Kurt (Invasion USA)

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Kurt is a European terrorist.

During the events of Invasion U.S.A. (1985) played by Shane McCamey

Rostov and a group of men take four air boats and head to Matt Hunter's house. They arrive at his house shortly before John Eagle does and after John Eagle warns Matt, John Eagle is shot and killed by Nikko. Rostov and his men then shoot and blow up Matt's house including Tomas, Kurt and Koyo. Later, Waitress at Beach gives Rostov and Kurt a beer as they watch a Newscaster tell the audience about a wave of violence. Male Tourist comments that he is surprised it has taken terrorists this long to make it to the United States. Kurt walks through a mall carrying a bag that has a beeping noise coming from it. Gentleman Shopper and his Girlfriend are walking through the mall when Girlfriend notices Kurt drop his bag and tells Gentleman Shopper. Gentleman Shopper grabs the bag and chases after Kurt yelling that he forgot his bag. A security guard then starts chasing after Kurt. The Terrorists with Tomas start shooting and kill Gentleman Shopper and the security guard. The bomb in the bag explodes and shortly after Matt arrives in John Eagle's truck. He begins killing terrorists including the Terrorists with Tomas. Kurt gets into the truck on display and drives it out of the mall with Matt hanging on. Kurt crashes the truck near a car with Cindy and Girl on Car. Cindy starts yelling at Kurt and Kurt starts shooting at her and grabs Girl on Car and drives away. Matt jumps into McGuire's, who had just arrived at the mall, car and they take off after Kurt. McGuire manages to grab onto Girl on Car and get her into her car. Matt throws a grenade into the truck with Kurt and he crashes and the truck blows up.