Logan's Run (1976)

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Logan 5 is sent on a mission to find and destroy Sanctuary, but rebels when he learns the truth of his world.



Post-Apocalyptic, Environmental

Post-Apocalyptic, War


Logan - Michael York

Francis - Richard Jordan

Jessica - Jenny Agutter

Box - Roscoe Lee Browne

Holly - Farrah Fawcett-Majors

Doc - Michael Anderson, Jr.

Old Man - Peter Ustinov

2nd Sanctuary Man - Randolph Roberts

The Woman Runner - Lara Lindsey

Billy - Gary Morgan

Mary 2 - Michelle Stacy

Woman Customer - Laura Hippe

Sandman - David Westberg

Sanctuary Woman - Camilla Carr

Cub - Gregg Lewis

Timid Girl - Ashley Cox

Sandman - Bill Couch

Runner - Glen Wilder

Lastday Group


Dome Computer



Henry and Thomas

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Detailed Synopsis

"Sometime in the 23rd century...the survivors of war, overpopulation and pollution are living in a great domed city, sealed away from the forgotten world outside. Here, in an ecologically balanced world, mankind lives only for pleasure, freed by the servo-mechanisms which provide everything. There's just one catch: life must end at thirty unless reborn in the fiery ritual of carrousel."

In the year 2274, Logan 5 taps on the window of a nursery trying to wake up what he believes to be his son. Francis 7 knocks on the glass with the butt of his gun causing an alert in the system and the babies wake up and immediately start crying. They go to the Arcade to see carrousel and Francis mentions he expects a couple of new Sandmen to be reborn due to a few about to join Carrousel. Francis warns Logan that he is asking too many questions which can slow him down, when Logan asks him if he has known anyone to renew after carrousel. The Lastday Group, or people born on the day of "Capricorn 15 in 2244" are brought into carrousel and a large crowd watches and chants "renew" as they are spun around and float into the air and explode. Logan receives a message that there is a Runner in the Great Hall and he leaves carrousel and Francis follows shortly after. They go into the Great Hall and proceed to chase and taunt the Runner, before shooting and killing him. Logan calls for a Stickman and when he notices the Runner's face doesn't match the database, he is told by the computer that the Runner recently received a new face from New You. Logan collects the Runners belongings including an ankh and the Stickman dissolves the Runner's corpse. Logan uses a device to ask for a sexual partner and Jessica 6 materializes in his apartment. As Logan starts to make out with Jessica she tells him she regrets putting herself on the circuit and she only did because she was sad one of her friends recently went on carrousel and she implies that her friend might have been the Runner. Logan continues to try and get Jessica into bed as she continues to question the ideas of carrousel. Francis shows up with two women and Jessica leaves.

The next morning, Logan and Francis meet a Sandman who was cut up by a group of Cubs in the Cathedral. After Logan drops off the items collected from the Runner, the Dome Computer asks him to identify the ankh item and then asks him about Sanctuary, which he knows nothing about. It then initiates Procedure 033-03 and after telling him there have been 1056 Runners that have made it out of the city and no one has ever been renewed, sends him to infiltrate Sanctuary and in the process reduces his life clock by four years. After asking if he will get his years back after completing his mission and getting no response, he takes the ankh and leaves. Logan summons Jessica to his apartment and shows her his life clock on his palm, which is now beeping, and he tells her that he is going to run. He asks her to speak to her friends and she leaves. Jessica meets with 2nd Sanctuary Man and Sanctuary Woman who tell Jessica where to bring Logan so they can ambush and kill him. Before he can be ambushed, Logan gets a call about a Runner in the cathedral and he and Jessica travel there and 2nd Sanctuary Man and the other Sanctuary Man follow them. While traveling, Logan tells Jessica about the Cubs they will probably run into in the Cathedral, who Jessica thinks are angry because they didn't know who their mother was. Logan and Jessica arrive in Cathedral and Logan has the door opened. They meet Mary 2 who after talking to Jessica,steals Jessica's bracelet. After Logan calls out for the Runner, a group of Cubs jump out from everywhere and circle him and Jessica. Billy walks up to Logan and threatens him with a sharp piece of metal. After Logan pulls out his gun and threatens Billy and the others, they scatter. Logan and Jessica find The Woman Runner who insists that her life clock malfunctioned and she is still supposed to have some time left. Logan shows her his life clock and asks her about Sanctuary, but Woman Runner tells him she doesn't know anything about Sanctuary and Logan gives her something to ward off the Cubs with and he and Jessica leave her. Francis, who had been watching in hiding, then shoots and kills Woman Runner.

Jessica admits to Logan that she was leading him into an ambush and tells him she trusts him now, but she can't take him to her friends, because they will kill him. Jessica sees Mary 2 and Mary 2 gives her back her bracelet. Logan and Jessica go to New You 483 so Logan can get a new face. They walk up to the receptionist, Holly, who brings Logan to see Doc as a Woman Customer looks at options for a new face. Doc has Logan sit on a bed as he explains how it works. Doc receives a phone call and then tries to kill Logan with the machine's laser until Jessica pushes Doc away from the controls. Doc then lunges at Logan who pushes him onto the bed and Doc is killed by the lasers. Francis confronts Logan who pushes him away and Logan and Jessica escape towards Sanctuary through the Love Shop. They walk through a hidden door and exit, which sets an alarm off in the Sandmen headquarters. Logan and Jessica make it to Sanctuary and as they are being questioned, Holly enters and says Doc was killed by Logan, but then she recalls Francis and admits he was chasing Logan. Logan and Jessica are allowed to pass and continue on their way to Sanctuary. A large group of Sandmen break into the building and start killing people. Holly is killed, while Logan kills a Sandman. Francis sees Logan and tells him he can come back, but Jessica must die. Logan shoots at Francis and then he and Jessica continue to run away. At the final door, Logan uses an ankh as a key to unlock the door. Francis finds the ankh that Logan took from Jessica and dropped to enter the door behind them. Francis shoots at Logan, breaking a glass pane holding back water and Logan and Jessica are swept away before climbing onto an elevator platform that takes them up.

They arrive in a frozen landscape full of ice sculptures and eventually meet Box. Logan asks Box if they are on the path to Sanctuary, but Box has no idea what Sanctuary is. Box then shows them where the other people are and Logan and Jessica look in horror at a wall full of frozen people. Box then attempts to freeze Logan and Jessica while laughing maniacally. While fighting, an avalanche occurs and Logan and Jessica exit the ice cave. They then stare in awe at the sun. Francis, following behind Logan and Jessica finds Box, who is destroyed. While swimming, Jessica notices that their life clocks have become clear. They eventually make it to Washington, D.C. While exploring they come across the Lincoln Memorial and a cemetery. They enter the Capitol Building and find Old Man with his cats Henry and Thomas among others. Logan asks Old Man if he can see his hand and notices he doesn't have a life clock. When asked about hi cats, Old Man recites the T.S. Elliot poem The Naming of Cats. Old Man tells them that there are no other people and that he was raised by his parents. While Logan and Old Man are talking together, Francis sneaks upon Jessica and grabs her. Logan and Francis fight and Logan kills Francis by beating him to death with a pole holding the American Flag, but before dying, Francis sees Logan's clear life clock and tells him he renewed. They bury Francis in the cemetery and Logan decides he is going back to tell the others the truth. Jessica suggests that they bring Old Man with them and he agrees to journey with them. Logan and Jessica reenter the domed city through the cities hydroelectric power plant and tell a crowd of people they don't have to die at thirty. They are grabbed by a group of Sandmen and Logan is tied up and placed in front of the Dome Computer. He is interrogated by the computer about Sanctuary and the computer malfunctions when it is revealed that there is no Sanctuary. Logan gets free and takes the gun of a Sandman and shoots the computer before he and Jessica run from the exploding city. A large group of people exit the city and Timid Girl slowly walks up to Old Man and touches his hair and face. Logan and Jessica hug and watch as Old Man is surrounded by young people.