Killer Workout (1987)

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Customers at a local gym are killed one by one by an unknown assailant using a giant safety pin.


Horror, Slasher


Rhonda - Marcia Karr

Lieutenant Morgan - David James Campbell

Jimmy - Fritz Matthews

Chuck - Ted Prior

Jaimy - Teresa Vander Woude

Tom - Richard Bravo

Debbie - Dianne Copeland

Diane - Laurel Mock

Cathy - Lynn Meighan

Rachael - Teresa Truesdale

Marsha - Denise Martell

Curtis - Michael Beck

Weight Lifter 1 - John Robb

Weight Lifter 2 - Joel Hoffman

Officer Peterson - Larry Reynolds

Office Girl - Deborah Norris

Locker Room Girl - Sharon Young

Aerobics Dancers - Kellyann Sabatasso, Kris Hagerty, Elizabeth Keeme, Andrea Drever, Veronica Davis, Monica Karlson, Sheila Howard, Kathi Miller, Eddie Swilling, Lorain Joyner, Richard Turner, Lori E. Forsberg, Krysia Javid, and Kima Lindquist

Paramedics - Charles Venniro and Pat Statham

Locker Room Girls - Irene Korman and Carol Maxwell

Gym Extras - Marilyn Pitzer, Tracy Rowe, Tamara, Vikki Lynn Vander Woude, Ellen Cole, Gina Varela, John Villani, Renessa Wasserman

Weight Lifters - Wes Montgomery, Joseph Chandler, James Steele, and Ronald Dais

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Detailed Synopsis

Beverly gets home and listens to her phone messages. One is from a friend asking to borrow a dress and another is from her agent telling her she has received a modeling job in Paris, France for the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. She goes to the Second Sun Tanning Salon and uses their tanning bed. The tanning bed suddenly malfunctions and catches on fire and Beverly burns inside of it.

At Rhonda's Work-Out, Rhonda is giving an aerobics class to Aerobics Dancers as Jimmy ogles her. Jaimy arrives in her car and hurries inside, but is stopped by Tom who hits on her. Jimmy asks Rhonda out on a date, but she tells him never. Rhonda calls Jaimy into her office and chews her out for being late again. Cathy tells Rachael she is going to melt if she stays in the shower any longer and then leaves. The lights in the locker room turn off and Rachael is stabbed to death with a giant safety pin. Jaimy goes into the men's locker room and is caught inspecting a jock strap by Rhonda. She then goes into the women's locker room and after finding a fake arm in one locker, finds Rachael's body in another. Paramedics arrive to take away Rachael's body and Lieutenant Morgan starts his investigation and finds a large needle in the locker which he bags as evidence. He starts questioning Rhonda about Rachael and shows Rhonda the needle he found in Diane's locker. Jaimy tells Morgan that Diane seemed jealous of not fitting in like the others.

The next day Jaimy is leading an aerobics class. Weight Lifter 1 and Weight Lifter 2 are lifting weights and talking about Rachael's murder while Chuck listens to them and Rhonda walks in while they wonder if the killer had sex with Rachael before they killed her. Rhonda goes into her office and finds Chuck looking through her filing cabinet. He tells her he was hired by her partner and she makes him clean the men's toilets. As Chuck is taking out the trash he is almost run over by Jimmy in his car. Jimmy tells Chuck to stay away from Rhonda, they fight and Chuck beats up Jimmy while Debbie watches. Debbie invites Chuck to her place and they leave in her car. He asks her about Jimmy and she tells him she dated him and he was into kinky stuff. She goes inside to get Jimmy's address and they kiss. During aerobics class, Diane stares at Jimmy who is watching the Aerobics Dancers. After class she asks out Jimmy, but he rejects her. Diane goes home and Lieutenant Morgan follows her home. He starts banging on her door and Diane is stabbed to death with the giant safety pin. Morgan breaks down the door and runs into the apartment, but the killer escapes. He gets a call from headquarters telling him the knitting needle found in Diane's locker was not the murder weapon. Rhonda is picking up towels in the gym when she is surprised by Jimmy and she calls him an asshole. Debbie, Marsha and Curtis spray paint on the window of Rhonda's Work-Out "Aerobicide" and "Death Spa". They run away and Curtis gets separated from the others and is stabbed to death with a knife. While Marsha is looking for Curtis, she has her throat slit. Debbie finds Curtis dead and runs to her car. She is then stabbed in the head through the top of her convertible.

The next morning the Paramedics get the new bodies. Weight Lifter 2 is using the pull low machine when the cable breaks, cutting his forehead. He is then killed with a dumbbell. Weight Lifter 1 one looks for Weight Lifter 2 and is stabbed through the forehead with the giant safety pin. Jaimy sees Tom standing over the bodies of Weight Lifter 1 and Weight Lifter 2 and screams. Chuck runs in and knocks out Tom. Lieutenant Morgan questions Chuck, and Tom has a dream that he has sex with Jaimy, who is then killed by his doppelganger who then attacks him. Tom is woken up by Morgan and is killed with the large safety pin when Morgan leaves, while Officer Peterson guards outside the locker room. As the Paramedics are bagging Tom's body, one of them tells Morgan he will see him tomorrow. Lieutenant Morgan goes to speak with Rhonda and notices her expertly using a letter opener. Jimmy tells Rhonda he can help, but she refuses his help. Chuck breaks into Jimmy's house and finds a shrine to Rhonda surrounded by a cache of weapons. Rhonda is swimming in her pool as Chuck spies on her. Jimmy attacks Chuck and Rhonda runs inside. Jimmy beats up Chuck and kicks him into the pool. Chuck wakes up and tells Rhonda and Lieutenant Morgan about Jimmy's shrine to Rhonda and Morgan tells him to go back to San Francisco. Cathy tells Locker Room Girl she is quitting the gym and goes to look for Jaimy. Jaimy is leaving the gym when the lights turn off. Cathy finds Jaimy hanging in a closet and screams, alerting Officer Peterson who then finds Cathy and Jaimy dead.

Lieutenant Morgan finds Chuck picking the lock at Rhonda's gym and gives him the keys to the gym. As Chuck is leaving he is run over by Jimmy in his car and then stabbed with an ice pick and killed. Lieutenant Morgan rings the doorbell to Rhonda's house and she puts a wig on a visibly scarred head and answers the door. Morgan tells Rhonda he knows her original name is Valerie and that she was burned in a horrible accident five years ago. He handcuffs her and takes her to his car, but lets her go when he receives a call from dispatch telling him Jimmy was seen stabbing Chuck to death. Morgan goes to Jimmy's house and Jimmy runs away. They run into a cement factory and Jimmy knocks Morgan unconscious after Morgan asks him why he is protecting Rhonda. Rhonda goes to her locker and puts her wig inside. Jimmy goes inside of Rhonda's Work-Out and sees the scarred Rhonda come out of the shower. Rhonda shoots him and Jimmy tells her he loves her and she shoots him again. Morgan takes Rhonda to his father's property and makes her walk while he carries a shovel. He tells Rhonda how his father was a cop and was shot by a criminal before he could retire after 30 years as a cop. He then tells her how his father once killed a criminal that continued to kill after the courts had released them. He pulls out a pistol, but while he is distracted, Rhonda takes the shovel and kills him with it. She returns to her now re-energized gym, and goes into her office after being greeted by Office Girl. She smiles and takes out the large safety pin key chain from her desk.