Julie and Jack (2003)

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Jack starts to question his relationship with Julie when she refuses to meet with him outside of their virtual dating environment.




Julie Romanov - Jenn Gotzon

Julie McNeal - Tippi Hedren

Jack Livingstone - Justin Kunkle

Mrs. Nancy Livingstone - Patsy van Ettinger

Professor Tran - James Nguyen

Mark Stevens - Will Springhorn

Father Love - Damien Carter

Bob Hammer - Rick Camp

Susan - Terese Aiello

Gina - Ilea Matthews

Raju Patel - Rahul Gupta

Bill Templeton - Lee Boren

Helen - Chelsea Hope

Stephanie - Kelly Tyler

Melany - Christine Schiller

Tony - Bill Stillwell

Richard Smith - Andrew Brackenbury

Tom Davis - Pierluigi Oliverio

Tom McNeal - Jack Knutson

Eric - Marcus Siu

Stellachip Secretary - Stacie Rashel

Susan's Daughter - Jacqueline Dumouchel

Tammy - Katie Joseph

Computer Chip Salespeople - Dante Robinson, Alex Potter, Julie Reno, Travis Tinsley, Tony Filippi, Allen Rowe, Sherral Morford, Mimi Hosseinipoor, Jennifer Keyburn, Katy Lin, Lourdes Nadres, Marilyn Paige and Zach Brooks

JB Software Employees - Joshua Clark, Sherral Morford, Allen Rowe, Katy Lin, and Zach Brooks

College Students - Nick Webb, Jennifer Wiggins, Marc Layus, Gilbert Chavarria, Mike Kelly, David Frausto, Leslie Panitchpakdi, Julie Sicklesteel and Jennifer Youngblood

Father Love Congregation - Jheri Cunningham, Javier Avitva, Lora Miller, Cheryl Weldon, Brenna Wilburn, Veronica Hernandez, Harvey Avitva, Abigail Avitva, Reba Avitva, Robert Ector, Palucci Ector and Michael Ector

Father Love Church Choir - Jon Bow, Marsha Boyd, Regina Haliburton, TJ Johnson, and Samantha Haley

Father Love Church Band - Reginald Haley, Mohamed Anifs, Steven Harris, and Michael Williams

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Detailed Synopsis

Jack Livingstone gets into his car and drives to his job at Stellachip Corporation in Silicon Valley. He arrives late and when the Stellachip Secretary shakes her head, he tells her to keep it a secret. Bill Templeton walks in after Jack and Jack asks him if Bob Hammer caught him walking in late. Bill then tells Jack that Bob didn't give him a hard time, because he makes his quotas. During a work meeting, Bob tells the Computer Chip Salespeople that he is going to increase the sales quotas they need to make and applauds Bill for his sales. After the meeting, Bob threatens to fire Jack for coming in late and not meeting his quotas. Jack goes to Mark Stevens' house while Mark is having sex with Stephanie and Stephanie answers the door and lets Jack in. Mark tells Jack he was in the middle of sex and Jack asks what happened to Mark's girlfriend Barbara. Mark tells him, Barbara is on vacation and Jack tells him about his troubles at work. Mark suggests Jack get a girlfriend and tells him to go on the website Cupidmatchmaker.net. Jack goes home and logs on to Cupidmatchmaker and sends a message to Lady Renegade. The next day he continues to do poorly in sales, but gets a message from Lady Renegade, whose name is Julie. He calls Tony, but again fails to close the sale. He continues to send messages to Lady Renegade and they tell each other their backgrounds. Jack meets up with Mark at a bar and Mark asks him if he has had sex with Julie yet.

Jack and Julie meet up in front of a cafe and they exchange more background information. Jack calls Tony again and tells him a competitor bought a large order of computer chips and Tony asks Jack to call him back after he thinks about it. Julie and Jack go on a date to the museum and Julie stares at a painting of Ada Lovelace and tells Jack about Ada. They go to Golden Gate Bridge and hug each other and take a boat ride. They go on more dates around San Francisco and Julie asks Jack if he would like to live for a thousand years. After more dates, Jack asks Julie if they can move the relationship further, but Julie asks for more time. During dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Jack gives Julie a bracelet and Julie gets defensive when Jack asks about her past. Jack tells Julie he loves her and she asks him if he means forever. Jack makes a sale with Tony for a thousand computer chips and a trip to Las Vegas. During another work meeting, Bob complains about the Computer Chip Salespeople's sales. Bill tells him sales are down due to the dotcom bust, but Bob points out that Jack just made a huge sale. A co-worker tells the other workers that she heard Jack's success is due to him having a new girlfriend.

During another date, Julie tells Jack she never had time to have fun and regrets working so much over experiencing life. Jack points out all of their dates have been in virtual reality and tells Julie he wants to meet her in person. Julie tells him she can't and Jack tells Julie he doesn't think she cares about him as much as he cares about her. Julie then tells Jack she has to go and Jack leaves the virtual reality date. Jack goes to Mark's house while he is having sex with Helen and Helen lets Jack inside. Mark tells Jack how he and Helen met. Mark then tells Jack that after the first 2 or 3 months, relationships are bad investments due to the drop in sex. Jack tells Mark about Julie and Mark tells Jack that he might be getting catfished. Jack tells Mrs. Nancy Livingstone about Julie and she gives him some advice. Jack sees who he thinks is Julie in the park, but is Melany. He remembers that Julie went to Grant University and calls the university to try and get her information, but they won't give it out.

Jack looks up Julie on the internet and finds out she was given an award by Professor Tran. He meets with Professor Tran who tells him Julie was into neural computers and that Julie worked at JB software after she graduated. Jack looks up JB Software online and then calls the MX Corporation who acquired them. Eric tells Jack, Julie founded JB Software with Raju Patel. Jack meets with Raju who tells Jack about the history of JB Software and how Julie told the JB Software Employees they have been bought out and they will all be rich. Raju then suggests Jack go to Spaceship Ventures, a company that had invested in one of Julie's ideas. Jack talks with Tom Davis who tells him they tried to invest in Julie's Mindchip Corporation, but Julie didn't agree with what they offered. Julie contacts Jack over the internet and she asks him to meet her virtually. They meet and Julie tells Jack she doesn't think they should see each other anymore, but Jack tells her, he will keep looking for her. Jack goes to Susan's house and while they are talking Susan's Daughter runs and shows Susan a drawing she made. Susan tells Jack about Julie and her other friends Gina and Tammy and how at a college party with other College Students, Julie met Richard Smith. Jack goes to speak with Richard who tells him Julie wanted to do more with her life and they broke up. Richard then tells Jack where Julie's parents live. Jack speaks with Julie McNeal and Tom McNeal who tell him they adopted Julie and that Julie died from a brain tumor two years ago.

Jack goes to Julie's grave and afterwards goes into the virtual reality world and confronts Julie for not telling him the truth. She tells him she uploaded her mind into a neural computer she developed. Jack tells Julie he can't love her anymore and she thinks it is because they will never be able to have sex. Jack goes to a church while Father Love is singing with the Father Love Church Choir while the Father Love Church Band plays and the Father Love Congregation claps. Father Love tells Jack about spiritual love. During another work meeting, Bob congratulates Bill on his sales and Jack wins the Stellachip Sales Person of the Quarter award. Jack goes back into the virtual world and he tells Julie he wants to be with her. Julie tells Jack she has to leave due to the impending failure of the neural computer. They kiss one last time and then Julie leaves.