Joyce Cooper

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Joyce Cooper


Joyce Cooper runs The Swan Hotel in Sandford, Gloucester with her husband Bernard Cooper. She is a member of the National Watch Alliance.

During the events of Hot Fuzz (2007) played by Billie Whitelaw

Nicholas Angel arrives in Sandford and walks into The Swan Hotel where he finds Bernard asleep in a chair and Joyce at the front desk working on a crossword puzzle. Nicholas helps Joyce with her crossword puzzle and then goes to his room. During the meeting of the Watch, Joyce tells everyone that Janet Barker had twins and then Tom Weaver moves onto the business of The Living Statue. After the recent murders, Nicholas runs to the castle and finds the NWA sitting around a circular table chanting. After the chanting, Joyce tells the others, Janet Barker has decided on calling her twins Roger and Martin. Tom tells the others that Nicholas has been killed and their next move is to eradicate the hoodie gang. Nicholas tells them they are all under arrest and Simon Skinner tells him everyone died in order for Sandford to win the Village of the Year Contest. Inspector Frank Butterman reveals himself to be a member of the group and tells Nicholas he decided on his path after his wife committed suicide after Sandford lost the Village of the Year Contest. Nicholas tells them all they are coming with him, but they pull out weapons and Michael Armstrong and PC Danny Butterman appear at his side. Nicholas grabs a knife away from Michael and threatens to kill Danny before running away. He appears to be stabbed by Danny who drives Nicholas to the edge of Sandford. The next day. Nicholas rides to the center of Sandford and proceeds to arrest Annette Roper, Mr. Treacher, Amanda Paver, Greg Prosser and Sheree Prosser, Joyce and Bernard, Rev. Philip Shooter, and Dr. Robin Hatcher, after a large gunfight and with the help of Danny.