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Koyo is an Asian terrorist.

During the events of Invasion U.S.A. (1985) played by James Pax

Rostov and a group of men take four air boats and head to Matt Hunter's house. They arrive at his house shortly before John Eagle does and after John Eagle warns Matt, John Eagle is shot and killed by Nikko. Rostov and his men then shoot and blow up Matt's house including Tomas, Kurt and Koyo. McGuire is taking photographs of a party at a community center in South Miami. A police car drives up and turns on its spotlight directly on the party goers. Tonio walks up to the police car and is shot dead by Koyo. The party goers are then shot and killed, until Koyo reminds the other terrorist that Rostov wants witnesses. Later, As Matt is driving in town he is stopped by Koyo and Terrorist as Guardsman. Matt shoots Koyo dead after he refuses to talk and attempts to shoot Matt.