Josh (Mortuary)

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Josh is a former employee at Heaven's Gate mortuary in Cliffside, California.. He was fired when he was caught watching Hank Andrews and a group of women performing a seance.

During the events of Mortuary (1983) played by Denis Mandel

Greg Stevens and Josh arrive at a warehouse in Greg's van. Josh starts to gather tires to steal and says his former boss, Hank owes him $150. They come across a stash of odd items including an M-16, top hat, and toy statue. They hear some chanting and go to a window to see Hank at a podium and a group of women, including Eve Parson, chanting and dancing around a cauldron. Josh goes to get the tires while Greg stays and watches the seance. As Josh is rolling the tires, he finds a casket with the arm hanging out and when he opens it, finds Mrs. Andrews in a wedding dress. The door to the room Greg is in shuts and is locked. Josh is then stabbed and killed with a trocar by someone wearing white makeup and a robe.