Leprechaun 2 (1994)

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The Leprechaun goes to Los Angeles to steal a bride.


Horror, Monster


The Leprechaun - Warwick Davis

Cody - Charlie Heath

Bridget - Shevonne Durkin

Morty - Sandy Baron

Ian - Adam Biesk

William O'Day - James Lancaster

William's Daughter - Shevonne Durkin

Housewife - Linda Hopkins

Drunk at the Pub - Arturo Gil

Tourist's Girlfriend - Kimmy Robertson

Tourist - Clint Howard

Midwestern Dad - Andrew Craig

Frank - Dave Powledge

Homeless Man - Billy Beck

Desk Sergeant - Al White

Detective - Martha Hackett

Partner - Jonathan R. Perkins

African-American Leprechaun - Tony Cox

Talent Agent - Mark Kiely

Waiter - Michael James McDonald

Wiggins - Warren A. Stevens

Mat - Matthew Anderson


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Detailed Synopsis

In Ireland, William O'Day is running away from the Leprechaun. He is caught by the Leprechaun who offers William his freedom if the Leprechaun gets married. The Leprechaun explains to William if he can get a maiden to sneeze three times without someone saying god bless you, then she will be the Leprechaun's wife. They go and spy on a woman who turns out to be William's Daughter. The Leprechaun blows at a dandelion and it's thistles blow towards William's Daughter and she sneezes. He blows again and she sneezes for a second time. After William's Daughter sneezes for a third time, William says god bless you my child and then runs away. The Leprechaun stops him with his magic and breaks his neck after putting a curse on his family that in a thousand years he will claim William's prettiest descendant as his bride. William's Daughter hears the sound of William's neck being broken and runs to his body and screams.

A thousand years later, the Leprechaun unravels a scroll which depicts the family tree of William leading to Bridget in the United States. In Los Angeles, Bridget waves to Cody who is trying to convince Tourist and Tourist's Girlfriend to come on Morty's Darkside Tours. Tourist tells his Girlfriend that the tour is probably a scam. Cody sees Midwestern Dad and tries to sell him tickets and Midwestern Dad asks his wife if she remembers seeing something about the tour on A Current Event. Tourist's Girlfriend tells Tourist she wants to go and at the last minute Tourist buys two tickets. Bridget walks over to Cody and asks if they can go on their date now, and he tells her he just needs to sell two more tickets. Cody tells Midwestern Dad that he has two tickets from cancellations and if they don't buy them now, the tour is booked until December. Midwestern Dad buys the tickets and Cody goes to get Morty. He goes to their apartment, but Morty isn't there. He then finds a flier for Brenan's Pub's St. Patrick Day Special. Morty is at the bar trying to sell an investment into Darkside Tours to a drunk passed out on the bar. [[Frank (Leprechaun 2)}Frank]] asks Morty to pay for the last shot he bought, but Morty sends him away. Cody and Bridget find Morty at the bar and Morty makes them wait while he gets another shot. Frank gives him another shot which he calls Red Special rye, which is just cola and water and tells Morty he is cut off. Cody takes Morty to the bathroom with a jug of ice and pours his head in it to try and sober Morty up, but it fails. Morty tells Cody they will have to cancel the tour, but Cody decides to drive the tour hearse and delay his date with Bridget.

During the tour Tourist's Girlfriend asks if there is going to be a bathroom break. They drive up to a house and Housewife throws a bucket of water on the hearse and tells Cody to leave and never come back. Cody drives to the dilapidated mansion of Harry Houdini. He tells the passengers that Houdini's spirit still haunts his mansion grounds and a Homeless Man stares into the hearse and Cody drives away. The Homeless Man puts his bedroll down next to a tree that was given to Houdini from the people of Killarney, Ireland and lays down to sleep. Suddenly his whiskey bottle starts to roll towards the base of the tree and the Leprechaun appears when a doorway opens in the tree. The Leprechaun takes a drink of whiskey and is upset when he finds out it is Canadian whiskey and not Irish. He sees the Homeless Man has a gold tooth and forcibly pulls it out and the Homeless Man runs away as the Leprechaun adds his gold tooth to his pot of gold. Cody stops at the Go Kart track and Bridget gets out and leaves. She says hello to Ian and Cody follows her inside the manager's office. Andretti runs up and starts barking at Bridget and Cody, but Ian tells him to leave them alone. Bridget then goes Go Kart riding with Ian. Cody continues the tour and gets upset when Tourist and Midwestern Dad complain about the tour and he speeds through a red light and is arrested.

The Desk Sergeant reads off the charges against Cody to Morty and before he leaves with Cody, Morty leaves a pamphlet of Darkside Tours with the Desk Sergeant and another police officer. Two officers bring in Homeless Man who yells about the Leprechaun stealing his tooth, which the Desk Sergeant doesn't believe. The Leprechaun spins his cane to point the way to Bridget and a Talent Agent sees him and tosses him a quarter and offers the Leprechaun his business card. The Leprechaun notices the Talent Agent's gold ring and rips off the Talent Agent's finger and steals his ring. As Cody is watching a movie, a scene of two people kissing changes to Bridget and Ian kissing. Morty scams a free pizza for it being a minute late and Cody tells Morty he screwed up with Bridget. Cody leaves to go and try and apologize to Bridget. Ian tries to get Bridget to let him come inside her house after Go Kart racing, but she tells him to leave. As he is walking away he appears to see Bridget standing in a garage. The Leprechaun laughs as Ian starts to walk towards the image of Bridget, who in reality is two spinning lawnmower blades. Ian eventually kills himself by kissing the spinning blades.

Bridget hears the doorbell ring and opens the door to Cody who is holding some flowers. Cody apologizes to Bridget and promises her nothing will come between them again. The Leprechaun sneaks into the house and causes Bridget to sneeze. She sneezes again and after she sneezes again, Cody starts to say god bless you, but is stopped by the Leprechaun. Cody tries to attack the Leprechaun with a knife, but the Leprechaun causes some pans to fall on his head. Bridget tries to run out of the front door and finds Ian dead hanging outside. The Leprechaun makes his pot of gold appear and throws a wedding choker on Bridget. She knocks over the Leprechaun's pot of gold, and a coin rolls into Cody's hand and he wakes up. The Leprechaun then disappears with Bridget and takes her inside of his tree home at Houdini's house. Bridget hits the Leprechaun in the back of the head with a rock and tries to run away and comes face to face with the skeleton of William O'Day. The Leprechaun wraps Bridget in a burlap sack and tells her he will have to transform her body in order for her to be able to produce a litter of leprechauns and change her face so the leprechaun children will like her face. As the Leprechaun is about to have sex with Bridget, he notices one of his gold coins is missing and leaves to find it. Bridget tries to run away, but discovers the tree is a labyrinth.

The Leprechaun goes back to Bridget's house and steals the card Cody put in the flowers as a Detective shows it to her partner. Cody goes back home and Morty tells him the cops are looking for him. Cody shows Morty the Leprechaun's coin, which they find a drawing of in a book. Cody then reads the book, which talks about Leprechaun's and their susceptibility to wrought iron. Suddenly the Leprechaun appears in their apartment and attacks Morty and Cody. Cody offers the coin for Bridget, but Morty reminds him he can't trust Leprechauns. They go to the pub to hide in the crowd. They hide in the restroom and Morty leaves to get a drink. The door to the restroom opens and African-American Leprechaun walks up to Cody and offers him a coin shaped chocolate. The African-American Leprechaun smiles showing his gold tooth and Cody has an idea. As Cody is leaving the restroom, he almost walks into Drunk at the Pub who tells Cody to watch where he is going. Cody reminds Morty about what the Homeless Man said at the police station and Morty tells Cody the Leprechaun is in the bar. Morty challenges the Leprechaun to a drinking contest and asks Frank for a Red Special rye while the Leprechaun continues to drink Irish whiskey. African-American Leprechaun, Drunk at the Pub and a group of little people start cheering on the Leprechaun by chanting "one of us, one of us". Bridget gathers a sack full of rocks and starts to drop them as she walks, but they simply disappear. She finds an old chest buried in the dirt. The Leprechaun gets too drunk to use its magic, but hits Morty with a bottle and runs away.

Bridget opens the chest and finds bottles of Guinness and finds an awl. The Leprechaun goes to the Espresso Bar and drinks multiple cups of coffee. The Waiter tells the Leprechaun he is closing up and then starts to insult the Leprechaun. The Leprechaun stabs forks through the hands of the Waiter and then turns on the espresso machine which scalds off the skin on the Waiter's face, killing him. Cody feeds Andretti some beef jerky and then breaks into the Go Kart manager's office. He and Morty open the wrought iron safe. As Morty goes to get the hearse, Wiggins grabs him and handcuffs him to the back of the hearse. As Cody is hiding in the dropped ceiling, the Leprechaun appears and he falls to the ground. Wiggins uncuffs Morty, who knocks him unconscious when Wiggins hears a crashing noise. The Leprechaun appears and asks Morty where Cody is and starts to attack Morty. Andretti starts barking at the Leprechaun, but is scared away by the Leprechaun. Cody tricks the Leprechaun into jumping into the safe and Cody locks him inside. While Cody goes to get some wood to make a ramp, Morty locks him inside the janitor's closet. Morty then demands three wishes from the Leprechaun and the first wish he asks for is the Leprechaun's gold. The gold then starts to appears inside of Morty's stomach, which becomes distended. Morty's second wish is to free the Leprechaun and his third wish is to have the gold taken from him. Morty is then killed when the Leprechaun slits his stomach open and takes back his gold.

Cody somehow gets out of the janitor's closet and runs to Morty after the Leprechaun disappears. Wiggins puts his revolver to Cody's head and tells him he knows Cody is the one the police are after. The Leprechaun mimics a woman's voice asking for help and as Cody and Wiggins walk onto the track, the Leprechaun appears in a Go Kart and starts to chase them. The Leprechaun chases down Wiggins and kills him, but can't kill Cody, because he has the Leprechaun's gold, which Cody is able to figure out. Cody takes some pieces of wrought iron and drives the hearse to Houdini's property. Bridget tries to kill the Leprechaun with the awl, but the tip just bends against his back. Cody enters the Leprechaun's tree and is attacked by William's skeleton, but he manages to destroy William's skeleton. Cody finds Bridget, but they become separated as they are trying to make their way out of the tree maze. Cody seemingly finds Bridget again, but when he gives her the coin, which she asks for, it is revealed to be the Leprechaun in disguise. Cody appears to be killed by the Leprechaun but throws the wrought iron piece into the Leprechaun and reveals the coin he gave him was the chocolate one given to him by the African-American Leprechaun. The Leprechaun explodes and Cody and Bridget find their way out of the tree. They kiss and Cody throws the Leprechaun's coin onto the ground.