Johnson Family Christmas Dinner (2008)

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A family is forced to resolve their differences during Christmas dinner.




Stephen - Sid Burston

Ms. Johnson - Lynne Conner

Sam - Jerard Jones

Theresa - Aggie Owens

Michelle - Wynne Wharff

James - Darius Kennedy

Candy - Raquel Giddings

The eagle - Kaikabou Holland

Chrissy - Christina Theophat

Money Mike - Dylane Mooney

Shane mm's GF - Seleithia E. Woods

Robert Jr. - Kevin Shannon

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Detailed Synopsis

Stephen and his family are about to start Christmas dinner when he suggests they stop to pray as it is tradition. Theresa tells everyone, Sam has something to tell everyone. Robert Jr. makes a sarcastic comment about being excited to hear the news. Candy tells everyone her and The eagle are moving in together. Theresa and Sam tell Candy she can't move in with The eagle and Ms. Johnson agrees with them as does Michelle. Everyone starts to argue and Stephen angrily tells them to stop their bickering and asks Ms. Johnson to lead them in prayer.

Earlier, Stephen tells Ms. Johnson, Sam and the others just arrived. Money Mike and Shane mm's GF get into his car and she asks him if he has everything as last time they tried to go to the family dinner, the car ran out of gas. Sam walks up to the house with Theresa and Chrissy and they are greeted by Stephen and Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson asks where James and Candy are and Theresa tells her they will be there later. Money Mike and Shane mm's GF start arguing in the car about Money Mike not having Christmas presents for his nieces and nephews and he tells her that they should get him presents. James tells Theresa and Ms. Johnson about college and Michelle is the next family member to arrive. Theresa starts questioning Michelle about her dating life, which upsets Michelle. Candy and The eagle arrive and they go inside and Candy introduces The eagle to Stephen and Sam and they both make fun of him after The eagle leaves. Robert Jr. comes in through the backdoor and tells Ms. Johnson he needs money to pay for the cab.

Money Mike and Shane mm's GF stop at the store so he can buy some Alize. Chrissy asks Robert Jr. if Santa is black and he tells her yes and that his wish is for his family to come home. James calls Reggie and then smokes a joint in the bathroom. As Sam is telling the family about opening up another restaurant, Robert Jr. walks in and then complains that Sam has all the luck while others like him don't have any. Stephen asks The eagle about his hobbies and The eagle tells him about his movie script. Ms. Johnson tells Stephen she worries that Robert Jr. is turning into an alcoholic and mentions James is acting weird. Sam has a conversation with Robert Jr. and tries to offer him advice, but Robert Jr. tells him he doesn't want his advice. Money Mike and Shane mm's GF go to the 99 cent store and he buys Chrissy a barrette. When they try to drive away, the car won't start and Money Mike and Shane mm's GF argue about whose fault it is.

The beginning is repeated at the point before prayer. Ms. Johnson leads the prayer and makes a prayer to celebrate Jesus. James asks for forgiveness, Candy asks that her family understand her relationship with The eagle, Robert Jr. prays for a life similar to Sam and Alex's. Michelle asks for the perfect person, Theresa asks for the children to be given sense, while Sam gives thanks for his success. Stephen closes out the prayer by asking God to show his family Christmas is about God's love and not earthly issues. They eat dinner and the family starts to argue again. Stephen tells everyone to go to bed and Michelle catches James rolling a joint in the bathroom. Stephen prays to God and the next morning, Sam and Robert Jr. talk and Robert Jr. apologizes to him and tells him he is proud of him and Sam apologizes to Robert Jr. Sam then invites Robert Jr. to be his accountant and Robert Jr. accepts. Chrissy is told by Theresa that she hurt Ms. Johnson's feeling when she rejected her Christmas gift. Stephen and The eagle talk and The eagle tells him he loves Candy. James tells Michelle he promises to tell Theresa about his weed habit and when he leaves, Michelle asks Theresa for the number of a pastor she might want to date. Chrissy apologizes to Ms. Johnson and tells her she likes her present.