Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

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Killer Klowns from outer space attack the town of Crescent Cove.


Horror, Comedy


Mike Tobacco - Grant Cramer

Debbie Stone - Suzanne Snyder

Dave Hanson - John Allen Nelson

Curtis Mooney - John Vernon

Rich Terenzi - Michael Siegel

Paul Terenzi - Peter Licassi

Farmer Gene Green - Royal Dano

Bob McReed - Chris Titus

Stacy - Irene Michaels

Tracy - Karla Sue Krull

Punk 1 - Brian Degan Scott

Punk 2 - Danny Kovacs

Mrs. Franco - Adele Proom

Mr. Myers - Howard Malpas

Mom 1 - Karen Raff

Mom 2 - Kathleen Stefano

Little Girl - Claire Bartle

Waitress - Sharon O'Mahoney

Slug - Michael Halton

Sheila - Lucinda Burgess

Black Biker - Melvin Thompson

Security Guard Harrison - David Piel

Police, Deputies and State Troopers - Steven Jones, Armon Stover and Jeff Yesko



Popcorn Snakes

Tunnel Worm

Joe Lombardo


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Detailed Synopsis

The Terenzi brothers drive up in their ice cream truck to the Top of the World, the local make out point. Along with them are Stacy and Tracy. The Terenzi brothers use their truck loudspeaker to try and sell ice cream to the couples, but they are booed away. A meteor flashes overhead and lands near Farmer Gene Green’s property. Farmer Green, who happened to be sitting on his porch with his dog Pooh sees the meteor and goes to investigates with Pooh. In the spot the meteor landed is a giant circus tent. While Farmer Green has his back turned a hole appears in the tent and a hand held net grabs Pooh. Farmer Green notices Pooh is missing and demands the return of his dog. A Klown walks up to him and points a toy gun at him and then shoots Farmer Green. At the local police station Curtis Mooney arrives with two punks he caught boozing it up in the park. Curtis starts to rough up the two punks but Dave Hanson intervenes. Dave asks the punks their side of the story and they say they were just walking across the park carrying a bottle of wine on their way towards the university. Curtis tells Dave he doesn’t like his soft police methods and throws the two punks in a cell.

Debbie Stone and Mike Tobacco, who went to investigate the meteor after they saw it flashing overhead at the Top of the World, arrive at the Klown circus tent. They explore the tent for some time and Debbie comes to realize they are inside the meteor. They enter a room filled with what appear to be large cotton candy sacks. Mike rips a piece of cotton candy away from one of the cotton candy sacks, revealing Farmer Green’s face underneath. A Klown walks into the room and adds another cotton candy cocoon to the rack and Mike recognizes a local named Joe Lombardo inside the cocoon. Mike drops the flashlight he was carrying and he and Debbie have to run for their lives out of the spaceship while being pursued by Klowns. Mike and Debbie make it to their car and drive away, running over Klowns on their way. A group of Klowns gather and they start walking towards Crescent Cove. Debbie and Mike arrive at the police station where they tell their story to Dave and Curtis. Curtis doesn’t believe them but Dave agrees to go with Mike to the woods to see the spaceship after they drop off Debbie at her house.

The Klowns begin to attack the citizens of Crescent Cove and turn them into cotton candy cocoons. A man is captured while watching a Klown hand puppet show in a gazebo, Mr. Myers’ drugstore is terrorized by a couple of Klowns and some women including Mrs. Franco are captured while answering their door. Meanwhile Mike and Dave arrive at the location where the circus tent was only to find there is nothing but a crater. Dave angrily puts Mike in handcuffs. A Klown rides up in a tiny bicycle with training wheels to a group of bikers. One of the bikers named Slug smashes the Klown’s bicycle when the Klown refuses to let him ride it, in retaliation the Klown punches Slug’s head off his body. One Klown attempts to kidnap a girl from Big Top Burgers but her mother foils its attempt. A Klown goes to big top burgers and tries to get a little girl to go outside where he is but her mother grabs her at the last minute. Dave and Mike arrive at makeout point and find it full of abandoned vehicles that are covered with traces of cotton candy, including Bob McReed’s glasses. Back at the police station Curtis starts to receive multiple phone calls about Klowns terrorizing the area. The Klown terror continues. A man has his car run off the road by a Klown, a worker at Big Top Burgers is eaten by sentient popcorn and a group of people are eaten by a Klown shadow puppet at a bus stop. Dave and Mike witness the people eaten by the shadow puppet and Mike grabs the police car steering wheel and attempts to ram the Klown, which just jumps away. Dave calls Curtis, however Curtis ignores him. Dave returns to the station while Mike runs to get help from the Terenzi brothers. The Terenzi brothers agree to help Mike warn the town.

A Klown shows up at the police station and is handcuffed and put in a cell with the two punks by Curtis after it sprays him in the face with a squirt gun. Curtis smacks the Klown with his flashlight and then has his head smashed into the cell bars by a giant party whistle blown by the Klown. Dave returns to the police station and finds Klown footprints on all surfaces of the station and the two punks transformed into cotton candy cocoons. Curtis’ chair turns around revealing his corpse has been turned into a ventriloquist dummy used by a Klown. Dave shoots at the Klown and the Klown explodes in a cloud of confetti when he shoots it in the nose. Jack from the Marlboro State Troopers calls the police station and Dave asks him to send help. While Debbie is in the bathroom she is attacked by a giant Klown headed snake which has developed from Klown popcorn. She runs away from the Klown snake and answers the door when she thinks she hears Mike outside. However it is a Klown which shoots a giant inflatable balloon at her. Debbie is driven away in the giant balloon as Mike and the Terenzi brothers arrive at her house. Mike and the Terenzi brothers follow after Debbie and Dave gives chase when he sees the Terenzi ice cream truck. Dave is forced to ride with Mike and the Terenzi brothers when he rear ends their ice cream truck. The Klowns arrive at the local amusement park and quickly turn Security Guard Harrison into a melted sundae by pelting him with pies. Mike, Dave and the Terenzi brothers arrive at the amusement park.

The Terenzi brothers fall down a hole and end up in a ball pit nearby two female looking Klowns. Dave and Mike find the balloon with Debbie in the cocoon storage room and free her. The three of them then flee a large group of Klowns. They eventually end up in a large cavernous room. As Debbie, Mike and Dave are about to be attacked by a large group of Klowns, the Terenzi brothers and their ice cream truck arrive in the room. The Terenzi brothers, who are covered in large lipstick stains, order the Klowns to follow their commands which seems to work. From the center of the room a giant Klown called Klownzilla lowers down and the other Klowns slink away. Klownzilla smashes the ice cream truck and throws it which causes it to explode. Dave tells Debbie and Mike to run while he stays behind. The tent starts to rumble and take off. Debbie and Mike make it out of the Klown spaceship as state troopers and county officers arrive. Klownzilla grabs Dave and Dave manages to kill Klownzilla by using his police badge to puncture his nose. An explosion of fireworks erupt and the crowd assumes everyone in the Klown ship has perished. All of a sudden a Klown car falls from the sky and Dave and the Terenzi brothers get out. Dave, Mike and Debbie look up into the sky and as Debbie wonders if it is over pies land on their faces.