivan tells Earl to load the helicopter and Sullivan locks Jo and Tony with Marian and Amy. Sullivan takes Jo into the main room and tells her that he is taking her with him. St. John fires a rocket from Airwolf into the van with the weapons. Tony escapes with Marian and Amy and brings them to the barn. As Sullivan is dragging Jo to his helicopter, Tony punches him and he and Jo escape. Sullivan gets into his helicopter and St. John and Mike blow him out of the sky with a rocket. Longfellow hugs Marian and Amy and back at Santini Air Mike and St. John are playing basketball again. Jo tells them that Tony agreed to go back to getting cancer treatment and Tony and makes a trick basket, like Jo had before, before he and Jo leave to go fishing.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 24 Welcome to Paradise played by Michele Scarabelli

Dale and Rita are driving and being chased by Jo and Locke. Locke radios Airwolf for help and Rita drops a grenade out the window, causing Jo to swerve and crash the car. Dale and Rita get into a helicopter and St. John radios them and tells them to land. The helicopter then suddenly blows up. At Santini Air, Locke shows them the bag full of drugs Rita threw out and tells them the amount they recovered is small in comparison to what is currently being trafficked in the area. A plane lands and Vicky gets out. She and St. John go to lunch. Jo tells Mike that she thinks Vicky is bad news. St. John and Vicky return and they fly Vicky's plane to Paradise Island.

Locke is upset that St. John left and tells Mike and Jo to get in contact with St. John. Jo tries to call Paradise Charters, but the phone is out of order. Locke tells Mike and Jo about Patterson, who is the drug dealer they are after and that Patterson's last shipment was hijacked. Jo and Mike go to the Ralph & Maria bar to pose as drug smugglers. They meet with Patterson and Joplin and Patterson tells them that one of his smugglers stole his shipment and Patterson offers to give them some of his drugs if they get it back. Jo and Mike fly Patterson and Joplin in a helicopter, while Locke flies nearby in Airwolf. Mike lands the helicopter and Patterson and Joplin get out. Joplin points a gun at St. John and Patterson takes back his drugs. Locke blows up Patterson's helicopter and Mike punches Joplin. Patterson takes Vicky to the plane and they take off. Locke fires a warning shot at the plane and Vicky crashes the plane into the lake, killing her and Patterson.