Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003)

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A woman seeks vengeance for her attempted murder and the murder of her unborn child.




The Bride - Uma Thurman

O-Ren Ishii - Lucy Liu

Vernita Green - Vivica A. Fox

Elle Driver - Daryl Hannah

Bill - David Carradine

Budd - Michael Madsen

Sofie Fatale - Julie Dreyfus

Gogo Yubari - Chiaki Kuriyama

Hattori Hanzo - Sonny Chiba

Johnny Mo - Gordon Liu

Earl McGraw - Michael Parks

Buck - Michael Bowen

Boss Tanaka - Jun Kunimura

Bald Guy (Sushi Shop) - Kenji Oba

Proprietor - Yuki Kazamatsuri

Edgar McGraw - James Parks

Charlie Brown - Sakichi Sato

Trucker - Jonathan Loughran

Tokyo Business Man - Yoshiyuki Morishita

Crazy 88 1 (Miki) - Tetsuro Shimaguchi

Crazy 88 2 - Kazuki Kitamura

Crazy 88 3 - Yoji Boba Tanaka

Crazy 88 4 - Issei Takahashi

Crazy 88 5 - So Yamanaka

Crazy 88 6 (Girl) - Juri Manase

Boss Ozawah - Akaji Maro

Boss Honda - Goro Daimon

Boss Benta - Shun Sugata

Boss Orgami - JinZhan Zhang

Young 88 (Spanked Boy) - Hu Xiaohui

Nikki Bell - Ambrosia Kelley

The 5, 6, 7, 8's - Sachiko Fujii

The 5, 6, 7, 8's - Yoshiko Yamaguchi

The 5, 6, 7, 8's - Ronnie Yoshiko Fujiyama

Okinawa Airline Ticket Agent - Shu Lan Tuan

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Detailed Synopsis

The Bride lays on the ground bloody as Bill walks up. He wipes up some of her blood and sweat with his handkerchief and as she tells him her unborn child is his, he shoots her in the side of the head.

Chapter 1, entitled 2...In Pasadena, California, The Bride arrives at the home of Vernita Green. She rings the doorbell and Vernita answers the door and they start fighting. As they are fighting, a school bus drops off Nikki Bell. Nikki walks in and asks Vernita why her and the house is in disarray and Vernita tells Nikki, her dog Barney got in the house and messed it up. Vernita and The Bride talk with Nikki until Vernita tells Nikki to go to her room. The Bride and Vernita sit and talk and Vernita apologizes for what she and the others did to The Bride. They agree to meet later to finish the battle, but The Bride kills Vernita with a knife when Vernita attempts to shoot her. Nikki walks into the kitchen and The Bride tells her if she grows up and still feels she needs to get revenge against The Bride for killing Vernita, to find her. On a notebook, The Bride strikes out Vernita's name, the second on her list.

"For those regarded as warriors...When engaged in combat...the vanquishing of thine enemy can be the warrior's only concern. Suppress all human emotion and compassion...kill whoever stands in thy way, even it that be Lord God or Buddha himself. This truth lies at the heart of the art of combat."

Chapter 2, entitled The blood-splattered Bride...four years and six months earlier in El Paso, Texas, Earl McGraw arrives at the scene of a shooting at a church. Edgar McGraw walks up to him and tells him about the crime scene, including nine bodies. Earl walks into the church and thinks the massacre was conducted by professionals, probably members of the Mexican Mafia. He walks over to The Bride and Edgar notes how she obviously was going by a fake name due to the name on the marriage certificate and they have been referring to her as "The Bride". As Earl is bent over The Bride, she spits up and Earl realizes she isn't dead. Elle Driver walks into the hospital where The Bride has been taken to. She changes into a nurse's outfit and prepares a poison to be injected into The Bride. She walks into The Bride's room, who is comatose, and as she is about to inject her with the poison, Bill calls her and calls off The Bride's assassination. Four years later, The Bride wakes up and starts to cry when she feels her now empty belly. She hears someone coming and mimics being asleep. Buck walks in with Trucker and Trucker pays $75 in order to have sex with The Bride. Buck lays down the rules and then tells Trucker he will be back in twenty minutes. As Trucker tries to kiss The Bride she bites his lower lip. She chews out his throat and tries to walk, but her legs are not yet awoken from her long coma and non-use. She takes Trucker's pocket knife and as Buck walks into the room, she cuts his Achilles tendon. She drags Buck towards the door and then starts slamming the metal paneled door against his head and the door jamb. She has a flashback to Buck raping her and kills him by slamming his head hard with the door. She steals his glasses, keys, and scrubs and uses a wheel chair to find Buck's vehicle, which she finds when she sees a truck with the words "Pussy Wagon" which matches his keychain. She climbs into his truck and works on getting her toes to work.

Chapter 3, entitled The Origin of O-Ren...The Bride relays the back story of O-Ren Ishii and then after thirteen hours, is able to use her legs once more. She goes to Okinawa after buying a one way ticket from Okinawa Airline Ticket Agent.

Chapter 4, entitled The Man From Okinawa...The Bride goes to a sushi shop owned by Hattori Hanzo. He yells out to Bald Guy (Sushi Shop) to bring some tea out, but Bald Guy complains he is watching his soap operas. Hanzo compliments The Bride on how well she says Japanese words. He once again yells at Bald Guy to bring some tea and Bald Guy complains that he always has to get the drinks while Hanzo cuts the fish. Hanzo asks The Bride what she is doing in Okinawa and she tells him she is there to see Hattori Hanzo and to get Japanese steel to settle a score. They go upstairs and Hanzo shows her his collection of swords he has made and kept. He tells her he no longer makes swords and she tells him, she is seeking revenge against Bill. Hanzo agrees to make the sword and suggests she practice for the month it takes to make it. One month later, Hanzo and Bald Guy ceremoniously present the sword to The Bride.

Chapter 5, entitled Showdown at House of Blue Leaves...a year after the massacre in El Paso, Bill supported O-Ren Ishii in her war against the other Yakuza overlords. The Bride describes the members of O-Ren Ishii's posse including Sofie Fatale, Gogo Yubari, who once stabbed a Tokyo Business Man for flirting with her, and Johnny Mo. The Bride relates the story of the night O-Ren assumed power of the Yakuza council. Boss Tanaka slams his hand on the table and Boss Benta asks why the outburst. Boss Tanaka asks why they are celebrating and accuses the council of being perverted. Boss Honda demands Boss Tanaka apologize, but Boss Tanaka continues to insult O-Ren and Boss Ozawah tells him he is insulting the council. O-Ren asks Boss Tanaka to speak his mind and he once again insults her. O-Ren then runs across the table and cuts off Boss Tanaka's head in front of Boss Orgami and the rest of the council. O-Ren then tells the council the subject of her ancestry is not to be discussed ever again in a negative manner. The Bride takes a flight to Tokyo, Japan, and as she pulls up next to Sofie at a red light, she has a flashback to the time when Sofie took a call while beating her at the massacre. O-Ren and her Crazy 88 walk into an izakaya run by Proprietor and are welcomed by her and Charlie Brown and where The 5, 6, 7, 8's are playing. The Bride sees them walk in and follows them towards a private room. O-Ren senses something and throws a dagger through the thin wall and sends Gogo to look. Gogo searches outside the room, but returns when she doesn't see anything. As The Bride is changing, she hears the same ring tone as during the massacre. Crazy 88 3 looks at Charlie Brown and points out his similar looks to the comic character. The Proprietor agrees he looks like Charlie Brown and the others laugh. Crazy 88 1 (Miki) tells Charlie Brown to bring them four pepperoni pizzas and Crazy 88 6 (Girl) tells him to give her a kiss. The Bride yells out for O-Ren and O-Ren and the Crazy 88 run outside the room. The Bride cuts off Sofie's left arm, who she is holding in front of her, and the crowd screams and runs outside. O-Ren tells Charlie Brown to run away, which he does, and then sends Crazy 88 1 to attack The Bride. Crazy 88 1 attacks The Bride and she cuts his sword in half and then stabs him through the chest. O-Ren orders the others to attack and The Bride kills Crazy 88 3, Crazy 88 2 and Crazy 88 5. Crazy 88 4 and Crazy 88 6 attack her and she kills them both. Gogo walks down the stairs and fights The Bride using a meteor hammer. As Gogo is about to strangle The Bride with the meteor hammer chain, The Bride hits her with the nail end of a large piece of wood in the head, killing her. The Bride hears motorcycles coming near and Johnny Mo arrives with the rest of the Crazy 88. They surround The Bride and a large battle erupts. She severely injures or kills all of them. She is about to kill Young 88 (Spanked Boy) when she realizes how young he is and spanks him with her sword and sends him on his way. After killing Johnny Mo by cutting both of his legs off, The Bride tells the others still alive they can leave, but they have to leave their missing limbs as she owns them now. The Bride goes to the roof of the izakaya and enters a garden area. O-Ren asks where The Bride got her sword and doesn't believe her when she tells her it is a Hattori Hanzo. The Bride and O-Ren fight and The Bride wins when she cuts the top of O-Ren's head off and as she is dying, O-Ren remarks the sword really is a Hanzo sword. The Bride puts Sofie in the trunk of her car and pulls her out and throws her down a slope towards Tokyo General Hospital. Bill visits Sofie in the hospital and she tells Bill, The Bride kept her alive to get information from her and to give her a warning to tell the others that she is coming for the rest of them. As The Bride flies back to the United States she starts the list of those to kill after writing and crossing out O-Ren in a notebook. Budd tells Bill, The Bride deserves her revenge for what they did to her, while Elle insists she needs to die.

"Revenge is never a straight line. It's a forest. And like a forest it's easy to lose your get forget where you came in."