Lovely Molly (2011)

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A woman starts to hear her dead father's voice when she moves in to her old family home.


Horror, Psychological

Horror, Supernatural


Molly - Gretchen Lodge

Tim - Johnny Lewis

Hannah - Alexandra Holden

Pastor Bobby - Field Blauvelt

Samuels - Ken Arnold

Mother/Mall Woman - Tara Garwood

Little Girl - Camilla Zaidee Bennett

Hensley - Kevin Murray

Uncle Bert - Doug Roberts

Doctor Dean - Dan Manning

Victor - Daniel Ross

Spit Cup - Brandon Thane Wilson

Crime Scene Cop - Bus Howard

Peter - Josh Jones

Family Friend - Bethany Hoffman

Middle-Age Man - Mark Redfield

Older Woman - Rosemary Knower

Ronnie - Craig Sechler

Suzie - Brenna McDonough

Thin Lady - Caren Anton

Female Friend 1 - Katie Foster

Female Friend 2 - Lauren Lakis

Reception - John Judy

Desk Clerk - Shane Tunney

Tim's Friend - Todd Ryan Jones

Male Employee 1 - Dan Franko

Male Employee 2 - Matthew Bowerman

Drug Dealer - Steve Dantzler

Reception Band - Hand Painted Swinger

Drums/Vocals - Billy Plank

Guitar/Vocals - Bob Shellhouse

Lead Vocals/Guitars - Jim Higley

Bass/Vocals - Chriss Sussman

Church Band

Lead Vocals/Guitar - Kyle David Crosby

Guitarist - Andy Zipf

Drummer - Harry Evans

Piano - Andrew Vona

Bass - Kevin MacIntire

Tambourine Man - Andrew White


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Detailed Synopsis

On the 16th of October, 2011, Molly is filming herself and tells the camera that whatever happened, it wasn't her and she's not in control of herself. She then puts a knife to her throat, but can't make herself commit suicide.

Back on the 18th of September, 2011, during a wedding, a Family Friend introduces herself to Pastor Bobby. A wedding guest asks Female Friend 2 what her definition of true love is and then he zooms in on her chest with his camcorder. The wedding guest then talks with Uncle Bert and Peter, who thinks Tim is just okay. The wedding guest goes to speak with Tim while another wedding guest ties Tim's tie and another one mentions that his dad got married four times. Molly and Hannah arrive at the wedding and Molly and Tim get married. The reception begins and the Reception Band plays music. Uncle Bert gives a toast to Ben and Tammy, Molly and Hannah's parents.

After the wedding, the Molly and Tim move to the house Molly grew up in. During the night, the house alarm goes off and Molly tells the security alarm representative that the alarm for the kitchen door went off. Molly and Tim start to go downstairs, but hear a loud thud and run back into their bedroom. The police arrive and Tim lets deputy Samuels into the house. They go to the backdoor and find it open and Samuels tells Tim and Molly that there are no signs of forced entry. Samuels does a sweep of the house and tells Molly he was there when her father was killed.

On the 4th of October, 2011, Molly records her day as she walks around the house and finds a covered hole with a horse head shrine on one of the walls. Tim apologizes for having to be gone for Molly's birthday and the next day leaves. Later, Molly finds a card and present from Tim. She goes to her job at the mall. While she is leaving a message for Tim, a co-worker tells her that Hensley wants to see her in the break room. Molly goes into the break room and her co-workers and Hannah surprise her with a birthday cake. After work Molly and Hannah smoke a joint and Hannah is surprised Molly moved back into the house. Molly looks around the house and at the photos of her father. During the night Molly hears a noise and goes downstairs and the back door starts to rattle and then stops. Samuels goes back to the house and tells Molly that it was probably teenagers who thought the house was still vacant and tells her that he had to come to the house a few times due to a domestic disturbance concerning her father. The next day at work, Hannah invites Molly to stay with her while Tim is gone. Molly asks Hannah for some weed and then gets upset when Hannah tells her she doesn't have any.

On the 8th of October, 2011, during the night, Molly hears a child crying coming from her old bedroom closet. She opens the door and then walks outside with her camcorder and spies on Mother/Mall Woman and her son and a Little Girl. Tim returns home and finds Molly sitting naked on her old bed and she tells him that her father is alive. Tim asks Molly if she is using drugs again and she tells him that she only smoked one joint. They go to church where a Church Band is playing. During the night Molly goes into the attic, and looks at old photos and pulls out her old drug paraphernalia from her stuffed bear. Molly instigates sex with Tim and then suddenly leaves for work. At work, Hensley asks Molly if she is okay and suggests she take the day off. While she is working, she hears a clopping noise and someone say lovely Molly.

On the 10th of October, 2011, Molly records herself and tells the camera that something is wrong with her. She says that after her father died, she started to see things, but no one believed her. She hears the voice again and something trying to get into her bedroom. The door opens and Molly tells it no. Molly goes to work and Hensley shows her closed circuit recording of her pulling her pants down in a hallway and simulating sex. Molly starts yelling at Hensley and he sends her home.

On the 11th of October, 2011, she spies on the Mother/Mall Woman and her children again and the Little Girl sees her recording her. Molly finds a dead deer that is entangled in a fence. Pastor Bobby comes over to the house and she asks him when the last time he was drunk. He tells her that Tim is worried about her using drugs again. She tells him that she is dealing with things from her past and tells him that her father isn't dead. She shows him her panties and asks him if misses having sex and Pastor Bobby leaves and Molly shoots up heroin. She goes to Hannah's house and tells Hannah that their father follows her everywhere.

On the 12th of October, 2011, Molly records the Mother/Mall Woman at the mall at her job. She then follows her as she leaves work and gets in her car. Tim comes home and smells something bad inside the house and sees Molly's drug paraphernalia. At dinner, Tim suggests she see Doctor Dean. She tells him that her father said everyone will abandon her again. At night, Tim hears Molly talking to someone, but no one is there. She introduces Tim to her father and is surprised when Tim can't see him. While in bed, Molly tells Tim that her father said he had to stop. After Molly goes to see Doctor Dean, Doctor Dean tells Tim that Molly is fine and writes a prescription for sleeping pills.

On the 15th of October, 2011, Molly takes her pills, but is awoken by her father. She tells Tim, who doesn't see anyone and then locks herself in the bedroom. Tim opens the door and Molly bites his lip. Tim calls Hannah and shows her Molly's drug paraphernalia. He tells her that Molly needs psychiatric help and Hannah goes to look for Molly. She finds her in the basement stabbing the maggot ridden corpse of the deer Molly found dead in the fence. Molly tells Hannah that their father told her that Hannah killed him. Hannah tells Molly that she killed their father, because he wouldn't stop molesting Molly. Molly talks about gutting Peter and Hannah leaves.

On the 16th of October, 2011, Molly spies on the Little Girl again and then sees the Mother/Mall Woman giving oral sex to Tim. Pastor Bobby goes back to Molly's house and she walks outside naked. They have sex and afterwards Molly kills him. Molly calls Hannah and tells her that the police are going to find things at the house, but it wasn't her who did it. Within the house all the horse heads in photos have been cut out.

On the 17th of October, 2011, Molly films the mutilated body of Pastor Bobby. Tim returns home and sees police cars at the neighbors house. Crime Scene Cop tells him that a person was reported missing. Tim arrives home and finds Molly's camcorder and the earrings he got her for her birthday next to it. He watches what is being played on the camcorder and sees himself receiving oral sex from the Mother/Mall Woman. Molly hits him on the back of the head with a baseball bat and then drags him into the basement. Tim starts to cry and apologizes to Molly and she puts a screwdriver through his skull.

On the 18th of October, 2011, Molly spies on the neighbor's house where firefighters are digging up the remains of the Little Girl. Molly goes back home and cries. She goes back outside and walks into the waiting arms of the Orobas, who was really speaking to her and not her father. Hannah goes to the house and finds the photo album on the ground She flips through it and finds photos of horses heads glued over her father's head. Hannah opens the closet and the Orobas calls to her.