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Joe Thomas


Joseph "Joe" Thomas is a computer chip salesman at WonderChip in South Bay, California. He has a pet parakeet. Joe was the top salesman last year. His hobbies include the movies and football.

During the events of Replica (2005) played by John David Braddock

Joe watches a program on a new discovery that may help people with AIDS, osteoporosis and other diseases. He receives a phone call from Dr. Evelyn Tyler asking him how he is doing with his new kidney transplant. He tells her, he is doing well and looking forward to getting back to work. He drives to his job at WonderChip where Sales Manager gives a presentation on their company's NANO 3000 technology. He then urges them to sell lots of the NANO 3000 chips. He welcomes Joe on returning to work and James Nguyen congratulates Joe. Six months later, Sales Manager has another meeting and afterwards criticizes Joe on his sales. He then threatens to fire Joe if his sales don't go up. Joe parks near the Golden Gate Bridge and sees Evelyn running. He stops her and asks her about her running and after she says bye, follows her in his car and invites her on a date, but she rejects him. Later, he calls her and asks her out on a date again and she agrees. They go to a restaurant and get to know each other. They ride the indoor carousel and go to the beach. Later, Dr. G calls WonderChip and makes an order for 50 million NANO 3000 chips from Joe.

Sales Manager has another meeting and critiques their sales once more. James makes the excuse that it is because of the economy, but Sales Manager points out all of the sales Joe has made. Joe says his secret to success is following leads, but another salesperson believes it is because he is dating a doctor who is giving him some good medicine. Joe and Evelyn go on another date and he gives her a bracelet. He then thanks her for passing his name on to Dr. G. They go on more dates and have sex after Evelyn tells Joe, she likes being on top. The next morning, as Evelyn is driving to work, another car crashes head on into her car, killing her. Joe goes to her grave and puts flowers on top of her gravestone. Detective Le stops by Joe's house and asks Joe questions about Evelyn and their relationship. Detective Le asks if she had any problems with anyone and gives Joe his card before leaving in case Joe thinks of anything relevant to the case.

While visiting the carousel, Joe notices someone walk by that looks like Evelyn, except with brown hair and the name Claudia tattooed on her lower back. Joe starts to follow her and stops her and she tells him her name is Claudia and she is an actress from Los Angeles. She walks off and Joe follows her to her hotel room. He knocks on her door and he invites her to go around the city with him. Joe takes Claudia around San Francisco and they stop at the wax museum. He asks Claudia to change her hair to look like Evelyn's, but she tells him no. While they are in bed together, Joe again tells Claudia how much she reminds him of Evelyn including that she liked to be on top. Claudia finally tells Joe, she will transform her look and style to match Evelyn's. Claudia returns to the hotel room and shows Joe her transformation and they kiss. The radio has a news report about a suspect arrested concerning the murder of Evelyn. While going through Claudia's jewelry box, Joe finds the bracelet he gave to Evelyn. He asks Claudia where she got it from and she admits that she is a clone of Evelyn. Joe figures out that Dr. G bought all the NANO 3000 chips in order to build the Cloneatron and calls Claudia a counterfeit of Evelyn. Claudia tells Joe that Dr. G has the Cloneatron at his house. They confront Dr. G and he tells them they are alive, because of him. He calls himself the living god and tells them cloning can solve racism by allowing people to change their skin color if they feel discriminated against. He pulls a gun on them and takes them to the laboratory and shows them the Cloneatron which gives the clones immortality and that he can also clone celebrities. Joe lunges at Dr. G and as Dr. G is about to shoot Joe, Claudia gets in between them and is shot. As Dr. G is about to try to shoot Joe again, Detective Le arrives and shoots Dr. G to death and tells Joe, Dr. G killed Evelyn so he could get full credit for their research. Claudia dies in Joe's arms after telling him she loves him.

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