Lost in Dinosaur World (1993)

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A brother and sister get seperated from their parents in Dinosaur World.




Tim McDunn - Asher Gold

Mary McDunn - Terren Baltes

Mr. McDunn - Dan Woren

Mrs. McDunn - Betsy Mohler

Officer Stone - Mitch Ferris

Officer Michaels - David Rosenthal

Officer Shils - Kelly Christmas

Rangers - Rosalinda Perdin, Bill Krauss, Jaime Lujan, Denise Bass

Hamburger Kid - Brandon Duck

Wait Staff - Michael Ordona, Kelly Andrews, Derek Brandt

Ticket Taker - Curran Reichert

Nursery Attendant - Mary Heming

Pith Helmet Shop Attendant - Kalisa Chao

Dino Deli Singing Customers - Jovka Parks, Dave Gabagen, Patzi Kozlakowski, Jeff Seaburg, Tyler Johnson, Robert Johns, Pat Workman, Bill Dowling

Dino Deli Customers - Dee Packs, Barbara Van Gundy, May Huarte, Cathy Kane, Denise Montalbano, Pabiola Btienne, Zalae Falcone, Earl Powell, Tom Heronymus, Raymond Huarte, Kalen Kane, Trina Montalbano, Syltin Btienne

Dinosaur World Extras - Lily Towata and her 3rd grade class from Patterson School Vallejo, CA

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Detailed Synopsis

Tim McDunn packs his backpack with what he thinks he will need in Dinosaur World, including a Swiss Army Knife, a sandwich and a compass. Mary McDunn walks into his room and asks him if he is ready and comments on how he appears overdressed with his safari clothes. They go with Mr. McDunn and Mrs. McDunn and as they head towards the entrance of Dinosaur World, Tim points at dinosaur cutouts and tells Mr. McDunn their name. They buy their tickets from Ticket Taker, who gives them a map of Dinosaur World. They go to a hat shop and Mrs. McDunn buys a giant brimmed pith helmet for Pteranodon protection. They look at the map of the park and Tim gives out facts of the different eras. As they are heading towards the Nursery, they come across a Dimetrodon, which Tim notes is not a dinosaur. They continue on and see a Stegosaurus baby and its mother. They arrive at the Nursery and a Ranger tells them about the baby Allosaurus. Tim wanders off and his family finds him watching a full grown Allosaurus. They continue and see an Apatosaurus and her baby. They go to the Dino Deli and see two members of the Wait Staff carrying a gigantic Bronto Burger to Hamburger Kid. Another member of the Wait Staff starts to sing off food options to the McDunns. Tim and Mary start exploring on their own while Mrs. McDunn waits with Mr. McDunn until he finishes his desert. A Pterodactyl steals Tim's hit and he and Mary chase after it. Mr. McDunn and Mrs. McDunn go to the station and report Tim and Mary missing. They tell Officer Stone that Tim really wanted to see a Tyranosaurus Rex and he suggests Tim and Mary might be there. He calls the T-Rex station, but they don't see anyone matching Tim or Mary's description.

Tim and Mary are surprised by a Triceratops and his compass is crushed under its foot. Officer Stone tells a Ranger to grab some more Rangers and do a search for Tim and Mary. Night approaches and Tim and Mary worry they will be dinner for dinosaurs. A Ranger calls Officer Stone and tells him Rangers have found something. Tim and Mary see a Deinonychus feeding and run away. Officer Stone shows Mr. McDunn and Mrs. McDunn the hat the Rangers found and the Rangers take a helicopter to look for Tim and Mary. Mary tells Tim she will never laugh at him for being prepared and they come across a Parasaurolophus baby and eggs. They almost hide behind a T-Rex and run away. Mr. McDunn and Mrs. McDunn hear Tim and Mary scream and run towards the sound. Officer Stone tells Officer Michaels to get the search light ready. The Rangers use a helicopter light to blind the T-Rex and Mary and Tim run to Mrs. McDunn and Mrs. McDunn. Officer Stone congratulates Tim and Mary on keeping themselves safe and Mrs. McDunn gives Tim his hat. Tim and his family leave, but before they do, Mary tells Officer Stone they will be back.