King Lot

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King Lot


Lot is the king of Lothian. His eldest son is Lot's Outrider.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 1 Homecoming played by James Purefoy

After King Uther' death, Lot walks into the castle and has his men take over the castle. Morgan introduces herself as the sole heir of Uther and offers an alliance with Lot. Morgan and Lot have sex and afterwards watch as Queen Igraine is banished from the castle. A Messenger brings a message from Merlin. He tells Morgan and Lot that Merlin asks that they attend King Arthur at Camelot. Lot and Morgan arrive at the castle and Morgan denies that Arthur is Uther's son. Igraine walks into the hall and says that Arthur is her and Uther's son and Lot and Morgan leave. Morgan, Lot, Scotland and others arrive with their armies and Morgan tells Arthur to leave or he will lose everything. Arthur demands their allegiance and respect and Lot has the body of Lot's Outrider brought into the hall and tells Arthur that the Outrider who Arthur killed was his eldest son. Arthur's Foster Mother is brought into the hall and Lot stabs her dead. Lot tells Arthur that he has five days or his family and friends will be slaughtered.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 2 The Sword and the Crown played by James Purefoy

Morgan tells Lot that she wishes Arthur had heeded their warning and Lot reveals to her that he murdered both of his parents. Lot tells Morgan that word has spread and people are sending them gifts. Morgan criticizes Lot for celebrating their victory prematurely. After Arthur pulls the sword from the stone, Lot and Morgan see the beacon fires and Morgan tells Lot that he underestimated Arthur and slaps him. Lot ties Morgan to a pole and leaves her until the morning as a lesson. In the morning, Lot frees Morgan and tells her that he plans on attacking Arthur immediately. At his coronation ceremony, Arthur notices suspicious men in hoods and a battle breaks out. Pellinor is killed by Lot who then fights Ector. Lot fatally stabs Ector, who then sticks a dagger through Lot's neck.