Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

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A small time crook mistaken as an actor helps the hometown girl of his dreams try and solve her sister's murder with the help of a private investigator.



Comedy, Action


Harry Lockhart - Robert Downey Jr.

Gay Perry - Val Kilmer

Harmony Faith Lane - Michelle Monaghan

Harlan Dexter - Corbin Bernsen

Mr. Frying Pan - Dash Mihok

Dabney Shaw - Larry Miller

Mr. Fire - Rockmond Dunbar

Pink Hair Girl - Shannyn Sossamon

Flicka - Angela Lindvall

Harry Age 9 - Indio Falconer Downey

Harmony Age 7 - Ariel Winter

Chainsaw Kid - Duane Carnahan

Richie - Josh Richman

Pistol Woman - Martha Hackett

NY Casting Woman - Nancy Fish

NY Cop - Bill McAdams, Jr.

B-Movie Actress - Tanja Reichert

Creature - Jake McKinnon

Teen Harmony - Stephanie Pearson

Protocop - Chris Gilman

Local News Reporter - Brendan Fehily

Agent Type - David Newsome

Gift Bag Girl - Judie Aronson

Marleah - Ali Hillis

Homicide Cop - Wiley Pickett

Lobby Cop - Joe Keyes

Hotel Concierge - Bobby Tuttle

Patrol Cop - Jake Eberle

News Anchor - Saida Rodriguez-Pagan

Party Girl - Lela Edgar

Rubber Boy - Daniel Browning Smith

Pink Hair Girl's Dog - Stevie

Newswoman - Teresa Herrera

Woman in Hospital Blues - Kathy Lamkin

Dexter Clinic Guard - Evan Parke

Aurelio - Vincent Laresca

Dexter Goons - Brian Simpson, Cole McKay, Ben Bray

Harmony's Dad - Harrison Young

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Detailed Synopsis

During a town fair, a young Harry Lockhart is performing a trick with Harmony Faith Lane and Chainsaw Kid, when the trick seemingly goes wrong. Harmony starts screaming as the chainsaw cuts into the coffin she is laying in, but when a man opens the coffin it turns out Harmony had her legs squished into the top half of the coffin and she tells the man she is going to be an actress someday.

Day One Trouble Is My Business: A now adult Harry is in Los Angeles recounting the events of the previous year's Christmas. Harry introduces Dabney Shaw and Gay Perry.

How Harry Got to the Party: Harry and his accomplice Richie are in Margot's Toy shop stealing toys when the store's alarm system goes off and they have to flee the store. As they are running into an alley they are stopped by Pistol Woman who tells them to stop and wait for the police. Richie yells at the woman, while pointing a pistol at her, that his gun is not loaded and Pistol Woman shoots him. Police cars start to circle the area and Harry runs up some stairs and enters a door. Inside are Dabney Shaw and NY Casting Woman. NY Casting Woman tells Harry they aren't ready to start the auditions yet, but Dabney is fine with starting now. Harry and NY Casting Woman start reading back and forth from scripts to each other with Harry showing great emotion when he starts to ad lib about what just happened to Richie. A NY Cop busts into the door, apologizes and then tells Harry good luck. Harry is invited to LA to do a screen testing and is at a pool party when B-Movie Actress asks him what he does. Harry lies and tells her he invented dice as a youth while she tells him she is an actress and then walks away after telling Harry she is going to see who else is at the party. Harry next introduces an adult Harmony who he thinks was destined for Hollywood.

How Harmony Got to the Party: Harmony moved to LA from Indiana lured there by a dream she pulled from detective paperback novels. Harmony is watching television when someone breaks into her house dressed like Protocop a character from a television show. She grabs a baseball bat and slowly approaches him and then yells at him, and Protocop, surprised, stumbles over her deck railing onto the ground, unconscious. A Local News Reporter reports that the actor for Protocop was despondent over the shows cancellation. Harmony is interviewed and when Dabney sees her on the television he has her invited to the same party Harry is at. At the party, Harmony falls asleep reading a Jonny Gossamer novel and is found sleeping by Agent Type. Harry walks in to Agent Type feeling Harmony up. Harry tells the Agent Type to walk away and the Agent Type threatens Harry who then tells Agent Type to walk away or step outside. Agent Type then beats up Harry before walking away. Perry walks up to Harry and helps him up and as they are walking away, Harmony leaves with Agent Type. Gay Perry tells Harry that tomorrow they are to start their training sessions and Harlan Dexter walks up and Gay Perry introduces him to Harry and then Harlan leaves to cut his birthday cake with the help of his daughter. Gay Perry tells Harry that just weeks ago Harlan's daughter was suing him for money, but had suddenly had a change of heart. As they are leaving the party Harry asks Gift Bag Girl if she knows who Harmony and is told she doesn't. Before driving off, Gay Perry tells Harry he might find Harmony at the Domino Room club. Harry enters the club and is greeted by Flicka who walks away after Harry tells her he is a Private Detective. Harry sits on a stool next to Harmony and introduces himself. Marleah interrupts their conversation and tells Harry to leave. As Harry is walking away, Harmony brings up that they know each other, but Harry acts at first like he doesn't recognize her. They return to Harry's hotel room with Marleah and in the morning Harry wakes up next to Marleah. Harry goes to Harmony's apartment to apologize, but she slams the door on him.

Day Two The Lady in the Lake: Harry and Gary Perry are on their stake out sitting in Gay Perry's car. They get out and Perry tells Harry that his client is Allison Ames, who hired him to do video surveillance. They are surveying a cabin when a man leaves and drives off in a grey car. They follow the car in Perry's vehicle and park next to a pond. All of a sudden the grey car drives off a ledge and lands into the pond next to Harry and Perry. Perry jumps into the pond with his gun and comes up with a woman's body with a broken neck, which he grabbed after shooting the trunk lock open. Harry spots two men wearing masks who leave in another vehicle. They decide to leave when they notice that Perry shot the women in the head while he was shooting the lock. Harry throws Perry's gun in the lake, which angers Perry as the gun was given to him by his mother and the police will probably find it anyways when they dredge the lake. Harry gets a phone call from a Homicide Cop telling him that Harmony committed suicide. Harry walks up to his apartment and calls and tells his nephew that he has a Protocop toy coming for Christmas and Harmony shows up at his apartment soaking wet. Harmony tells Harry that her sister stole her credit card number and Driver's License and then killed herself in a hotel room. She asks Harry if he is really a detective like her friend Flicka told her and he lies and tells her he is. Harmony tells Harry she thinks her sister was murdered and then faints. Harmony leaves Harry's apartment and while Harry is peeing he is surprised to find the dead body from the lake in his shower. Harry calls Perry who tells him to wrap up the body and find the gun whoever is trying to frame him, was likely put in his hotel room. Harmony walks by and overhears a conversation between Lobby Cop and the Hotel Concierge concerning a call they received about a fight. Perry helps Harry move the body to the roof and they throw it over the roof, missing the dumpster down below. They drive Perry's car to pick up the body and are about to put it in the trunk, when a Patrol Cop drives by and they are forced to fake kiss until the car leaves. Harmony walks up and Harry tells her he will see her in the morning. They then dump the body on the side of the street.

Day Three The Little Sister: Harmony relates her sister's past to Harry and how she was put into Foster Care and that maybe the father that was raping her was not her real father and maybe her real father was the actor who played Jonny Gossamer in the movie that was filmed in their hometown. Perry calls Harry and tells him to watch the news and then call him back. Harry sees a news report by News Anchor that says that Harlan Dexter's daughter was kidnapped and murdered. Perry and Harry meet up and Perry tells Harry he should leave as it is getting dangerous and he was only being used as leverage so the producers could get Colin Farrell for cheaper than Colin wanted to get paid. He also tells Harry that he told Harmony that Harry wasn't a real detective then tells Harry Merry Christmas and walks off. At the airport, Harry sees Flicka and asks her for Harmony's phone number. While Flicka is going through her phone's address book she notices that she has Harmony's number under her stage name Allison Ames which is the same name used by the person that hired Perry. Harry calls Perry and leaves a message telling him that both of their cases are the same and then goes to Harmony's house, who is unhappy to see him. Harmony slams the door on Harry and cuts off one of his fingers. Harry gets his finger stitched back on and then is called by Harmony who tells him the same group of people that were at Dexter's party and who are probably involved with the murder are going to be at a party she is working at. At the party, Harry sees Party Girl and Rubber Boy. While Harry and Harmony are talking, Party Girl walks up to them and tells Harmony that Harry was checking her out. Harry, Perry and Harmony watch the Gossamer movie that was filmed in their hometown and find out Harlan Dexter played the role of Jonny Gossamer. Perry tells Harmony and Harry not to do anything until he can help them. As Harry is leaving he is grabbed by Mr. Frying Pan and Mr. Fire who beat up Harry and tell him to leave LA after ripping his reattached finger off. Harmony is taking Harry to get his finger reattached when they see Mr. Frying Pan and Mr. Fire heading in the same direction as Perry's stake out. Harmony decides to warn Perry and she leaves Harry in her car. Perry is following Pink Hair Girl while Harmony notices Mr. Frying Pan in his car and as she runs to warn Perry she is grabbed by Mr. Fire. Harmony is being strangled to death by Mr. Fire when she punches him in the crotch and runs away and steals his gun. She jumps off a short bridge and drops the gun causing it to fire and Perry turns around just in time to avoid being rammed and shot by Mr. Frying Pan. Mr. Frying Pan is then shot and killed by a food truck owner. Pink Hair Girl gets into Harmony's car and takes off with Harry inside. Harry wakes up in the garage of the Pink Hair Girl. He walks around asking for someone when he hears Mr. Fire talking to someone and he hides under the bed. Mr. Fire then shoots and kills Pink Hair Girl and is in turn shot and killed by Harry who then puts his gun in Pink Hair Girl's hand. Harry puts his finger on ice in a bowl and Pink Hair Girl's Dog comes and eats it. On the news, a Newswoman says that it is believed that a falling out between the kidnappers of Veronica Dexter led to their deaths. Harry, Perry and Harmony get together and Perry tells them to back off and leaves. Harry then admits to Harmony that he is a thief and that he has always had a problem finishing things. They go back to Harry's hotel room and right before they are about to have sex, Harmony admits that she slept with Harry's best friend, Chuck Chutney and Harry asks her to leave his hotel.

Day Four The Simple Art of Murder: Perry wakes up Harry and asks him what he told Harmony. When Harry tells Perry that the panties on the dead woman were clean of anything they go to the H. R. Dexter Mental Health Institute. They walk up to a Woman in Hospital Blues, who tells them that someone gave away her crickets. Perry asks her if she is wearing any undergarments and she pulls her pants down and smiles at them. Perry tells Harry that Harlan Dexter put his daughter in a mental ward and then used someone that looked like her to drop the lawsuit against him. As they are leaving, they are confronted by Dexter Clinic Guard who tells them to come with him after pulling out a gun. As they are being brought back into the mental ward, Perry grabs the Dexter Clinic Guard's gun and then forces him to sit on his knees. Perry and Harry question the Dexter Clinic Guard and figure out that when the boyfriend of Veronica showed up he figured out the fake Veronica wasn't her and so Dexter had to have her killed. Harry tries to get some information out of the Dexter Clinic Guard and puts one bullet in his revolver and points it at the Dexter Clinic Guard. He then pulls the trigger and is surprised when the revolver fires, killing the guard. Harry finished covering the Dexter Clinic Guard's body up and turns around to see Harlan Dexter and Aurelio, who is pointing a gun at him. Perry's phone rings and as Aurelio goes to toss it to Harlan, Harry grabs it and tells the person on the other end that Harlan has them. Harry and Parry are tied to chairs and a series of wires are connected to Harry's genitals. Aurelio starts asking Harry questions and when he doesn't answer, Aurelio sends an electrical current to Harry's genitals. Dexter Goons pick up his daughter's remains to be cremated. Perry uses a gun hidden in his pants to shoot and kill Aurelio. As Dexter's Goons are flipping a coin to see who is driving, Harmony jumps into the van and takes off with the corpse. Harmony is rammed from behind and crashes sending the casket with Veronica's body flying out onto a traffic sign. Harmony jumps out of the vehicle and is chased by Dexter's Goons. Perry and Harry are shot by one of the goons and the others drive away after Harmony. Harmony calls Harry and stunned from her crash asks her to save her. Harry is about to shoot at the car carrying Dexter's Goons when Harlan swerves towards him and Harry jumps off the overpass and grabs onto the corpse's hand. As Harlan looks over the railing of the overpass, Harry shoots him in the chest and then shoots the driver of the vehicle carrying Dexter's Goons. Harry lands on the vehicle and then kills the remaining Goons. Harry goes to Harmony and pulls out the Jonny Gossamer he had in his pocket, which almost but quite didn't stop the bullet fired at him. Harry wakes up in a hospital bed and Perry wheels himself in. Perry then tells Harmony that her sister thought Harlan Dexter was her father and when she found out he was having sex with Pink Hair Girl impersonating Veronica Dexter, she was devastated and thought her real father was an incestuous pedophile too and she killed herself.

Epilogue Farewell, My Lovely: Harmony, Harry and Perry go back to Emrey, Indiana for Jenna's funeral. While there, Perry goes to Harmony's now disabled father and slaps him in the face after telling him that he is the one that murdered Jenna. Harry finishes his narration and mentions that he now works for Perry.