Little Girl (The Omega Man)

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Little Girl


Little Girl is a survivor of the plague living in Los Angeles, California.

During the events of The Omega Man (1971) played by Jill Giraldi

When Lisa brings Neville to their hideout, Little Girl runs away when Neville tries to touch her. She goes with Lisa, Dutch, Richie and Neville to Neville's home so he can try and cure Richie of the plague. As she and Dutch are leaving to go back to the hideout, she asks Neville if he is God. Later, she, Dutch, Tommy, and the other children go to pick up Lisa, Richie and Neville and find Neville dying. She leaves with Dutch, Lisa, who has transformed from the plague, and the other children with the last bottle of serum after she places Neville's hat on the edge of a fountain.