Laura (A Bay of Blood)

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Laura is a personal secretary for Frank Ventura in Italy. She is in a relationship with Frank.

During the events of A Bay of Blood (1971) played by Anna Maria Rosati

Frank and Laura are in bed together when Frank playfully accuses Laura of being possessive and he tells her, he is going to the Bay to get a signature. Later, Frank calls Laura and tells her that Simon signed all of the paperwork. Laura calls Frank's phone, but no one answers. She drives to his house and sees Frank and he tells her to get Simon. Simon accuses Laura and Frank of convincing Count Filippo Donati to kill Countessa Federica Donati. She tells him it was Frank's idea and that he wanted Federica dead, because she wouldn't sell the Bay. During a flashback, a meeting occurs between Frank, Federica and Laura. During the meeting, Laura sees a diary entry written by Federica in which she says the Bay has become a desolate symbol of her marriage. As they leave, Laura steals Federica's diary and later reads entries to Frank. Frank comes up with the idea of having Federica killed by Filippo. In the present, Simon threatens to kill Laura and she throws a pot of hot water on his face. He grabs her and strangles her to death.