Lisa (The Omega Man)

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Lisa is a survivor of the plague living in Los Angeles, California. She is from Harlem, New York. Her brother is Richie. Lisa used to be a member of The Family before the members of The Family started to turn against those who were normal.

During the events of The Omega Man (1971) played by Rosalind Cash

Lisa is at a department store when she sees Neville and runs away. Later, she and Dutch save Neville from being burned on a pyre by The Family and they escape to her and Dutch's hideout. When they arrive, she tells Tommy, who is pointing a machine gun at Neville, that Neville is okay. She shows Neville, Richie who is showing symptoms of the plague and he suggests they go to his home so he can try and cure him. As they are about to kiss the lights go out and Neville has to go downstairs to fill the generator with fuel and he leaves her with a rifle. She sees the elevator return and is happy to see it is Neville, who then shoots and kills Zachary, who was sneaking on the balcony. Lisa and Neville then make love. The next day they go to get supplies and Lisa takes a blood sample from Neville so he can create a serum. After the serum works on Richie, they decide to get Dutch and the children and leave the city. Lisa goes out once more to get supplies and as the day turns to night, she changes from the effects of the plague. She goes with Matthias and The Family to Neville's home and when he arrives she tells him she knows what happened to Richie and that he had to die. Neville escapes with Lisa and brings her outside. Matthias calls out to her and as she walks towards him, Neville tries to call her back before he is impaled by a spear thrown by Matthias. Lisa is found by Dutch during the day and as Neville dies and calls her name she calls out to him. She then leaves with Dutch and the children.

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