Kiss of the Dragon (2001)

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A cop from Beijing runs afoul of a corrupt inspector in Paris.



Martial Arts


Liu Jian - Jet Li

Jessica - Bridget Fonda

Richard - Tcheky Karyo

Mister Big - Ric Young

Uncle Tai - Burt Kwouk

Aja - Laurence Ashley

Twins - Cyril Raffaelli and Didier Azoulay

Max - John Forgeham

Pilot - Paul Barrett

Lupo - Max Ryan

Lupo's Assistant - Colin Prince

Pluto - Vincent Glo

Minister Tang - Vincent Wong

Chen - Kentaro

Richard's Right Hand Man - Stephane Jacquot

Tang's Assistants - Stefan Sao Nelet and Peter Lee

Isabel - Isabelle Duhauvelle

Bodysearch Boss - Yannick Derrien

Red Hair Hooker - Francesca Disca

Fat Hooker - Taira

French Minister - David Gabison

Customs Official - Bertrand Waintrop

Video Technicians - Alain Zef and Nicolas Herault

Fat Thug - Jean-Marc Huber

Thugs - Frank Tiozzo and John Maczko

Concierge - Claude Brecourt

Barman - Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Chinese Bodyguard - Francois Nguyen

Subway Agent - Jocelyne Isaac

Fat Chinese Chef Wong - Raymond Khamvene

Taxi Driver (Rasta) - Urfe Koupaki

Hotel Clerk - Gregory Galin

Driver Place de la Concorde - Alexander Koumpan

Taxi Driver - Daniel Milgram

Coroners - Bernard Flavien and Eric Averlant

Assistant Coroner - Marc Ligaudan

Cop (Sentry Box) - Frederic Moulin

Cop (Station) - Alain de Catuelan

Cop (Lift) - Ludovic Berthillot

Newspaper Man - Guillaume Lamant

Hookers - Lina Chen, Barbara Bernard, Pat Tourne, Crystalle Seeram, Karen Drotard, Sabine Ben Rhadi, Saadi Spera, Stephanie Martin, Stephanie Durand, Carmelle Edma, and Schana Reaux

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Detailed Synopsis

In Paris, Customs Official inspects Liu Jian's passport and asks for his purpose in France. Liu Jian then gets into the taxi of Taxi Driver (Rasta) who drops him off at Uncle Tai's restaurant. Liu Jian walks by a group of Hookers on his way to the restaurant who proposition him. Liu Jian enters the restaurant and he and Uncle Tai greet each other. Liu Jen then arrives at a hotel where he checks in with Concierge and asks for any messages for Mr. Smith. Liu Jian is told in a message to go to the lobby bar and as he walks there he is watched by Newspaper Man. He arrives at the bar where the Barman asks if wants anything. While waiting at the bar, he meets Pilot who tells him to go to the men's restroom where he is searched by Fat Thug and told by Bodysearch Boss that his boss is looking forward to meeting him. Liu Jian then follows Bodysearch Boss into the kitchen and sees Richard and the Twins beating a Chinese man. Richard takes Liu Jian's gun and tells Liu Jian that he doesn't want to continuously butcher his name and so he will just call him John. Mister Big walks into the hotel with his two bodyguards as Richard, Liu Jian, the Twins and Video Technicians watch on closed circuit television. Jessica and Aja walk into the hotel and are told by Max never to keep him waiting again. Jessica and Aja are introduced to Mister Big and they go into his room and Mister Big tells Chinese Bodyguard and the others to leave him with Jessica and Aja. Aja stabs Mr. Big in the chest and Liu Jian runs to the room knocking out Chinese Bodyguard on his way in. He tackles Aja and immobilizes her with a needle from his wrist band and Mister Big tells him he is dying. Richard walks into the room and tells the Video Technicians to stop recording then shoots Mister Big and Aja with Liu Jian's gun.

Liu Jian escapes out of the room and Richard and his Thugs search for him. He makes it to the video recording room and takes the recording of Richard shooting Mister Big. Liu Jian escapes into the laundry chute, but is then trapped. Richard kills Hotel Clerk when he hesitates going after Liu Jian. Richard then orders Newspaper Man to go after Liu Jian and Liu Jian kicks Newspaper Man down the chute. He drops down the chute when Richard throws up a grenade and tosses it into Coroners's shirt and Coroner is killed. Liu Jian continues into the lobby and kills Pilot by kicking a pool ball into his forehead. Liu Jian then escapes and Richard orders Paris searched and Liu Jian found. Liu Jian then hitches a ride at the bottom of Driver Place de la Concorde's, vehicle. He goes to the subway where a Subway Agent tells him what direction to go to get to a locker number he shows her. He opens one locker and retrieves a phone, but is forced to run away when the second locker is seen to be full of weapons by two policemen including Cop (Station), which he is forced to immobilize with his wrist needles. A French Minister holds a meeting between Richard, Minister Tang, Chen and Tang's Assistants. Richard asks about Liu Jian and Chen tells him that Liu Jian is their best inspector. After the Chinese delegation leaves, Richard tells Richard's Right Hand Man to follow the Chinese delegation and tap their phones. Liu Jian then goes back to Uncle Tai's restaurant.

Jessica visits Richard and reminds him that he promised if she did one more thing for him he would get the papers so she could leave with Isabel, but Richard and Max just inject her with heroin. Max then drops Jessica back on the streets to work for Lupo. Fat Hooker throws Jessica to the ground for stealing her spot and Jessica breaks her nose and is beaten by Lupo as Liu Jian watches. Uncle Tai then leaves to make deliveries. Liu Jian lets Jessica use the restroom when she threatens to pee in front of the store. Fat Chinese Chef Wong comes for his order and Liu Jian hurries him out and then Jessica out. Chen calls Liu Jian and they meet and Liu Jian tells Chen that Richard is the drug connection. As they are planning on getting Liu Jian out of the country, Chen is shot dead and Liu Jian is forced to escape. Chen's body is shown to Richard by a Coroners and after retrieving the tape with the recording, Richard steals some money from Chen's wallet and tells Richard's Right Hand Man to buy a wreath and hands him the money he stole from Chen's wallet. Liu Jian goes back to Uncle Tai's restaurant and Uncle Tai tells him four out of five agents that have been sent to Paris have died eventually. Lupo catches Jessica and Liu Jian talking and demands that Liu Jian pay him for her time after Liu Jian asks him not to hit Jessica again. After Lupo hits Jessica again, Liu Jian proceeds to beat up Lupo, and Lupo's Assistant. Red Hair Hooker then calls Max. Uncle Tai arrives back at the restaurant and is shot and killed by Max who is then killed when Liu Jian sticks a pair of chop sticks through Max' throat.

As Liu Jian and Jessica are talking, he finds out that she was the other hooker when Mister Big was killed and he promises that if she helps him he will protect her and get Isabel. Jessica goes to Richard's office and tells him Liu Jian forced her to come with him. Richard then leaves with the Twins after handcuffing Jessica. She convinces Pluto to get her a sandwich and then steals back the tape with the recording and brings it to Liu Jian while also stealing Richard's turtle. They then take a Taxi to the orphanage where Isabel is being kept. They go to the bed where Isabel should be, but are ambushed by Richard's men. They escape but Jessica is shot. Liu Jian takes Jessica to the hospital and when she wakes up she tells Liu Jian that she trusted him to take care of Isabel and her. Liu Jian then calls Richard and tells him he gave the cassette to his government and he is coming to get Isabel. Liu Jian walks under the police entry bar and knocks out the Cop (Sentry Box). He then proceeds to beat up the French police one by one, including a class training in martial arts and Cop (Lift). He then kills both of the Twins before entering Richard's office. Richard shoots Liu Jian, but Liu Jian manages to stick a wrist needle in Richard's neck. Liu Jian and Isabel then leave as Richard starts bleeding from his eyes, nose and mouth due to the Kiss of the Dragon. Liu Jian removes the needle from Jessica's neck and she wakes up to Isabel sleeping next to her.