Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004)

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The Bride continues on her path of vengeance.




Beatrix Kiddo - Uma Thurman

Reverend Harmony - Bo Svenson

Mrs. Harmony - Jeannie Epper

Joleen - Stephanie L. Moore

Erica - Shana Stein

Janeen - Caitlin Keats

Tommy Plympton - Chris Nelson

Rufus - Samuel L. Jackson

Lucky - Reda Beebe

Jay - Sid Haig

Larry Gomez - Larry Bishop

Rocket - Laura Cayouette

Ernie - Clark Middleton

Budd - Michael Madsen

Pai Mei - Gordon Liu

Elle Driver - Daryl Hannah

Clarita - Claire Smithies

Esteban Vihaio - Michael Parks

Karen - Helen Kim

Bill - David Carradine

B.B. - Perla Haney-Jardine

Trixie - Vicki Lucai

1st Grade Teacher - Venessia Valentino

Melanie Harrhouse - Thea Rose

Soda Jerk - William P. Clark

Tim - Stevo Polyi

Marty Kitrosser - Al Manuel Douglas

Hooker 1 - Patricia Silva

Hooker 2 - Maria Del Rosario Gutierrez

Hooker 3 - Sonia Angelica Padilla Curiel

Hooker 4 - Veronica Janet Martinez

Hooker 5 - Lucia Cruz Marroquin

Hooker 6 - Citlati Guadalupe Bojorquez

Hooker 7 - Graciela Salazar Mendoza

Hooker 8 - Maria De Lourdes Lombera

Bartender/Pimp - Jorge Silva

Dao Mo's Student - Michael Jai White

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Detailed Synopsis

A flashback of the day Bill shot and killed Beatrix Kiddo's entire wedding party and shot her in the head. Beatrix recalls what started her rampage up to that point and she only has one more, Bill.

Chapter 6, entitled Massacre at Two Pines...Beatrix further remembers the details of the massacre at Two Pines, which was known as the "El Paso, Texas Wedding Chapel Massacre" by the local press. She mentions how the massacre happened during a rehearsal and not the actual wedding. Reverend Harmony gives instructions on what to do during the wedding as Beatrix, Tommy Plympton, Joleen, Erica, Janeen and Tim listen. Rufus asks Beatrix if she and Tommy have a song they want played and he suggests they play Love Me Tender. Mrs. Harmony reminds Reverend Harmony about seating arrangements. Reverend Harmony tells Beatrix since she doesn't have anyone coming, Tommy's extra relatives can sit on her side. Mrs. Harmony starts to annoy Beatrix when she repeatedly questions her about not having family and Beatrix goes outside. Beatrix hears a flute playing and finds Bill sitting outside the chapel. She asked him how he found her and he flatters her and tells her he is there for one last look. He notices she is pregnant and she tells him about Tommy and that she works at his used record store. Beatrix takes Bill to meet Tommy and she introduces Bill as her father. Bill comments on Beatrix wearing her wedding dress before the ceremony and its associated bad luck and Tommy tells him he lives dangerously. Tommy invites Bill to dinner and Bill tells Beatrix he will accept her choice. Shortly after, the rest of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad walk into the chapel and kill everyone inside.

Chapter 7, entitled The Lonely Grave of Paula Schultz...Bill tells Budd that Beatrix killed all of the Crazy 88's and O-Ren Ishii while using a Hattori Hanzo sword. Bill asks him if he has continued training and Budd tells him he pawned his Hanzo sword years ago. He tells Bill he now works as a bouncer in a strip club and if Beatrix wants a fight, she just has to go to the club and start one. Bill offers to help Budd, but Budd tells him he deserves what he has coming to him. Budd arrives at work and Jay tells him he is late again, while Lucky sits nearby and Larry Gomez yells at Budd to get into his office. Larry starts chewing out Budd and Trixie asks him if he wants her to leave. Budd tells Larry there isn't anyone at the club yet and Larry gets upset and starts removing days Budd is supposed to work. Larry tells him to go home and wait for him to call him after he does a job for Rocket. Rocket walks up to Budd and tells him the toilet is overflowing and he needs to unclog it. After work, he drives home and notices something is up. He goes inside of his trailer and turns on his radio. Beatrix slinks out from under his trailer with her Hanzo sword. She opens his door and is shot by Budd with rock salt shells in the chest. He injects her with a tranquilizer and she falls unconscious. He calls Elle Driver and offers to sell her Beatrix's Hanzo sword for a million dollars and she agrees. Beatrix wakes up to Ernie digging out the remains of Paula Schultz who died in 1898. Ernie finishes and Budd pulls him out of the grave and as they grab Beatrix she struggles. Budd threatens to shoot her directly in the eyes with mace unless she calms down and she complies. She is put in a coffin and the lid is nailed shut after Budd tells her it is for breaking Bill's heart. The coffin is put into the grave and then Budd and Ernie fill the dirt back in. Beatrix starts to struggle against the coffin and eventually calms down.

Chapter 8, The Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei...In the past, Bill tells Beatrix the history of Pai Mei and his massacre of a Shaolin temple due to being slighted. He goes on to say how Pai Mei used his five point palm exploding heart technique to kill the monks. He warns her to obey Pai Mei during her training or lose her eye or life. He drops her off at Pai Mei's temple and leaves. She meets Pai Mei who insults her and her martial arts. He orders her to take a sword from a rack and challenges her to a fight. He easily beats her and then accepts to train her. He trains her on how to break wood with short range punches, which she cannot do at first. Back in the coffin, Beatrix gets her legs free and gets a hold of a straight razor she had hidden in her boot. She cuts her wrists free and starts to punch the coffin lid with short range punches, fracturing it. She makes her way to the surface and pulls herself out of the grave. She makes her way to a cafe and asks for a glass of water from Soda Jerk.

Chapter 9, Elle and I...Elle drives to Budd's trailer with a suitcase full of money as Beatrix makes her way in the same direction. Budd tells Elle what he did to Beatrix and he offers her a drink. He tells her what grave she was buried in and Elle looks at the Hanzo sword. She asks him how Beatrix's sword compares to the one Budd had and he tells her no Hanzo sword can be compared to another. He asks her if she is filled with relief or regret knowing Beatrix is dead. She tells him she feels regret and Budd opens the suitcase full of money. As he is pulling out the stacks of money, he is suddenly struck by a black mamba multiple times. Elle pulls out a notepad and tells him the fatality stats of the black mamba. Before he dies, Elle tells Budd the biggest regret she feels is that he killed Beatrix and not someone else better skilled. As Elle is collecting the money back up and putting it back into the suitcase, she gets a call from Bill and tells him Budd is dead and blames his death on Beatrix who she says she then killed. In the past, 1st Grade Teacher calls out the names of her students including Marty Kitrosser, Melanie Harrhouse and Beatrix. Elle offers to come over and see Bill and as she is leaving Budd's trailer, Beatrix attacks her. They fight and Beatrix finds the Hanzo sword Bill had given Budd hidden away. Beatrix asks Elle what made Pai Mei remove her eye and she tells her she called Pai Mei a miserable old fool and after he took out her eye, she eventually poisoned him to death. Beatrix and Elle sword fight until Beatrix manages to pluck out Elle's remaining good eye. Beatrix squishes Elle's eye and leaves her in the trailer with the black mamba.

Last Chapter, Face to Face...Beatrix drives into Mexico and stops at the Botanero Cochon bar. She walks up to Esteban Vihaio who runs the bar with his Hookers. She asks him where Bill is and Esteban realizes who she is. He tells her how he took Bill to the movies once and when Bill saw Lana Turner come on screen, he would compulsively suck on his thumb. He tells Beatrix, if he was still in business in Acuna, she would be his number one prostitute. Esteban tells her, unlike Bill, he would have just cut her face. He calls over Clarita to get them a drink and Clarita exhibits a clear facial scar and leaves to get the drink from Bartender/Pimp. Esteban tells Beatrix she can find Bill at the Villa Quatro on the road to Salina. Before leaving, Esteban tells her he is telling her where Bill is so Bill can see her again. She goes to Bill's residence and finds Bill inside, along with her daughter B.B. Beatrix is shocked to see B.B. and Bill tells her that he told B.B. that Beatrix was asleep and one day would return to them. Bill admits to B.B. that he was a bad dad and tells B.B. to tell Beatrix about Emilio. B.B. admits she killed Emilio and Bill tries to compare what B.B. did to Emilio to what he did to Beatrix. Beatrix watches Shogun Assassin with B.B. before she goes to bed. Beatrix goes downstairs and Bill understands they are about to sword fight. Bill shoots her with a truth serum dart he calls "the Undisputed Truth". He tells her about how Superman is unique in that he has to put on a costume to be normal, weak, unsure of himself and a coward, how Superman feels about humans. He tells her she will always be Beatrix and will always be a killer. He starts asking her questions and asks why she left him. She tells him about when he sent her to kill Lisa Wong and how the morning before she found out she was pregnant. Karen had been sent by Lisa Wong to kill Beatrix. After an initial fight, Beatrix told Karen she was pregnant and offered to cancel her mission to kill Lisa if they stop their fight. Before leaving, Kim told Beatrix congratulations. She tells Bill once she knew she was going to be a mother, she couldn't do the things she did before. Bill tells her he mourned her because he thought she was dead. He says he overreacted when he found her in El Paso and apologizes. They sword fight and Beatrix hits Bill with the Five-Point-Palm Exploding-Heart Technique. Bill gets up, takes five steps and dies. Beatrix sheds a tear, takes B.B. and drives away. The next morning, Beatrix cries in happiness on her bathroom floor as B.B. watches cartoons. She goes into the main room and kisses B.B.