Lt. Graham Gore

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Lt. Graham Gore


Graham Gore is a first lieutenant on the HMS Erebus in the Discovery Service for the British Royal Navy.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 1 Go for Broke played by Tom Weston-Jones

A large piece of ice hits the Erebus. Gore tells John Franklin the status of the ship and that the propeller is jammed with ice. Franklin calls a meeting of the officers, including Lt. H.T.D. Le Vesconte, and John Gregory tells them about the damage to the Erebus and Francis Crozier warns Franklin that they will be dealing with pack ice ahead. He asks Gore how many sun dogs he has seen and suggests they explore King William Land to see if it is an island and Thomas Blanky agrees. Franklin decides against his advice and James Fitzjames considers Crozier's warning, melodrama. Crozier then angrily points out that only four people at the table are veterans of the arctic, but Franklin again decides to continue on. Franklin gives a speech to the crew about how they will soon accomplish their journey. Six days later, both ships are stuck in the ice and the next morning they wake up to be surrounded by continuous ice.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 2 Gore played by Tom Weston-Jones

Spring, 1847, Franklin gives a speech and then the two groups leave on their respective surveying paths. Gore's group, consisting of Henry Goodsir, Thomas Hartnell, John Morfin, Charles Des Voeux, Henry Peglar, Charles Best and Sgt. Daniel Bryant, heads towards King William Island. Goodsir mentions that Dr. MacDonald lent him his journal about his experience meeting a group of Inuk. They make it to the edge of the ice shelf. They leave their boat behind and climb over the ice shelf onto King William Island. They walk to the cairn of Sir James Ross and Gore leaves a message behind indicating they are doing well. Gore and Bryant go towards the second cairn while the rest of the group retrieve the boat. Gore's group is forced inside their tents when they are bombarded by large hail. While they are huddled in their tents, they hear a creature roar. Bryant tells the others, he and Gore were being tracked by a bear. He tells everyone to grab a rifle and when he sees a shadow, shoots at it, hitting a Shaman. The others run towards the wounded Shaman, leaving Gore behind. As Goodsir watches, the Tuunbaq charges at Gore and kills him.