Johnson Family Dinner (2008)

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The Johnson family comes together for Sunday dinner.




Mother - Lynne Conner

Dad - Eric Ramsey

Alex - Jai Lynnette Roque

Sam - Gerard Jones

Lil Sam - Kai Hakansson

Stacey - Paris Scott

Melanie - Ashlei Shyne

Lisa - Colette Dennard

Robert - Kevin Shannon

Hilary - Toni Sterrett

Pauley - Daniel Douglas

Julius - Nate Geez

Mrs. B - Raquel Porter

Money Mike - Dylane Mooney

Shane - Selethia

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Detailed Synopsis

On Sunday after church, Lisa is at a bakery when Julius asks her for her phone number. Money Mike tells Shane that she has to be on her best behavior since she is meeting his relatives for the first time. Lisa arrives at the house and tells Dad that she met Julius at the bakery, but Mrs. B has already told him. Shane tells Money Mike that she has to pee and he tries to call Robert to tell him he is going to be late, but his battery dies. Robert and Hilary get to the home and Hilary shows Mother their newborn baby, Alexandria. Alex and her family arrive later and go to see Alexandria. Robert tries to get advice from Dad, but Dad tells him the damage has already been done. While driving, Money Mike runs out of gas and blames it on Shane for being late. Stacey is the last to arrive and tells Mother about school. Mother tells her that the Johnson women deserve a man who will take care of them. Sam brings in some fish that he cooked and asks Mother to try it. After she takes a bite, Robert takes a bite and brings up how Sam's restaurant failed. Sam and Robert start to argue and Dad stops them from fighting.

Hilary tells Robert she needs to talk to him and he tells her to never disrespect him in his parent's house. Robert continues to berate Hilary and then walks away. Alex comforts Sam and tells him that they should open another restaurant. Lisa asks Mother how she and Dad met and she tells Lisa, Hilary, Stacey and Melanie how on their first date, Dad brought her roses and they went on his fishing boat. Hilary runs to the bathroom and starts crying. She goes and sits next to Robert and asks him what he is looking at and he starts yelling at her and tells her that she is nosy. All the women decide to do a shopping day next to Stacey's college. Lil Sam yells that dinner is ready and Stacey tells Melanie that she misses being around her and the others. At dinner, Dad starts off by giving thanks followed by the rest of the family. Alex announces that she and Sam are going to open another restaurant. Robert gets up to get some wine and when Hilary follows him, he tells her that he doesn't need her there. He goes back to the table and raises a toast to Sam and Alex and says may their new restaurant not be like their old one and that it be a success.

Mother notices that Hilary looks sad and asks her if she is okay. A fight breaks out in the kitchen between Robert and Sam. Stacey tells Pauley that life is about balance. Hilary tells Robert that she wants a divorce. Dad says to Robert that he needs to see Pastor Simmons and Dr. Daniels in order to sort out his problems. Dad then tells Mother that Hilary told Robert she wants a divorce. Before Stacey leaves, Sam and Alex give her a gas card. Robert apologizes to Sam and they shake hands. Lisa tells Alex that Hilary wants to divorce Robert probably due to his cheating. Alex, Sam and their family leave next. Robert asks Hilary if she is still going to leave him and she brings up all the times he cheated on her and said he was going to change. He tells her that he pays for everything and she will have nothing if she leaves. Hilary asks Mother if she and Alexandria can stay at her house overnight. Mother tells Hilary that if she needs help, to let her know. Dad tells Robert to use his anger to build something and then Robert leaves. Hilary calls her mom and tells her that she and Robert are getting a divorce and she wants to move in with them.

Six months later, Sam says the restaurant is doing well. Mother thinks Sam should host the next dinner and that Robert is seeing a psychologist. She continues that Stacey is about to graduate college. Shane has been promoted at Roscoe's House of Chicken 'N Waffles and Shane says he is going to open up a mechanic shop.