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Laurie is a 22 year old werewolf and is the sister of Danielle. She once completed an internship in Toronto. Laurie has never eaten anyone before as she wants her first time to be special.

During the events of Trick 'r Treat (2007) played by Anna Paquin

Laurie goes with Danielle and Danielle's friends Maria and Janet to Warren Valley, Ohio on Halloween in order to look for victims to eat. They go to a costume shop and Laurie is stuck wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume. Danielle, Janet and Maria try and give Laurie advice and Laurie decides to try on her own to find a date to their feeding party. After having no luck finding anyone, Danielle calls her and tells her she has found her a date and tells her to come to the party. As Laurie is walking to the party, she is confronted and eventually attacked by Steven. Laurie gets the upper hand on Steven and as Steven looks on in horror, Laurie, Danielle, Maria, Janet and the other party goers turn into werewolves and Laurie feasts on Steven.