Lady Libertine (1984)

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A man picks up what he thinks is a homeless boy, but who turns out to be a runaway from a bordello.




Charles - Christopher Pearson

Frank et France - Jennifer Inch

Maud - Sophie Favier

Harmstorf - Alain Dumaurier

Brook - Emanuel Karsen

Leslie - April Hyde

Miss Dundas - Eloise Beaune

Mrs Evans - Jeanne Val

Watson - Jacques Ferry


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Detailed Synopsis

Charles sits at his desk remembering a time many years ago in April.

As he is riding he sees Frank et France, who is dressed as a boy, walking along the road and offers her a place to stay for the night. During dinner, France tells Charles her story and Charles offers her a place to stay. The next day, Watson finds an old suit for France to wear. Charles begins to tutor France and one day, Mrs Evans tells Charles that France was caught looking in the cupboard by a maid and attacked her when they questioned him. She tells him France then ran away and Charles tells Watson to get the caning rod. Charles catches France looking at erotic images from his library and whips France. While he is whipping her, he realizes that France is dressed as a boy, but really a girl. During dinner, Charles tells France that she can stay. Charles visits London and also Maud. While Charles and Maud are making love, he thinks about France. While on a long trip, Charles constantly misses France. When he returns home, France tells Charles about his secret and Charles admits he already knew. France tells Charles she missed him and she wants to have sex with him. That night they have sex and the next morning, France resumes dressing as a boy. Charles learns of France's past.

In the past, the head of the orphanage introduces France to Leslie and sends her with Leslie. Leslie takes France with her to a bordello and introduces her to Miss Dundas. The next morning, Leslie introduces France to the other women who live in her house including, Alice, Ethel, Edith, Victoria, and Clara. In the day, France is brought to meet Mr. Wood by Miss Dundas. Mr. Wood starts to molest France and she runs away. Leslie tells France she is to spend the night with Mr. Wood and when France starts to cry, Leslie spanks France. In the evening, France walks around and watches the other women and their clients. She takes some scissors and cuts her hair and escapes out of the bordello.

Charles leaves for London and when he meets up with Maud she tells him she is going to get married. When he returns he tells France he is going to bring her to London to be taught by Maud. Charles leaves the country for a few months and when he returns, he finds Maud has transformed France. The three of them go out to dinner. During a night at the gentleman's club, Harmstorf sits next to Charles and invites him to visit Leslie's bordello with him. Miss Dundas brings the prostitutes down to introduce them and they put on a show for Charles and Harmstorf. After the show, Harmstorf leaves with a prostitute and Charles questions Leslie about France. Leslie says that France was ungrateful and she was forced to beat her and Charles takes Leslie into a room and spanks her. The next year, Charles and France travel Europe where they meet Brook. Brook flirts with France and eventually tells her he wants to marry her, but she tells him it is not possible. Charles becomes jealous and he and France return to London. After returning early from a trip, Charles catches France walking with Brook as she walks her dog Tilly in the park. When she returns home, Charles accuses France of lying to him and storms out of the house. Charles goes to the gentleman's club where he sees Harmstorf who invites him to go to Leslie's bordello. Charles returns home and France apologizes to him and asks him to punish her. Charles whips her like he did when they first met and afterwards he burns the whip. France tells Charles she is leaving him as she doesn't feel he will ever see her as a woman and he asks her to marry him and they have sex. They get married and much later, Charles wonders how different his life would have been if he had never picked up France while riding.