Lady Van Tassel

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Lady Van Tassel


Mary Van Tassel, nee Archer, is a nurse in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Her sister is Crone, her husband is Baltus Van Tassel and her stepdaughter is Katrina Van Tassel. Crone's family was kicked out of their home by Peter Van Garrett after their father died and they were forced to live in the woods. Her mother was a witch and taught her witchcraft.

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During the events of Sleepy Hollow (1999) played by Tessa Allen-Ridge and Miranda Richardson

Baltus walks into the main hall of his home with Lady Van Tassel and Ichabod Crane presents his credentials to Baltus. After his fight with the Headless Horseman, Crane wakes up to Lady Van Tassel looking over him and she tells him Sarah is missing. At night, Crane and Young Masbath follow a cloaked figure who walks out of the house. Crane then catches Lady Van Tassel having sex with Reverend Steenwyck. After his fight with Katrina, Crane returns to the house and Lady Van Tassel tells him Katrina wont see him and that she knows he saw her in the woods. Baltus walks into the room and tells them Notary Hardenbrook hung himself. Before a meeting at the church, Lady Van Tassel is seemingly killed by the Horseman. Later, Lady Van Tassel kidnaps Katrina and brings her to the windmill and calls forth the Horseman. She admits to Katrina that she killed Sarah and tells Katrina of her family's background and being evicted from her home by Peter Van Garrett after her father died. She goes over all those she murdered or had murdered including the Crone. Young Masbath runs and grabs Katrina and they run to Crane who then brings them back into the windmill and he tries to board the door. They escape to the roof of the windmill as the Horseman chases them and Crane sets the contents of the mill on fire. They then run away from the windmill. Lady Van Tassel shoots Crane and then grabs Katrina by the hair. Crane sees the bag holding the Horesman's skull and takes it from Lady Van Tassel with the help of Young Masbath and offers it to the Horseman. The Horseman puts his skull back on and then grabs Lady Van Tassel and drags her spirit to hell with him after giving her a bloody kiss.