Karl (Die Hard)

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Karl is part of a group of international thieves. His brother is Tony.

During the events of Die Hard (1988) played by Alexander Godunov

Karl and Theo walk into the Nakatomi building and Karl shoots both of the Guards and Theo starts using the building's computer. Takagi is brought to his office and Hans Gruber tells him, he wants the system key code so he can steal the $640,000,000 in bonds in the building vault. Takagi refuses to give the code and Hans shoots him in the head. John McClane, who was watching from the other room, runs away, but Karl and Hans hear him. After John pulls the fire alarm, Karl, Franco and Fritz take the elevator to the roof and they start shooting at John. Later, Karl tells Hans that John has the detonators. Hans asks for an update on the locks from Theo and then tells Karl to hunt down John. While he is checking on the explosives, Hans notices John doesn't have any shoes on and radios Karl and Fritz where he is at. John figures out there must be more explosives and the elevator doors open and Karl, Fritz and Franco get out. John kills Fritz and then Franco and Hans tells Karl to shoot the glass panes in the room. John runs to an elevator, but in the process is forced to walk barefoot over glass and Hans recovers the detonators. John goes to the roof and finds the explosives and is then attacked by Karl. John ties a chain around Karl's neck and then runs towards the roof. Karl walks out of the building holding a rifle. As he is about to shoot John, Sgt. Al Powell shoots Karl dead.