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John Peter McAllister


John "The Master" Peter McAllister is a ninja in Japan. He is the only occidental American to become a ninja. John served in the the United States Army Air Corps during World War II. He recently found out he has a long lost daughter named Terry from a relationship with Laurie Kennedy during the Korean War. John once flew a bullet ridden P-40 across the Sea of Japan. He was stationed at the Pentagon in 1948. John was in a Korean prisoner of war camp with Brian Elkwood when they both escaped.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 1 Max played by Lee Van Cleef

John frees his pet bird and is attacked by a group of ninjas. He kills them and then goes to the airport to catch a plane to look for his daughter in Ellerston, Pennsylvania. As he is about to leave, a car drives up with Okasa in it and Okasa hits John with a throwing star to the back, but John manages to get away.

John tells the Truck Driver who he caught a ride with, a story about a warrior and a waterfall. John walks into the Clover Leaf bar followed by Sheriff Kyle. John asks the Bartender if he knows his daughter, but the Bartender tells him to speak to Sheriff Kyle. A fight breaks out and John's suitcase gets thrown and opens up. Sheriff Kyle starts going through his stuff and Max Keller confronts Sheriff Kyle and a fight breaks out. Sheriff Kyle tries to stab Max with the samurai sword and Max and John escape in Max's van and Max tells him of a ninja he saw in Saigon. They drive to Trumball Aviation and Mr. Trumball has Holly Trumball hide John and Max and Sheriff Kyle leaves. John shows Max a photo of his daughter and Max offers to help him find her if John trains him how to be a ninja, but John tells him no. A fire breaks out and John goes to help Holly and puts Holly in a plane and drives it out of the building.

John trains Max and then offers to help him deal with Mr. Christensen. John throws a throwing star at Sheriff Kyle's tire and then ties him up. Max turns on Sheriff Kyle's radio and forces him to admit setting the fire and name who helped him. John and Max go to Christensen's high-rise and John climbs up the building. John and Okasa fight and John wins and spares Okasa's life. Max tells John that Holly knows John's daughter and she is currently in Atlanta. As they are driving, Holly flies overhead in her plane.

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During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 2 Out-of-Time-Step played by Lee Van Cleef

In San Francisco, John watches as Max practices walking on a tight rope. John opens a newspaper clipping with an article about Kelly Pattersen winning a breakdance marathon and standing next to her is a woman that John believes is his daughter. At the Truffles Club & Disco, Max and John walk into the club and Max tells John that the dancer is Kelly. Charlie Pattersen goes to the dance floor to watch Kelly dance and then after she finishes talks with John. Jonathon Chan walks into the club with Lika, Bodyguard and Bodyguard. Lika grabs Westerly, which John sees and John also notices the ring on Lika's finger. John then checks on Westerly. As Jonathan and his group are leaving, John grabs Lika by the arm and stares at his ring. Lika assumes Charlie has hired John. When John finds out Max used a shuriken against Jerry he drags him out of the club and chastises him for using it. As Max and John are driving away, they are followed by Lika, the two Bodyguards and other men. Max and John pull over behind a semi and John climbs up a telephone pole. He walks across a telephone line until he is over one of the cars following them and then jumps on the car, breaks the windshield and steals the steering wheel and the car crashes into the bay. Lika and the other Bodyguard try to run over John, but he throws a smoke bomb and escapes.

John goes back to Truffles and watches as Jill Pattersen wheels herself around in circles on the dance floor. She tries to walk, but after a few steps falls down. John motivates her to try again and he manages a few more steps. Charlie enters the room and John tells him that he is up against ninja and will need help. Max goes into Truffles and tells them that Kelly was kidnapped and Jonathon calls Charlie and tells him to pay 20,000 dollars in order to get Kelly back. Jill goes to deliver the money in an alley and Lika takes the money. As Lika and a Bodyguard drive away, John climbs under their vehicle and hooks on to it as it drives away. When Lika and the Bodyguard arrive at their destination, John scopes out the place. Max finds John and convinces him to let him go along to rescue Kelly. John and Max break into the building and rescue Kelly after knocking Jonathan and a bodyguard unconscious. They then use a high wire to escape. As they are leaving, Lika challenges John to a fight and John tricks Lika into striking a power box, which electrocutes Lika to death. Back at Truffles, Charlie plays one of his audition tapes for a private birthday party for himself. Charlie gets up and does some dance moves and then Jill gets up and walks to him and they dance for a short time. She sits back down and the other party members dance. Kelly tells John that the Terry she knows is not his daughter.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 3 State of the Union played by Lee Van Cleef

Max is running in the sand when he gets back to his van and finds John already waiting for him. Max notices John doesn't even seem winded, and John tells him that he is tired, but has learned how to lower his heart rate. They drive to the Clearwater Dirt Scrambles Annual motocross championship race. Max, who is a competitor, tells John that it will be easy money and asks him to watch Henry for him. Hog and Max get into a fake argument and then hug. Hog insults John's perceived strength and John crushes Hog's hand as they shake. The race begins and during the race, Chad Webster tries to make Carrie Brown crash. Carrie wins the race, but as she crosses the finish line, Chad hits her dirt bike and after she crashes, runs her legs over. Max invites her to dinner, but Carrie tells him no.

Max and John drive to the cannery so Max can look for a job. As they are sitting in their van, John notices a crate being lowered precariously over Man on Dock. The crate falls onto Man on Dock and John uses a large shuriken to cut the rope and it topples into the water. During the night, Max finds John laying on the ground with no pulse. Max starts to do chest compressions on him and John wakes up and tells him that he was just using his mind to slow his heart rate down. Max and John arrive at the Seaside Shanty and Max goes to meet Carrie. John goes to the bar and Chad tells him that he wants him and Max to leave town. A fight breaks out between Max and the locals that includes a Seaside Shanty Patron versus Hog and his club. Max is thrown out of the bar and John uses a smoke bomb to escape with Carrie. Max, John and Carrie leave in Max's van and she tells them how her brother and others disappeared after causing trouble at the cannery. They drop her off and at the hotel, Chad and a group of thugs attack John and he manages to get away when Max rides up on his dirt bike. Chad and his thugs chase after Max and John and John makes both of Chad's jeeps crash.

Max and John go to Carrie's house and when she answers the door she shows them how someone tore her house apart and wrote no union organizer on her wall. John and Max drive to the cannery to look for evidence and find files on people including Carrie's brother who were taken to Old Point. The security guard calls Chad and tells him that Max was at the cannery and Chad, Ralph and the thugs attack Max and John in the van and shoot at it. Max crashes the van and Ralph tells Chad that John is dead. John's body is put in a jeep and Max manages to run away. Max, and Carrie are captured and they are taken to Old Point cemetery with John where graves are dug for them. Chad point the gun at Ralph Carter and John suddenly wakes up and grabs Chad and throws him in the grave. A fight breaks out and Chad, Ralph and the thugs lose. At the cannery plant they hold the union vote which passes. John and Max then say goodbye to Carrie.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 4 Hostages played by Lee Van Cleef

Max is flying an ultralight plane while John is giving him direction. Max sees a car driving erratically down a curvy road. Max flies close to the car and tells Alicia Clayton to reach out to him and she manages to climb onto the plane before her car crashes. He tells her to let go when he gets near John and John catches her. Alicia tells Max that the brakes went out on the car and she invites them to a party her father is having for a European Summit. At the garden party, John tells Max of when he met someone on Honolulu during VJ day. Mallory walks up to John and accuses his pupils of becoming political assassins. Suddenly a helicopter hovers overhead.

Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter, Terrorist/Waiter and Terrorist/Waiter pull out weapons and disarm the security. John kicks a Terrorist/Waiter in the back, but another Terrorist/Waiter shoots his gun at John as a warning. The helicopter lands as does another. A group of hostages are taken including Alicia, Senator Clayton, Second Hostage, Third Hostage and First Hostage. Okasa throws a shuriken at John, but it misses. John then throws it and hits a Terrorist/Waiter in the back with it. Clayton is able to escape, but the Terrorists leave with the other prisoners. Max runs towards one of the helicopters and is grazed in the hand by a bullet. John and Max are arrested and John is questioned by Masterson.

John is asked to free the hostages with Mallory. As John is getting ready in his motel room, he is attacked by Okasa. John then uses a smoke bomb to escape. John and Mallory climb up the compound wall. John chokes out a Terrorist/Waiter, but is knocked unconscious by another. John gets free and finds Max and Alicia and tells him to get a vehicle ready to rescue the hostages in. John frees the hostages and saves Mallory and then knocks Castile unconscious. Max leaves with Alicia and the hostages while John and Mallory climb down the compound wall. Mallory thanks John and the assault team arrives. Max kisses Alicia and then leaves with John.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 5 High Rollers played by Lee Van Cleef

Max is at the top of a cliff when John has him rappel down the cliff. Max reaches the bottom of the cliff and John is already waiting for him at the bottom. In Las Vegas, Max and John are riding in Max's van to visit with Max's ex-girlfriend Tracy when they are driven off the road by John Craig. Max checks to see if Henry is okay and John tells him that Craig had a bumper sticker from the Grand Palace Casino. At the casino, John goes to look for Craig while Max goes to meet Tracy.

John finds Craig's car and searches it and sees photos of Craig and Randy Blake from the Vietnam War. He opens the trunk and finds it full of weapons and explosives. Craig sees John looking through his car and when John walks away, tries to run him over. John jumps out of the way and lands in Mildred's car. John finds Max in the casino and tells him about Craig trying to run him over. He then gives instructions to Max and Max wins in poker. As they are walking, Mildred grabs John's arm and offers to see him later. Later, Max shows John the map and they find Tracy crying. She tells them that Randy took Suzie and they want her to get a key from James Farland. She hands them an address where she thinks Suzie might be held.

Max and John go to the warehouse and are tied up by Craig and George Weston who set the warehouse on fire. John manages to get loose and he and Max escape the warehouse. After the heist, Max and John head towards a ghost town that Tracy thought Suzie might be held at. John knocks George unconscious, while Max knocks Matteson and Randy unconscious. John and Craig get into a fight and Craig grabs Suzie when he loses. He has Shana throw him the suitcase full of money, but as he is trying to escape, John does a flying kick into his back. Before leaving the ghost town, John tells Max that he always wanted to be a cowboy. John gives Suzie a ninja outfit and Mildred calls John handsome.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 6 Fat Tuesday played by Lee Van Cleef

In New Orleans during Mardi Gras, while Max is driving his van with John and Henry inside, Max reads an article linking Beaumont to criminal activities that has a photo that looks similar to John's daughter, Terry. Meanwhile, John is practicing getting out of ropes tied around his wrists, which he eventually succeeds at. As Eve Michaels is walking to her car she is grabbed by Cole, Marco and Hedison. Max sees them and pulls into the parking lot and tells them to let Eve go. Cole pulls out a gun and John uses a chain to disarm him. A fight breaks out and Cole and the others leave when they hear police sirens. Eve introduces herself to John and Max and she tells John that Terry told her all about him. They go to a jazz club and she tells them about her old writing partner Allen Perry who disappeared and how he was investigating Beaumont's connections in Zurich. Willie introduces herself to them and welcomes them to her club. Harriet mistakes John for someone named Leroy Hodges from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Before leaving she tells him where she is staying. John asks Eve where Terry is, but she tells him she won't find out until 24 hours. Willie tells Max and John where to find Beaumont's plantation. John and Max drive to Beaumont's plantation where a costume party is going on. Max makes a makeshift costume out of a bicorne and a pink table cloth, while John wears his ninja uniform.

Girl calls John's uniform macho. John confronts Beaumont, who sends Cole after him. John and Max call Eve and tell her what they found out. Eve's story gets published and Cole and Hedison meet a Courier who gives them an airline ticket, which is then stolen by Max and John. John sees Okasa sneaking nearby and sends Max to find Eve. He and Okasa then get into a fight and Okasa severely injures John, who escapes into the water. John stumbles into Willie's restaurant and she helps him to a couch. Willie bandages John up. John figures out the flight number on the ticket was a code for something and Willie tells him that Sam called and told her Eve and Max are gone. Max gets himself free and frees Eve and they escape with John from Beaumont's plantation. John tells Eve to go to the police while he and Max go to the armory. Marco and Hedison drive to the armory, but are knocked unconscious by John and Max after John finds out where they were taking the weapons. John and Max go to the marina and attack Beaumont, Cole and Phillips. While John and Beaumont are on the boat it catches fire and explodes and John drags Beaumont to shore. John tells Eve that he knew she didn't know Terry, because Terry wouldn't have known anything about him. Harriet sees John and invites her sisters over to sit with him and her.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 7 Juggernaut played by Lee Van Cleef

While Max and John are driving in Max's van, they notice how dry the area is. John brings up how Max is constantly getting into fights. As they drive into the town of Riverton, Max promises that he won't leave through the window of a bar again. Max walks into the nearby bar and then gets thrown out of the bar window. John walks up to Max, who tells him that he tried not to fight and they both walk into the bar where Alan Kane is forcibly kissing and slapping Cat Sinclair. John and Max then proceed to beat up Kane and his friends until Deputy Landen stops them. Joe and Steamhammer watch as Joe's watermelons are run over on purpose by a thug in a jeep. Max, John and Cat drive up and Steamhammer gets in the jeep and the driver drives away. Cat apologizes to Joe for what happened and John and Max drive Cat home. Maggie Sinclair pulls a shotgun on John and accuses him of working for Hellman. John tells her that Cat was in a fight and they brought her back and Maggie apologizes.

Max and John drive away and John jokes that the last time he was with a woman was when Noah's Ark sailed. They are almost hit by a semi, who runs them off the road and Max crashes the van. They are towed into town and see the same semi drive into town. Max hides in the semi trailer while John goes back to speak with Maggie. Maggie tells John that it is Hellman versus the farmers and invites John for tea. Maggie invites John to a meeting she and the other farmers are holding. During the meeting, Maggie tells the others about the attack on Joe and Jim Powell says he can't afford to lose his crops and suggests they give some of their profits to Hellman and Carol says they should let Hellman and Intercontinental haul their crops. John suggests they stick together and form a juggernaut and transport their crops in a convoy.

Maggie asks John to stay the night. Kane, Steamhammer and another thug arrive at Maggie's house and start yelling for her to come outside. John walks outside as does Maggie and Cat, who has a shotgun. A fight breaks out and John beats Kane and the others until they leave. Afterwards Maggie leaves and John follows her. Maggie confronts Hellman, who turns out to be Cat's father, and asks him to leave the others alone. Hellman starts to shake Maggie and John breaks through the window and leaves with Maggie. An Officer brings what appears to be a drunk into the jail and places him in the cell with Sutter. Landen opens Max's cell and tells him to leave and the drunk, who is John in disguise, breaks his cell door open and Max knocks Landen, who is distracted, unconscious and he and John leave. Maggie tells John how Hellman changed from when they were married. In the morning, John jumps on the semis as they leave Hellman's.

John takes out the truckers one by one and finds out from Steamhammer where the road is IED'd before he chokes him unconscious. John gets into a crop duster and pours pesticide over the convoy, hiding it from view. Kane detonates the IED's, but misses the convoy vehicles. The farmers get out and take the truckers hostage and Joe is revealed to the others as a traitor. Kane manages to escape and meets Hellman at the White Line bar. Max and John go there and throw Kane out the window and beat up the other bar patrons and John tells Hellman that Maggie says goodbye. Sutter tells them that if they joined forces with the drunk that helped Max out of jail, they would be unstoppable. At her farm, Maggie says goodbye to John and he says he will return and they kiss. Cat gets into the van and tells Max that she is coming with them and kisses him and John gets into the van and they leave.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 8 The Good, the Bad, and the Priceless played by Lee Van Cleef

John, Max, and Cat are being driven around by a Cabbie in New York City. The Cabbie asks them if they have ever been to New York City and John tells him that he was there in 1938. He takes them to 612 East 43rd Street where Terry last worked as a model. John, Max and Cat walk into a modeling agency office and when Jerry Osborne sees John, he says he is perfect for his Pit Stop deodorant advertisement. John tells him no thank you and then shows Campbell a photo of Terry. Campbell tells them that she just signed with the agency, but he doesn't have her phone number and she is very secretive. He tells them to speak with Gina who may know where she is. John calls and leaves a message for Gina. At Simon Garrett's Summer Fashion Show, Jerry sees John and tries to show him the advertisement. Simon introduces himself to John and tells him that the recognizes him from somewhere. John tells him that he is looking for Terry and Simon lies and says she didn't show up. Gina disguised as Terry is chased by Rosetti. A Thug pulls a gun on her and John and Max start fighting the Thug and other security. John tells Gina that he is her father and she runs away. Rosetti pulls a gun on John and Max after Simon uses one of John's weapons on Max and Simon tells John and Max to leave.

At Rusterman's restaurant, John meets with Gina and introduces her to Max and Cat. During dinner, Gina and John tell each other about themselves and Gina asks John to help her break into Simon's house so she can recover photographs of models he drugged and raped. Max tells John that tomorrow he is leaving with Cat and Henry and tells John to keep in touch. John tells Gina that he will help her and as she is about to tell him that she isn't Terry, Rosetti and Palmer try to run them over. Palmer grabs Gina and puts her in the car and then he, Rosetti and the thug drive away. John meets with Simon and Simon tells him about the plan to break into the Manhattan Museum of Modern Art to steal jewels. Max and John sneak into the museum. They knock Sampson unconscious and use their ninja skills to get past security systems including using mirrors to block the laser security system. John and Max steal the jewels and escape in Max's van with Cat. John calls Simon and tells him to meet him at the pier. Simon and Rosetti arrive and Max demands to see Terry or he will drop the jewels in the ocean. They take Gina out of the car and Max is confused. He hands over the jewels and Gina is released. Rosetti pulls a gun on Max and a fight breaks out and Simon escapes while John and Max fight Rosetti and the thugs. John goes to Simon's house and fights and beats him using traditional weapons and martial arts. Gina apologizes to John and says she hopes he finds Terry soon. Jerry goes up to John and shows him the advertisement design of someone similar looking to John, but John declines and tells him he never dresses as a cowboy.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 9 Kunoichi played by Lee Van Cleef

In Washington, D.C., John and Max are driving when John tells Max about the first time he met Brian Elkwood. Max carries Henry around with him as he travels around D.C. John sees a group of men grab Allison Grant and fights them and they run away. Allison calls John by his name, which surprises him, and she tells him that she works for Brian and was on her way to see him. Over a drink, Allison tells John that Brian is in danger and when she mentions all the letters John sent to Brian, he is confused and says Brian was the one that sent him a letter. She invites him to Brian's party that night. At the party, Brian sees John and angrily asks Allison what is going on. He tells John that their friendship ended when he sent the first threatening letter and tells John to leave.

As Allison is driving John back to his hotel room, she apologizes to him and John realizes someone is tricking him and Brian. John tells Allison that he is going to go back to speak with Brian and Allison drops him off. John breaks onto Brian's property and finds all the letters he supposedly wrote. Brian catches him and John convinces him that he didn't send the letters. Brian tells John about the mole, meanwhile a ninja breaks into Brian's house. The lights go out and the ninja throws a smoke bomb at Brian. John fights the ninja and the police arrive and the ninja escape.

A Police Detective then arrests John. The Police Detective questions John and tells him that he knows he is suspected of terrorist activities in Japan. John calls the hotel, but Max doesn't make it to the phone on time and so calls Allison. He tells her that he is in prison and to tell Max what happened to him. Max rescue John from the transport van and they escape in Max's van. Max tells John about Okasa being paid to murder Brian. They drive back to the house where Max followed Okasa. John grabs Okasa and threatens to break his neck and asks when the next assassination attempt on Brian will be. Ron Gordon tells them where they were going to kill Brian and the ninja shoots the gun out of Max's hand and reveals themselves to be Allison. John and Max are then tied up. John swings towards a light bulb and breaks it. He then uses a piece of the broken bulb to cut himself free. At the piano concert, as Allison is about to shoot Brian, John stops her. John unmasks Allison and Brian salutes him. Brian then apologizes to John and then thanks him.

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During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 10 The Java Tiger played by Lee Van Cleef

In Honolulu, Hawaii, John and Max arrive at their hotel. When they get out of the taxi, a Hawaiian Girl gives Max a lei and he flirts with her. Max notices an advertisement for Shelley Fairchild. Max and John get dropped off by a taxi and hear Shelley scream and save her. They introduce themselves to Shelley and she tells them that Leo Fairchild was killed four days ago. They walk on Waikiki Beach and she tells them that he left her a deed to Pali Kai island that he won in a poker game. She continues that the deed came with a map that shows where a valuable treasure is hidden. She tells them about Kruger who wanted the map and that she found Leo dead with one half of the map. John suggests he meets with his old friend Kito Harris of the Honolulu police.

As Max and Shelley are walking, Draper, Thug 1 and Thug 2 confront them and Draper pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot Max if Shelley doesn't tell him where the map piece is. John shows up and helps Max, but is knocked unconscious by Draper. As Draper is about to shoot John and Max, a man drives by and starts shooting at Draper, who then runs away along with Thug 1 and Thug 2. In the evening John and Max go to a luau and listen to Shelley sing. A Waitress asks Max and John if they want any champagne and John flirts with her. Max and John borrow Shelley's car and drive to Kruger's rented house. They break into the house, but they are caught by Draper and the two Thugs. Max manages to escape, but John is captured by Kruger. Kruger tells John the history of the Java Tiger which Kruger and Leo are searching for.

Max sneaks onto the property. John manages to get himself free and meets up with Max. As they are about to be captured again, Leo drives up and saves them again and they all get into his vehicle and drive away. Leo pulls a gun on John and orders him to help him get the Java Tiger. Leo drives them to his office and he retrieves the half of the map. They go to Pali Kai island and John ambushes Finley and knocks him unconscious. Max ambushes Thug 1 and Thug 2, but has to be helped by John. Kruger and Draper pull guns on them, but Leo saves them. Kruger gets away and the volcano on the island starts to erupt. John and the others go into the cave. They find the Java Tiger, but Kruger takes the gun from Leo. The volcano further erupts and John and Kruger fight while Max leads Shelley and Leo out of the cave. As Kruger is about to shoot John, he sets off a trap and is killed. John drags Kruger's body out of the cave and tells Leo he didn't grab the Java Tiger. Leo tries to run back into the cave as it collapses, but is dragged away by John and Max. At the beach, Leo tells John that since he helped take down Kruger, people have been offering him jobs.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 11 Failure to Communicate played by Lee Van Cleef

John is training Max on how to fight using his senses. They drive in Max's van to visit Patrick T. Keller. They hear gunshots and see Kathy Hunter running across the road towards a cemetery. Straker and two other men continue to shoot at her and they eventually catch her. John and Max fight Straker and his men and rescue Kathy. They get into Max's van and Kathy introduces herself to John and Max. John introduces her to Max and Henry. John drops Kathy off at Gordon Hunter's house and she introduces him to Paul Stillman and Gordon. As John is walking to a bar, Patrick is thrown through the window.

John helps Max beat up Straker and his men. John walks Laura home while Max talks with Patrick. Laura tells John that she can sense that Patrick is scared of something. She senses that someone is nearby and Okasa jumps in front of John and they fight. John manages to escape with Laura after he is wounded by Okasa. Laura touches John's face and tells him that he has a strong face. Max and John go to Kathy and Paul's wedding and a drunk Patrick walks up to them with Laura. Kathy walks up to John and open mouth kisses him and then they go to get a drink. A car pulls up and two men get out and grab Patrick and Kathy and then drive away with them. Max describes the map he saw to Laura and John and they realize that Patrick and Kathy were brought to the cemetery church.

John and Max go to the church and beat up Straker's men and find Kathy and Patrick and escape. John tells Patrick that Max needs a father and accuses him of helping kidnap Patrick. Patrick tells him that Paul is the ringleader and where to find him. The next morning, Patrick admits to Max to his involvement in Kathy's kidnapping and asks to help rescue Laura. They sneak onto Paul's boat, but Okasa ambushes John. Okasa charges at John and accidentally throws himself overboard. Paul pulls a gun on Max and Laura and calls him and Patrick losers. John then knocks Paul unconscious. Later, John says goodbye to Laura and tells her that she is the strongest person he has ever met.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 12 Rogues played by Lee Van Cleef

John trains Max in how to do flips, but Max can't manage to correctly do the last flip. Max tells John about an old friend of his named Talia Donovan who used to live in Rodeo Hills and John suggests he look her up. They go to a workout studio and speak to Gretchen who critiques their physiques. Max asks where Talia is and then walks into the gym area and asks Marcellan if she knows where Talia is. Marcellan flirts with Max and then points him to where Talia is. John and Max see Loring grabbing Talia by the arm and Max tells Loring to let her go. Loring attacks Max and knocks him down and John in return beats Loring in a fight. Afterwards, Talia tells Max and John that she hasn't heard from Jerry Donovan in five days. She brings up that she has a photo of her and Max during prom. Max finds a note in his van and shows it to John and it has a name and address on it with a time to meet. Max thinks the note is from Gretchen, but Talia recognizes Jerry's handwriting.

Max and John go to the location on the note, which is hosting a party and Gretchen, who is at the party, flirts with John. She tells John that the host is Robbins. They meet Robbins who mistakes John for someone that he acted in Italian westerns with. A group of four men wearing ski masks arrive outside the house and are about to rob the place when John starts to fight them. Max goes outside and helps him fight off the robbers who run away. Loring questions John and then leaves. John and Max figure out that Loring and the other officers are involved in the robberies and John tells Max to search Jerry's apartment. At the police academy, John confronts Loring and tells him that he is going to follow him wherever he goes. Officer Orum calls John and tells him that he is a friend of Jerry and to meet him at the police simulation course later that evening. John goes to the police academy to meet Orum and is ambushed by Loring, Orum, Officer Thomas, Officer Diehl and some other officers. He defeats them all and then escapes before Loring can shoot him. Max goes back to the workout studio and finds Talia and shortly afterwards John walks up to them. He tells them that Loring is definitely involved in the robberies.

They steal Campion's keys from his locker and break into his store. They find crates full of stolen goods and Jerry walks into the store. They start putting the crates into Max's van, but are spotted by Orum, Diehl and another officer. The officers pull their guns on them and a fight breaks out, but John and Max knock the officers unconscious. Max drives away with John, but before Talia and Jerry drive away, Loring drives up and takes them hostage. John meets with Loring and makes a deal to trade the stolen items for Talia and Jerry at the Edgewood building, Max and John drive to the Edgewood building and John fights Loring and Orum. Max frees Talia and Jerry while John finishes his fight with Orum and Loring. Back at the workout studio, Jerry thanks Max and John and Gretchen shows John her martial arts students and John knocks them all in the pool and smiles at Gretchen.

During the events of The Master: Season 1 Episode 13 A Place to Call Home played by Lee Van Cleef

While Max and John are changing a tire on Max's van, they see Mike running away from Greg Richards and some thugs. Greg starts shooting at Mike and Max and John drive between Mike and Greg and Max asks what is going on. Greg tells him that Mike stole from Mark Richards' store. Mike denies stealing and John and Max fight Greg and his thugs until they run away. Max and John take Mike home and tell Kim Anderson what happened. She introduces herself to them and invites them to dinner. She tells them about her orphanage and how the townsfolk don't like her and the children. While they are talking, Bobby says hello and Kim asks Max and John if they will drive her into town for supplies.

John, Max, Kim, Mike and Bobby drive into town and Kim goes to register Mike into the July 4th race, Bobby takes John to the general store and Max tries to talk to Mike about his poor attitude. At Beck's, Mike tries to buy supplies, but the Clerk refuses to sell him the items under Mark's orders. Greg sees Max's van and he, Thug and Thug 2 go inside Beck's and get into a fight with John, Max and Bobby. Max and John win and John makes the Clerk get the items Kim needed. Mr. Daniels goes to Kim's youth center with a group of townspeople including Sara and tells her that she can't bring her kids to town. Sara says that she doesn't want her daughter mixing with Kim's children. Mr. Daniels grabs Kim's arm and John grabs Mr. Daniels' arm and crushes it. Mike and Bobby go into the barn and it explodes. John, Max and Kim run to the barn. They help Bobby from under rubble and see Thug and Thug 2 running away. John chases after them and a helicopter lands and picks up Thug and Thug 2. John jumps onto the helicopter and Thug starts shooting at him and John is forced to jump off.

Max shows Mike the lock box he found in the barn and demands to know why he stole it, but Mike walks away. Kim and John walk into the room and John uses a shuriken to open the box. They find thirteen dollars and an arrowhead inside. Max and John drive to Mark's office building and break inside. They crack open a safe and find a land deed that says that Kim owns 2,000 acres, more than what she thought. They are caught by Thug and Thug 2 and while they are leaving Max finds a Geiger Counter and realizes the arrowhead in his pocket is radioactive. They tell Kim about the deed and about the arrowhead being radioactive. Mike tells Max and John where the mine is that the arrowhead came from. John and Max sneak into the mine and they find the mine has uranium. Greg blows up the mine entrance and Mike goes to the mine and finds Max and John and shows them another way out. They get into a fight with Thug, Thug 2, Carson and the miners and then drive away in Max's van. The Thugs and miners give chase in their vehicles, while Greg chases them in a helicopter. John blows out the car tires. Mike makes it to the race on time and Max and John go to Mark's office. They fight Mark, Greg and Thug 2 and win. Back at her house, Kim tells John that they are going to take Bobby to a heart hospital in Denver. Bobby then demonstrates his martial arts skills on John.