Land of Doom (1986)

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A woman and man flee from a warlord and his post-apocalyptic army.


Post-Apocalyptic, War


Harmony - Deborah Rennard

Anderson - Garrick Dowhen

Demister & Slater - Daniel Radell

Purvis - Frank Garret

Halsey & Alfred - Richard Allen

Orland - Akut Duz

Man in Cabin - Bruno Chambon

Village Women - Fatosh Celik, Hulya Palanci, Ellen Caborn, Sondra Farrell

Raiders - Keith Bordie, Robie Stein, Jason Koch, and Joseph Costello

Raiders Girls - Sandy Goldman and Barbara Goldberg

Body Guards - Richard D. Cade, Kin Jacobson and Rickey Curtis

Village Fighters - Tom Vermig, Thomas Bordie and Carlo Goldsmith



Plague Victims

Little People

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Detailed Synopsis

"I don't know how the final war began. It doesn't even matter. All that matters now is survival. In this desolate world there's little hope. Filled with disease and pollution it is unfit for human life. Food is scarce. And what little there is is grabbed by bands of murdering raiders led by a madman determined to destroy the last good human beings. I don't know if I will survive this madness or if anyone will ever know of my struggles. All I know is I must try."

A group of Raiders attack a village and Purvis orders the village burned to the ground. Harmony sneaks around the village in order to escape. As she reaches for a rifle, a wounded Raider tries to cut her hand off with a meat cleaver but misses. Harmony kicks the Raider into the fire of the building and then hides in the building until the main Raider force leaves. On her way out of the village she sees a dying woman tied to a pole. Harmony walks up to the dying woman, but the dying woman succumbs to her wounds. She enters a cave where she finds Anderson, who is wounded. He tells her has been hiding in the cave for two or three days, and asks for Harmony’s help. Anderson asks Harmony what her name is, and she tells him to shut up. Shortly after, Anderson shoots a snake that had been crawling towards Harmony. Harmony as thanks, throws Anderson some food and then tells Anderson her name. Anderson passes out from his wounds and Harmony sits by herself. In the morning, Harmony tells Anderson that she is leaving because she needs food and water. He asks if he can join her, but she refuses. Anderson thanks Harmony for the food and she agrees to allow Anderson to join her if he can keep up. While sneaking along some cliffs they spot a Raider attack group. They continue on after the Raiders pass and Anderson warns Harmony that they will have to be careful from now on.

Purvis and the Raiders return to the main Raider camp, and Purvis approaches Slater, who is surrounded by his Body Guards. Slater asks Purvis why he doesn't have Anderson, and Purvis admits that Anderson got away, but lies and says that Anderson was with a bunch of guys and it was dark. Slater orders Purvis out and tells him he doesn’t care if Purvis takes the entire Raider force, he wants Anderson, and Purvis tells him Demister is currently tracking Anderson. While Harmony and Anderson are walking along some uneven ground, Anderson slips and touches Harmony. Harmony pulls a crossbow and points it at Anderson and tells Anderson not to ever touch her. Anderson apologizes and tells Harmony he just slipped and wouldn’t think of touching her. Demister comes out from behind a rock and points a rifle at Harmony and Anderson. He orders Harmony and Anderson to drop their weapons and while Harmony tries to sneak a knife from her boot, Demister kicks her to the ground and warns Harmony not to try anything like that again. She calls Demister a pig and Demister responds by hitting Anderson in the gut with his rifle and then grabbing Harmony’s hair and forcing her head towards his crotch. Demister escorts Harmony and Anderson towards his motorcycle and then ties Anderson to a tree. He tells Anderson that he shouldn’t have burned Slater’s face and calls Slater a survivor unlike Anderson. Harmony kicks a small rock and starts to run away, distracting Demister long enough for Anderson to kick his rifle away. Demister runs after Harmony and tackles her to the ground before sitting on her chest and attempting to rape Harmony. Harmony grabs a rock and kills Demister with it.

Harmony blames Anderson for getting her into the mess she is in and starts to walk away. He asks Harmony to untie him, but she refuses and Anderson pleads with Harmony and tells her that he will take her anywhere she wants to go with Demister’s motorcycle. She asks Anderson why he was a member of the Raiders, and he tells her, he once organized the Raiders to try and rebuild after the apocalypse, but it fell apart and they followed Slater instead. Anderson tells Harmony he knows of a place where people banded together to build something new with what was left. Harmony agrees to cut Anderson loose from the tree, but warns him he better not be lying about the better place. They take Demister’s motorcycle and drive until the motorcycle runs out of fuel and then continue on foot and come across a group of Plague Victims. Harmony asks Anderson if he thinks the Plague Victims might have water, but Anderson tells her they couldn’t drink the water anyways. Harmony and Anderson spot some dwellings in the distance along some cliffs. As they walk towards the dwellings, Harmony and Anderson are shot at by Man in Cabin. Man in Cabin asks Harmony and Anderson what they want, to which Anderson explains they are looking for food. Man in Cabin invites Harmony and Anderson into one of the dwellings, but warns them not to try anything funny. Harmony asks if there is an outhouse she can use, and Man in Cabin tells her there is a building outside, but she has to be back in three minutes. Harmony enters a building nearby and while exploring the building she discovers the building is a larder full of human bodies hung up by meat hooks. She is grabbed by a Cannibal, but Harmony knocks him away and runs out of the building and closes the door. She returns to Anderson and as Anderson is about to eat soup, Harmony kicks him under the table. Harmony continues to kick Anderson under the table until he asks Man in Cabin what kind of meat is in the soup. Man in Cabin tells Anderson it is deer meat. Harmony throws her soup at Man in Cabin and ties him up. She tells Anderson the meat is human meat and not deer meat. They take supplies from the dwelling and leave the building. Harmony notices that someone is coming and she and Anderson hide in some brush. Alfred and Cannibal start to hunt Harmony and Anderson. Cannibal tells Alfred he shouldn’t have killed their dog, but Alfred reminds him it was because the dog ate too much. While hiding from the them, Harmony walks off from Anderson and is spotted by Cannibal, who she then kills.

Anderson and Harmony argue about Harmony always doing things on her own. Harmony tells Anderson she doesn’t answer to anyone for her actions. While continuing on their journey, they are attacked by a group of Plague Victims. Harmony and Anderson fight off the Plague Victims and afterwards have an argument when Anderson touches Harmony to comfort her about worrying about contracting the plague. Harmony explains to Anderson she doesn’t want to be touched, because every man has either tried killing or raping her. While they are walking, Harmony and Anderson notice a group of Little People stalking them and decide to sleep on high ground for the night. During the night Anderson, while sleeping, rolls over onto Harmony, which causes her to wake up and pull a knife from her boot. Harmony is about to stab Anderson when he rolls away. They wake up to a Raider attack, led by Purvis, happening to a village in the area below them. The Raiders drive their vehicles in circles while shooting at the Village Fighters, including Village Women, guarding the gate to the village. Harmony and Anderson decide to go closer to the village so they can steal one of the Raider motorcycles. The Village Fighters and Village Women lose the battle against the Raiders. Harmony and Anderson manage to steal a motorcycle, but not before they are seen by a Raider. Harmony kills the Raider and she and Anderson escape on the motorcycle. A lookout tells Purvis someone is escaping and when Purvis uses a spyglass to see it is Anderson, he orders Anderson and Harmony captured. Harmony and Anderson ride away from the village, but as the Raiders catch up to them, Harmony jumps off the motorcycle and tells Anderson to continue riding on. Harmony is cornered by a Raider up a cliff, but manages to get away by throwing sand into his eyes and then throwing him off of the cliff. Purvis eventually catches up to Anderson, and orders Anderson off of the motorcycle. Harmony manages to sneak up on Purvis and orders him to drop his weapon. Purvis complies with Harmony but is angry when he realizes Harmony had no weapon and she was just bluffing. Harmony and Anderson leave Purvis behind with a snake crawling across his boot and continue on their journey riding on Purvis’ motorcycle.

They come across Orland and Guinevere who have been forced up a large rock by large dogs. Harmony and Anderson scare off the dogs by shooting in the dogs’ direction, and Orland introduces himself and Guinevere. Orland asks if he can follow Harmony and Anderson and after they say yes he follows them on his bicycle. Orland is too slow to keep up and is left behind by Harmony and Anderson after they get beyond some hills. A group of Raiders capture Harmony and Anderson by tying a rope across the road causing their motorcycle to crash. Orland watches as Harmony and Anderson are driven away in a Raider truck. Harmony and Anderson are brought before Slater who is surrounded by Raiders Girls. Slater tells Harmony if she treats him nice, she can join him and then orders her to be cleaned up. Harmony responds by spitting in Slater’s face and kneeing him in the crotch. She manages to escape for a short while before she is caught and brought back in front of Slater. Purvis arrives back at the camp and is about to kill Anderson when Slater pushes Purvis away and orders Harmony and Anderson taken away. Orland falls into a hole into a tunnel system while he is looking for Guinevere. Orland and Guinevere are then surrounded by Little People. Anderson tells Harmony the reason Slater hates him so much is that when Slater joined the Raiders the Raiders started to become greedy, which started a power struggle that led to Anderson being betrayed and having to leave the Raiders. Harmony and Anderson are led to Slater. Slater tells Anderson he is going to be skinned alive, and tells Anderson he is trying to live in the past, but only the strong survive. Harmony is forced to walk across a board that is bridging a gap filled with burning coals, before she is chained to a wall on the opposite side. Slater tells Anderson he is going to rape Harmony and then give her to his men.

Orland arrives carrying a flame thrower and begins to attack the Raiders. Anderson breaks free and attacks Slater, eventually cutting off some of his fingers with an axe. Slater manages to escape and Anderson frees Harmony from her chains. Harmony, Anderson and Orland fight their way to a tunnel with a group of Raiders including Purvis chasing after them. They are surrounded by the Little People who lead them out to a cliff face where Harmony, Anderson and Orland continue their attack on the Raiders. Purvis and some Raiders make their way to the same exit Harmony, Anderson and Orland came out of, attacking the Little People on their way. Orland uses his flame thrower to set large barrels filled with an explosive fluid on fire, causing them to explode. Harmony, Anderson and Orland find a Raider truck and drive off with Purvis and a few other Raiders chasing them on motorcycles. A group of Little People cause a rock slide which allows Harmony, Anderson and Orland to gain more distance on the Raiders. As they come to a bridge, Harmony, Anderson and Orland leave the vehicle and Orland sets it on fire, blowing it up and preventing any of the Raiders to pass. Purvis yells at Anderson that he will find him and kill him, but Harmony, Anderson and Orland continue to walk away on their way to Blue Lake. Orland tells Harmony and Anderson that he is going to stay with the Little People for a while, and after Harmony hugs him, Orland runs off to the Little People. Harmony and Anderson kiss and then start to walk off into the sunset. As Orland and the Little People are standing around, Slater appears. The Little People scatter and Orland, now with Guinevere runs back towards Harmony and Anderson, and they all run away from Slater.