Lake Placid (1999)

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A game warden and paleontologist help a sheriff investigate a possible giant crocodile in Maine.


Horror, Comedy


Jack Wells - Bill Pullman

Kelly Scott - Bridget Fonda

Hector Cyr - Oliver Platt

Sheriff Hank Keough - Brendan Gleeson

Mrs. Dolores Bickerman - Betty White

Walt Lawson - David Lewis

Stephen Daniels - Tim Dixon

Janine - Natassia Malthe

Myra Okubo - Mariska Hargitay

Deputy Sharon Gare - Meredith Salenger

Deputy Burke - Jed Rees

Deputy Stevens - Richard Leacock

Officer Coulson - Jake T. Roberts

Paramedic - Warren Takeuchi

State Trooper - Ty Olsson

Kevin - Adam Arkin

Pilot - Steve Miner

Lake Placid Crocodile

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Detailed Synopsis

On Lake Placid in Maine, Sheriff Hank Keough is taking Walt Lawson out on the lake on a boat to tag beavers. Sheriff Keough quotes Mark Twain and Walt makes a sarcastic comment before diving into the water. While Walt is searching a beaver dam, he is attacked by something. He surfaces and as Sheriff Keough pulls him out of the water, all that is left is Walt's upper half. At the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Kevin, calls Kelly Scott over and then breaks up with her. Myra Okubo sees Kelly breathing in quick short breaths and Kelly tells her Kevin broke up with her. Kelly then finds out Myra and Kevin were cheating together behind her back. Jack Wells arrives at Lake Placid and Sheriff Keough shows him Walt's body. Kevin tells Kelly about the attack and that a tooth was found and he is sending her to Maine to investigate it. Kelly thinks Kevin and Myra just want her out of the office and tells him she isn't going to go, but later takes a plane to Maine, and on the way tells the Pilot not to talk to her. Kelly meets up with Sheriff Keough at Saint Mary's hospital and he shows her Walt's body. Stephen Daniels shows Kelly the tooth he pulled out of Walt's body and she tells them it is reptilian and not a fossil and she wants to see Lake Placid. They meet up with Jack who tells her she can't come along. Kelly argues with him and Janine walks up and asks them if they are going to investigate the animal attack she heard of and Kelly shakes her head as Sheriff Keough and Jack closely watch Janine as she walks away.

They take Jack's boat to meet Mrs. Dolores Bickerman who tells them her husband died when he kept on asking her to kill him and she finally did. As they are taking the boat to their campsite, Kelly finds out they will be staying in tents and starts to complain. They come across a moose head in the water and arrive at camp. Kelly asks Deputy Sharon Gare if a bear could bite off a moose's head, but Deputy Gare doesn't think so. Hector Cyr arrives in his helicopter and starts demanding things and he tells them he is there to help them find the crocodile. Sheriff Keough, Kelly, Jack and Hector go out on the lake with canoes. They come across a school of white perch who are showing signs of fear and Sheriff Keough and Kelly's canoe is suddenly upended. They make it back to camp and Kelly calls U.S. Fish and Wildlife, but they tell her they won't send anyone without a confirmed sighting. Deputy Gare calls over Sheriff Keough and shows him a toe. At night, Sheriff Keough finds Deputy Burke and Deputy Stevens digging a pit and they tell him Hector paid them to do it. Sheriff Keough walks into Hector's tent and finds him having a party and flirting with Deputy Gare and tells everyone to leave. Sheriff Keough then tells Hector he thinks he is a mental case. At night Kelly admits to Jack the reason she is there was to make things less awkward for Kevin and Myra. As Sheriff Keough goes to pee, he is surprised by Hector who is laying a spring trap.

The next day, Deputy Burke drives the boat as Jack, Sheriff Keough, Kelly and Hector ride along. Hector and Jack dive into the water while Kelly turns on a machine that emits the sound of struggling crocodiles. Hector and Jack find the remains of cows underwater and something suddenly pulls the boat by dragging the anchor line. Kelly falls out of the boat and Deputy Burke goes to cut the anchor line. Kelly sees the white perch start to panic and she is pulled onto the boat and shortly after Jack pulls himself onto the boat. Hector surfaces and they pull him on the boat and as Deputy Burke goes to pull up the speaker, the Lake Placid Crocodile bites his head off. A State Trooper takes a statement from Sheriff Keough and asks him if he is sure Deputy Burke didn't get caught in the outboard motor. Jack tells Kelly U.S. Fish and Wildlife are on their way, but authorities want to keep everything quiet. Hector tells Sheriff Keough he is sorry about Deputy Burke and tells him a nightmare he had where his head was disconnected from his body. As Sheriff Keough is walking away, he is caught by one of Hector's traps and after he is released, he chases after Hector. As he is chasing after Hector, a bear runs out of the woods and charges at Hector. The bear is then suddenly grabbed by the Crocodile and dragged underwater. Kelly tells them the Crocodile is an Asian Pacific Crocodile. Sheriff Keough wants to shoot the Crocodile, but Hector wants to study it and insults Sheriff Keough and dares him to punch him in the face, which Sheriff Keough does. Kelly notices a cut on Jack's arm and patches it up. Hector shows Sheriff Keough a video of a crocodile attacking a wildebeest.

The next day Hector and Deputy Gare go out on his helicopter while Jack, Kelly, Sheriff Keough and Deputy Stevens search the forest. While making a cast of a large footprint they found, Kelly finds Deputy Burke's head in the brush. Jack sees Mrs. Bickerman leading a cow to the lake and they go back to her house. She tells them she lied to them, because she knew if they knew the truth they would kill the Crocodile. Hector dives into the water to try and find the Crocodile's habitat, and Deputy Gare calls Sheriff Keough on the radio and tells him. The Crocodile surfaces near Hector and Hector prays to Sobek. Deputy Gare turns on the helicopter and Hector climbs into it and they take off. The Crocodile grabs the helicopter's pontoon, but lets go when Deputy Gare shoots it. Hector tells Kelly he isn't going back into the water and tells her they shouldn't kill the Crocodile. Hector and Jack argue about trying to trap the crocodile and Kelly agrees with Hector and Jack finally agrees to try and trap it.

They take one of Mrs. Bickerman's cows and hang it from the bottom of Hector's helicopter. Mrs. Bickerman tells Deputy Stevens that she hopes the Crocodile eats all of the law enforcement personnel. Hector sees a blip on his radar and warns the others the Crocodile is heading their way. The Crocodile takes the bait, but Hector crashes his helicopter. The Crocodile charges after the truck with Kelly, Jack and Sheriff Koeugh and Kelly falls out of the truck. She swims to Hector and his helicopter after almost being eaten. The Crocodile attacks the helicopter and is trapped in it and Jack shoots it with the tranquilizer gun. Another crocodile suddenly emerges from the water and grabs Hector's leg and Sheriff Keough shoots and kills it. Officer Coulson and members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife arrive and they take over. Hector tells Kelly they are going to take the Crocodile to Portland until they find a permanent place to put him. A Paramedic tells Kelly, Jack and Sheriff Keough that someone should go with Hector in the ambulance and Sheriff Keough says he will go and he says bye to Jack and Kelly. Jack and Kelly awkwardly say bye and then she gets in Jack's truck and they drive to a bar in town. The next day, Mrs. Bickerman goes down to the lake and throws out food to a group of baby crocodiles and the Crocodile is transferred to Portland on a flatbed trailer.