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The Television and Film Character Encyclopedia, or TAFCE for short, is an encyclopedia of the characters and those who play them. From Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of Conan to Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin. The goal is to include both movies big budget and low budget and characters large and small. To see the films and television shows currently in the encyclopedia click the titles link below.

Who was Frank?

I created TAFCE, because more than once while watching a movie or television show I forgot the name of some character so when another character mentioned them I had no idea who they were talking about. I wanted to create a database that not only provided a description but also a visual reference for who the character is so I would no longer have to ask, "wait, who was just eaten by the alien?"

Main Movie/TV Show Page Layout

Each movie page starts with a listing of the characters and the actors who played them, next is a series of thumbnails of the characters and finally a detailed synopsis of the movie. The television show pages have links to each episode whose pages follow a similar pattern to the movie pages.

Character Profiles

Each character profile consists of a character background and a section on how they were involved during the events of the film or show followed by who played them. Information is pulled only from the film or television media and not supporting media like books or comics. Photos included are directly from the film or television show discussed for ease of identification.


All attempts have been made to be as accurate as possible. In some instances characters are given a name but they are not listed in the credits or in some cases there was no end of film credits to go off of. In those instances I have attempted a best guess of how their name is spelled.

Contact Information

If readers notice any mistakes please email me. Also if a reader happens to know who some of the missing characters are please send me an email with a brief description of the scene they are in. Thanks for viewing the website!





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