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Lord Kensington is a Vice Admiral in Charles Town.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 10 XVIII. played by Bart Fouche

During [[Captain Flint's trial, Kensington shows the crowd the evidence against Flint and asks Flint if he has anything to say in his defense. Flint says that the only thing he regrets is believing that he and Peter Ashe could come to reason. A Militia Guard walks up to Peter with a handcuffed Captain Charles Vane. Vane tells him that he has testimony in support of Flint and it is from Abigail Ashe's journal, which is handed to Peter. Kensington tells Peter that he may destroy the journal at his own peril, but no matter what, Flint will hang. A Clerk reads aloud from Abigail's journal. Vane makes a speech and raises his hands to the air. Vane's men then start firing upon the town square with the town's own cannons. Vane and Flint then attack their guards and escape.