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Joshua is a pirate on The Walrus in the West Indies.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 1 I. played by Richard Lukunku

A merchant ship is being attacked by The Walrus. The Walrus catches up to the merchant ship and most of the remaining sailors on the merchant ship are killed. Joshua and Joji charge into a room and start killing sailors. Gates is walking through the merchant ship telling the pirates what to pillage when Joshua tries to scare him. The pirates land at Nassau on New Providence Island and later, Joshua tells Gates that Mosiah was murdered and he, Gates, Eleanor Guthrie and Mr. Scott go to where Joshua found Mosiah's body and he tells them that Mosiah's last word was Vane. Later, Captain Flint speaks to the crew that includes Morley and apologizes for their small hauls and tells them the truth of what they have been chasing. He says that a crew member discovered their plans and betrayed them and accuses Singleton of being that person. Gates tells Singleton that he has a choice, a trial or combat and Singleton chooses combat. Flint and Singleton fight and Flint ends up beating Singleton to death. Flint seemingly pulls a piece of paper from Singelton's pockets and hands it to Billy Bones to read. Billy opens the page and says it is the stolen page. Flint tells the crew that he will make them rich and they cheer him.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 5 V. played by Richard Lukunku

Billy gives a speech to the crew including Joshua and tells them of Flint's plan of attack using Beauclerc. The crew of The Walrus board the Andromache and during the fight, a Slave calls for Flint and speaks in the Slave's language. Joshua translates for Flint that Captain Bryson sent a message to the Scarborough before he left, where he was headed. A ship appears to their east and the Slave lights a bomb and charges at Flint before he is shot dead by Billy.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 6 VI. played by Richard Lukunku

Joshua participates in the attack on the Andromache.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 8 VIII. played by Richard Lukunku

The Walrus and Ranger arrive at Division Bay and Flint briefs his crew. Once they get view of the bay. no ship is there. Logan spots sails and yells it to the crew and yells out that the ship is a Man-o'-War. John Silver yells at the Man-o'-War that they are being followed by a pirate ship and points at the Ranger. He tells the Spanish Officer where they came from and the Man-o'-War continues on its way. As Flint is about to give the order to fire on the Man-o'-War, Dufresne pulls a pistol on him and accuses him of tyranny against the crew. Dufresne holds up the letter Gates gave him which details Flint's crimes against the crew. As Flint goes to fire a cannon, Dufresne shoots him. Silver fires one of the cannons at the Man-o'-War and Flint tells Dufresne not to waste the moment. Dufresne freezes and the Man-o'War fires at The Walrus and Dufresne orders The Walrus to open fire. The Man-o'-War opens fire again and The Walrus is obliterated.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 1 IX. played by Richard Lukunku

Flint starts to tell The Walrus crew his plan. Logan angrily yells that they should be cutting Flint's lying tongue from his head and Dufresne tells the crew to listen to Flint. Flint suggests they steal the warship and then take the gold. He continues to tell his plan of sending two people to kill any sentries on the ship while the rest of the crew readies an assault. De Groot gets upset with listening to Flint's plan and Flint volunteers to be one of the men to kill the sentries and Silver volunteers to be the other. Later, Ranking Spanish Sailor looks towards the water and Joji shoots him in the head. Joshua breaks the door down where Flint and Silver are hiding and he and the rest of The Walrus crew kill the remaining Spanish crew. They then manage to steal the Spanish ship and escape.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 2 X. played by Richard Lukunku

On his fourth goings on, Silver tells the crew that Dooley defecated and used his hand to wipe himself. Dooley gets up, punches Silver and then wipes his hand on his face. He then tells the crew about Palmer having sex with the milk goat. Palmer punches Silver, but is then punched by Joshua. A ship is spotted and Logan tells Dufresne that it is flying English colors. Dufresne then decides to attack it. Dufresne manages to take the English ship without a fight. Dufresne and part of The Walrus crew board the English ship and the Merchant Captain whistles and a fight breaks out. Joji kills the Merchant Captain, but the pirates and Dufresne are forced to retreat back to The Walrus. De Groot tells Dufresne that they must retreat and Dufresne freezes once again. Flint tells Dufresne that they have to sink the English ship or no one will ever surrender to Flint's flag again and then Flint starts giving out orders. The English ship is then sunk.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 3 XI. played by Richard Lukunku

During Silver's going on, he tells the crew that Joji has been masturbating onto the figurehead. He then tells the crew that they will be anchoring a mile from Nassau so they won't be seen. Dooley says he wants to vote on the matter. Silver reminds him that they are sailing a Spanish warship and would more than likely be fired upon by Captain Benjamin Hornigold's fort. Dooley still insists he get a vote and Logan diffuses the situation. Later, Flint tells the crew that he will tell Captain Charles Vane that he and his men must leave by sunrise tomorrow or they will attack the fort.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 4 XII. played by Richard Lukunku

Flint walks to his and Hornigold's crew and tells them to fire on the fort.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 5 XIII. played by Richard Lukunku

Flint tells his crew to cease fire and De Groot repeats the order. Flint then orders his crew to prepare to move ashore.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 6 XIV. played by Richard Lukunku

Billy walks into camp and is greeted by the rest of Flint's crew and Dufresne hugs him. Billy tells the pirates of The Walrus about his ordeal and that the British Navy is encamped 40 miles away. Dufresne then asks Billy how he fell overboard.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 7 XV. played by Richard Lukunku

Before the vote for captaincy, Hornigold makes his speech and calls Flint a liar, murderer, thief and betrayer. Silver walks up to Flint and tells him that they need to talk and then tells Flint that the Urca gold is gone. The pirates overhear Silver and start talking to each other about the stolen gold.

After the vote is cancelled and the pirates try to figure out what to do next, Silver gives his speech and admits to the pirates that he planned on leaving them when they got the gold. He tells them that he thinks many of them also had that idea, but now with the gold gone, their only other option is getting reconciliation.

Billy meets with Dufresne and the other traitors to Flint including Big Conspirator. The rest of The Walrus crew also show up and Billy reveals the conspirators to be the traitors to their fellow pirates that they are. Big Conspirator questions Billy's manhood and Billy beats him up and tells everyone that they will stick together and follow Flint's plan until they are all safe.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 8 XVI. played by Richard Lukunku

Silver tells the crew a story of when he was on a merchant vessel and when he first saw Charles Town. He continues about how he and the rest of the crew saw the execution of Solomon Little. Silver ends his story by telling the pirates that the entire population of Charles Town is eager to see them dead.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 9 XVII. played by Richard Lukunku

Billy sees Vane's men climb onto the deck and warns his fellow pirates. A battle erupts and during it, Vane kills Joshua.