King Arthur

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King Arthur


Arthur is a resident of Britain. His mother is Arthur's Foster Mother, his father is Ector, his brother is Kay, his birth father is King Uther, his birth mother is Queen Igraine and his half-sister is Morgan.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 1 Homecoming played by Jamie Campbell Bower

Arthur and Anna are kissing when Kay finds them together and Arthur and Kay start fighting. Kay tells Arthur that there is a messenger and he and Arthur ride back home. Arthur asks Arthur's Foster Mother and Ector what is going on. Merlin tells Arthur that Uther is dead and that he is Uther's son. Ector tells Arthur that Merlin is telling the truth and that Merlin brought him to Ector and Arthur's Foster Mother when he was less than a week old and asked them to look over Arthur. Merlin shows Arthur, Uther's will and gives him Uther's ring. Kay tells Arthur that they are still brothers and Arthur puts Uther's ring on a string and puts it around his neck. Arthur tells Arthur's Foster Mother that she will always be his mother and tells Ector that no son had a better father. Arthur asks Kay to join him and he, Merlin and Kay ride away.

Merlin tells Arthur that he had a vision of mankind falling into darkness and he wants to use Arthur to prevent it. Arthur, Merlin and Kay come across a large pile of people who had been slaughtered. They ride into a village and are met by Aldred who tells them to continue on their way. Merlin gets off his horse and Aldred recognizes him and lets them stay. Merlin tells Arthur about his birth and how Uther wanted Igraine, who used to be married to the Old Duke of Cornwall. Uther asked Merlin to change him to look like the Duke of Cornwall so he could have sex with Igraine and Arthur was conceived that night. In the morning they leave the village and while Arthur is peeing, he is ambushed by Lot's Outrider and kills him.

They arrive at Camelot and they walk into the great hall of Camelot and meet the warriors who have sworn allegiance to Arthur, Ulfius, Leontes, Brastias, and Pellinor among others including Uriens. Leontes tells Arthur that Uther was a great man and they give their loyalty to him. Merlin tells Arthur that his enemies include King Lot, the Duke of Cornwall, Nentes, Scotland and Carados. He tells Arthur things about Uther and that Morgan is his half-sister. Lot and Morgan arrive at the castle and Morgan denies that Arthur is Uther's son. Igraine walks into the hall and says that Arthur is her and Uther's son and Lot and Morgan leave. Arthur has a dream where Guinevere walks out of the ocean and they have sex. He wakes up and Merlin asks who he dreamt about. Morgan, Lot, Scotland and others arrive with their armies and Morgan tells Arthur to leave or he will lose everything. Arthur demands their allegiance and respect and Lot has the body of Lot's Outrider brought into the hall and tells Arthur that the Outrider was his eldest son. Arthur's Foster Mother is brought into the hall and Lot stabs her dead. Lot tells Arthur that he has five days or his family and friends will be slaughtered.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 2 The Sword and the Crown played by Jamie Campbell Bower

Arthur and Kay mourn at the casket of Arthur's Foster Mother. As Leontes and Ulfius are about to close her tomb, Arthur starts to blame himself for her death. Merlin tells him that Lot murdered her so Arthur would give up. Arthur tells the others to leave while he stays to mourn. Arthur is sitting on the beach when Guinevere walks out from the ocean like in his dream. Arthur walks towards her and she grabs him and pulls a knife on him. He tells her that he had a dream of her and that he was there to mourn his mother. He tells her that Lot killed his Foster Mother in revenge for Arthur killing Lot's Outrider. She tells him that Lot killed her family and uncles. Ector appears and calls to Arthur and Arthur runs to him and hugs him. In the morning, Arthur, Kay, Merlin and Leontes go to where a sword is stuck inside the top of a waterfall. Merlin tells the legend of the sword, that whoever pulls it from the stone shall be the king to reunite Britain. Kay throws a rope over a stump jutting out of the cliff and ties the other end around Arthur.

Arthur makes it to the sword and remembers what Merlin told him and pushes it first before pulling it. He pulls the sword out, but then falls to the lake below. Leontes pulls him from the lake, but Arthur is unconscious. He regains consciousness and Merlin shows him the sword. Arthur goes to see his new followers and Morgan rides up and tells Merlin that Lot is going to attack. Arthur has his coronation ceremony and the Archbishop crowns Arthur king. He declares that he will rule for the people. Kay is made marshal of England, and Ector and Leontes are made champions. Arthur is sitting next to Brastias when he sees Guinevere and walks over to her. Arthur and Guinevere walk to the edge of the castle and while they are talking, Leontes joins them and Arthur finds out that Guinevere and Leontes are engaged. Arthur walks back into the castle and notices suspicious men in hoods and a battle breaks out. Pellinor is killed by Lot who then fights Ector. Lot fatally stabs Ector, who then sticks a dagger through Lot's neck. Ector tells Arthur and Kay that he loves them and then dies. Morgan tells Merlin that she will find another way to take the throne and Arthur asks her to work together, but she tells him it is either her or him.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 3 Guinevere played by Jamie Campbell Bower

As Arthur, Merlin and Kay are walking through Camelot, they walk through a crowd of people asking for favors. Beseecher asks to speak with Arthur as does another. Leontes walks up to Arthur in a hurry and then takes him to see Guinevere and Bridget. Leodegrance tells Arthur about the bandit attack and Leontes asks if they can stay at Camelot. Merlin says no, but Arthur says they can stay. Leodegrance mentions Guinevere and Leontes' upcoming marriage and Merlin insists they have the wedding at Camelot.

Vivian rides into Camelot and tells Arthur that Morgan invites him to her castle. Arthur tells her that he accepts, which upsets Merlin. As they are riding to Morgan's castle, they stop at Borin's bar. Merlin tells Arthur that he knows he has feelings for Guinevere which Arthur denies. They arrive at Morgan's castle and Merlin suspects that something is not right. At night, Morgan visits Arthur's room and Arthur asks her to tell him about Uther. Morgan cuts Arthur with her ring and leaves his room. Arthur dreams of having sex with Guinevere and rides back to Camelot. He goes into Guinevere's room and tells her to meet him at the beach. Guinevere goes to the beach and Arthur tells her not to marry Leontes. They have sex and Guinevere tells him that they can only do it that one time. As Arthur and Guinevere are heading back to Camelot they come across a dead deer and she takes some of its blood. Gawain meets Arthur and Arthur presides over Guinevere and Leontes' wedding.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 4 Lady of the Lake played by Jamie Campbell Bower

The day after the wedding, Arthur imagines Guinevere and Leontes in their marriage bed and angrily tells Brastias to get all the warriors out of bed and to tell Gawain to start training them right away. Gawain asks Arthur what he and his warriors are fighting for and Arthur tells him freedom. Gawain tells Arthur to show him how he fights, easily beats him and breaks Arthur's sword. Merlin says that Arthur needs a sword fit for a king and Gawain suggests he get a sword from Caliburn. Merlin pulls Arthur aside and tells him to stop lusting after Guinevere. Arthur sees Guinevere and tells her that he couldn't sleep and asks her if Leontes is better than him in bed. She tells him that what happened on the beach meant nothing. Gawain continues to train Arthur's warriors and while training Kay, cuts him in the arm with a blade on his shield. As Arthur chastises Gawain, Gawain pulls out a knife and puts it to his throat. Kay, Leontes, Brastias, and Ulfius pull their swords on Gawain, who releases Arthur.

Arthur asks Gawain how he will know when it is time to give up. Gawain tells him that the warrior would never give up and when he has nothing to lose, he will risk everything. Igraine tells Arthur that he will find another person to love besides Guinevere, but he just walks away. Arthur goes to the training grounds and challenges Leontes to a fight as Guinevere, Bridget and the other warriors watch. Leontes wins, but when he is walking away, Arthur kicks him in the back and puts a knife to his throat and says to never give in and stares up at Guinevere. Guinevere confronts Arthur and tells him that he can't win her. Merlin returns with the sword and tells the others that he found Caliburn dead and rode to a lake where he saw an arm sticking out of the lake holding the sword and that its name is Excalibur.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 5 Justice played by Jamie Campbell Bower

As Arthur and Kay are riding in the woods with an entourage, Kay asks how long Merlin has been gone and wonders if he has a plan. Katelyn runs up to Arthur and Kay and asks for help. She gets on the back of Arthur's horse and they ride towards her village. Ewan and his men grab Colfur and start to hang him when Arthur rides up and orders them to stop. They stop the execution and Ewan tells Arthur that Colfur murdered Wade. He says that Wade was the headman of the village, but now he is. Arthur tells him to gather some men and to ride to Camelot where there will be a hearing to determine what happens to Colfur.

Arthur tells Kay to meet him in the hall with Gawain, Ulfius, Brastias, and Leontes. Guinevere walks up to Arthur and asks him if she can organize things within Camelot and he agrees. The tribunal starts and Ewan is the first to speak and says that Wade was a good man, while Colfur is a trouble maker. Arthur asks Ewan why the fight started and Colfur tells him that he hit Wade first. Ewan says that Colfur rented the land and owed tithes. Colfur refuses to answer why he attacked Wade and Arthur calls for a break in the tribunal. Gawain and Leontes believe Colfur is guilty, but Kay thinks there is something else going on.

Arthur goes to see Merlin and Merlin tells him that they are behind schedule. Colfur tells Arthur and Guinevere that Wade's father raped his wife and Katelyn is the product of the rape. Katelyn walks up and tells Colfur that she knows that he isn't her father, but she still loves him. The tribunal begins again and Colfur tells the whole story and he is banished from Exham. As Gawain is helping Colfur and Katelyn move, Ewan attacks Gawain and a fight starts. Arthur, Kay and Leontes arrive to help Gawain. Arthur defeats Ewan's men and declares to the villagers that they are now under Camelot's protection.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 6 Three Journeys played by Jamie Campbell Bower and Shay MaCleod

As Arthur is giving orders on how to improve Camelot, Bridget tells him that Guinevere left. The Messenger tells them that he told her that Leodegrance is sick and Guinevere left to the Fens to see him. Arthur then leaves to go after her. He finds Guinevere in a village and Bela tells Guinevere that going through the forest is dangerous. She says that people said it would be different with a new king, but he's done nothing for them. Arthur and Guinevere take the coastal road and he complains about how every time he fails, someone dies. In the morning, Arthur and Guinevere are being robbed while they are asleep. Arthur kills two of the robbers and the third one runs away. Guinevere and Arthur ride onto Sara's property and Guinevere goes to Leodegrance. He calls her Alice and Guinevere repeats the story he told her from when she was young and he dies. As Arthur and Guinevere are returning to Camelot, they stop for the night and Guinevere asks Arthur to hold her. When Arthur and Guinevere get near Camelot they kiss. Arthur smiles as he looks up at the stars.

Young King Arthur - Edited.png

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 7 The Long Night played by Jamie Campbell Bower

As Arthur, Kay, Igraine, Merlin, Guinevere, Leontes, Gawain, Brastias, Ulfius, and Bridget are riding to Morgan's castle, Kay reminds Arthur that Morgan was aligned with King Lot, who killed Ector and Arthur's Foster Mother. Arthur tells him that Morgan warned them of Lot's impending attack and they must mend wounds. When they arrive, Morgan greets Arthur. During the feast Arthur's men get drunk and Morgan offers her love and devotion to Arthur. Dancers start dancing in front of the group and at the end of the dance stick swords in front of the diners. The Dancers leave with most of Arthur's men except, Arthur himself, and Leontes.

After dinner, Gawain goes back to watch over Arthur and the castle suddenly is attacked by flaming arrows. A Girl is surrounded by flames and Arthur goes to save her. Everyone gathers for a meeting and Morgan wonders who is attacking her and Merlin thinks Aldwulf, a warrior king from the east might be behind the attack. Harwel, who was part of a scouting group, returns wounded and says that Aldwulf is preparing to attack. Morgan sends some of her soldiers out of the castle, leaving even fewer people to defend the castle. Guinevere offers to fight and Brastias and the other warriors help her, Bridget and the Dancers how to fight. Gawain is about to leave when Leontes orders him to stay, they start fighting, but are stopped by Arthur. Morgan overhears Arthur tell Guinevere that he loves her. In the morning, Morgan's Captain returns and says that they defeated Aldwulf's men. Arthur and the others ride back to Camelot.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 8 Igraine played by Jamie Campbell Bower

Igraine walks up to Arthur and he thanks her for her support during the supposed attack at Morgan's Castle. He and Guinevere talk and Arthur tells Guinevere that he meant what he said at Castle Pendragon. While Arthur, Kay, Gawain, Leontes, Brastias and Ulfius are riding, Brastias tells them one of the Dancers told him that she would visit him. They separate into two groups to go hunting and decide to have a competition on what group catches more food. Arthur and Leontes shoot come pheasants, while Gawain, Brastias and Ulfius catch a stag. Arthur and his group discuss having a representative from each villager that can represent their village's cause to Camelot. During the night, Leontes is woken up by a large snarling wolf. In the morning, he tells the others about the wolf and tells them that the wolf spared him, because it has a purpose for him.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 9 The Battle of Bardon Pass played by Jamie Campbell Bower

While Arthur is having a meeting with Ulfius and Brastias, Guinevere goes to him and tells him that Leontes knows about their affair. Merlin sees Arthur and punches him in the face and then tells him to cover what happened between him and Guinevere up. Albion climbs up to Arthur's window and tells him Bardon Pass is under siege. Arthur orders Kay, Gawain, Ulfius and Brastias to assemble and Arthur and his men head to Bardon Pass. Albion shows Arthur and his men a secret way to Bardon pass and Brastias is almost struck by Griffith, who thinks he is the enemy. Arthur then meets Lucan. Guinevere rides to Bardon Pass and Kay figures out that Arthur cheated with Guinevere. Arthur admits to it to the others and Kay tells him he isn't a worthy king or brother. Wallace gives Arthur the chance to surrender, but Arthur refuses. Harwel and the mercenaries attack and Hilda is shot by an arrow during the attack. Harwel calls for a retreat, but before they do, Ulfius is killed and Kay is shot by Harwel with an arrow. Arthur tells the others to retreat while he stays behind.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 10 Reckoning played by Jamie Campbell Bower

A marauder sneaks into the inner defenses of Bardon Pass, but is killed by Arthur. Arthur makes a series of traps and then sets them up around the perimeter of Bardon Pass. Another group approaches the defenses including Wallace, Fourth Marauder and Marauder 2. Arthur shoots an arrow into Marauder 2's throat, but is disarmed. Wallace tells Fourth Marauder to take Arthur's sword and as Wallace is about to kill Arthur, he manages to escape. Arthur's traps kill the other marauders and Wallace impales his leg in a trap. Arthur questions Wallace about who hired him and Wallace tells him that it was Morgan. Harwel's reinforcements arrive and they attack. Arthur manages to kill a few of them and Leontes joins him in the fight. Arthur and Leontes are surrounded, but are then joined by the rest of Arthur's men. Harwel's men retreat and as Harwel is about to shoot Arthur with an arrow, Leontes gets in front of the arrow. Gawain kills Harwel and Leontes tells Arthur to treasure Guinevere and then dies.

Arthur returns with Leontes' body and Guinevere cries. Morgan is about to be crowned queen when Arthur walks into the throne room. Morgan runs to him as if she is happy to see him, but Arthur whispers to her that he knows everything. He chastises the people for so quickly crowning a new leader and Merlin is released. Borin asks where Arthur was and Arthur tells Morgan to give him back his sword and crown. Morgan says he has lost the will of the people, but Brastias takes Arthur's sword from Vivian and the crown from Sybil. Gawain and Kay drag Wallace into the throne room and Wallace tells the crowd of Morgan's plan. Sybil tells everyone that she planned everything and Morgan knew of nothing. Igraine is found dead and Merlin cleans Igraine's body and apologizes to Arthur. Arthur tells Igraine's body that he will make her proud. Arthur tells Morgan that he is stripping her of his protection and the name Pendragon. Leontes' body is put on a funeral pyre along with Igraine's. Guinevere tells Arthur that she never told Leontes goodbye. The wood used to carry Leontes' body is made into part of a round table. Merlin tells Arthur that he is leaving and that Arthur will be great. That night, Guinevere goes to Arthur's room and they have sex.