Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

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A family stays the night at a hotel owned by a sorcerer and run by a satyr.


Horror, Supernatural


The Master - Tom Neyman

Torgo - John Reynolds

Margaret - Diane Mahree

Michael - Hal Warren

The Master's Wife - Stephanie Nielson

The Master's Wife - Sherry Proctor

The Master's Wife - Robin Redd

Debbie - Jackey Neyman

Teenager in Car - Bernie Rosenblum

Teenager in Car - Joyce Molleur

Cop - William Bryan Jennings

Girl in Convertible - Jay Hall

The Master's Wife - Bettye Birns

Girl in Convertible - Lelanie Hansard

The Master's Wife - Pat Coburn

The Master's Wife - Patt Sullivan

Cop - George Cavender


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Detailed Synopsis

Michael, Margaret, Debbie and Peppy are traveling on their vacation outside El Paso, Texas. Cop 1 and Cop 2 pull Michael over and Cop 1 starts to give him a ticket for his left tail light being out. Michael asks him to cut him a break and Cop 1 lets him go without the ticket. Michael takes a left when he sees a sign for the Valley Lodge. A couple of Teenagers in Car are kissing and drinking when Michael drives by and the Teenagers comment there is nothing down the road Michael is driving. Cop 1 and Cop 2 pull over and Cop 1 tells the Teenagers to get going. Michael comes to a point in the road where it suddenly ends and he turns around and tries to go back the way he came. He stops at a large building and Margaret thinks they should ask directions. They see Torgo standing outside the door and everyone gets out of the car. Torgo tells them he takes care of the place while The Master is away, but does not think The Master would approve having Debbie or Peppy there. Michael and Margaret ask directions to the Valley Lodge, but Torgo says nothing by that name exists nearby. Due to how late it is, Michael suggests spending the night there, but Margaret wants to leave. Torgo also repeats that The Master wouldn't approve of them staying. Torgo eventually agrees to let them stay and then gets their luggage.

They go inside the building and see a painting of The Master and his doberman. Margaret comments how sinister The Master looks. Torgo tells them The Master has left Earth, but is with them always. Torgo tells Margaret that The Master likes her. They hear an animal screeching outside and Michael goes outside to scare it away. Peppy runs outside the open door and runs into the dark. Michael goes looking for him and finds Peppy dead and tells Margaret. Michael goes to bury Peppy and then returns. Debbie asks for Peppy and Margaret lies to her and tells her Peppy ran away. Margaret says she wants to leave and Michael agrees and calls for Torgo. Michael tells him they are leaving, but when he goes outside, the car won't start. Torgo stares at Margaret as she is packing her clothes and tells her The Master wants her and then Torgo awkwardly touches Margaret's hair. Margaret tells him to stop and Torgo tells her The Master can't have her as he wants her. He tells Margaret he meant no harm and will protect her. Michael tells Margaret the car won't start and asks for a phone, but Torgo tells him The Master doesn't approve of phones and the nearest one is ten miles away.

Debbie leaves the building to look for Peppy and Michael and Margaret go looking for her. Debbie walks up to them holding what appears to be the doberman from the painting on a leash. The doberman runs away and everyone goes back inside the building. They ask Debbie where she found the dog and she tells them at a place nearby. She takes takes them to the place, which appears to be a large temple. Lying against pillars are The Master's Wives and The Master lying on a sacrificial alter, all of them appearing to be asleep. They leave the temple area and go back to the building. Torgo goes up to the comatose Master and tells him, he wants Margaret. Torgo starts to touch and kiss one of The Master's Wives and yells he doesn't need them anymore. As Margaret is undressing in the room, Torgo watches her. As Michael is looking for Torgo, Torgo attacks him and knocks him unconscious and then drags him away and ties him up. The Master wakes up. The Teenagers are kissing in their car and drinking again and Cop 1 and Cop 2 pull up and the Teenagers tell Cop 1 to bother the other couple that drove by. The Master prays to Manos and wakes up his Wives. The Wives start to argue about Debbie and whether Michael and Margaret should be sacrificed. The Master insists Debbie must die and goes to punish Torgo. After The Master leaves the Wives argue again about trying to save Debbie or sacrifice her and they start to get into a physical fight.

The Master goes to the building and tells Torgo he has failed them and tells him the Wives, while in stasis, know everything that Torgo says around them and everything he does to them. The Master condemns Torgo to die and Torgo tells The Master he will help Michael and his family against The Master. The Master casts a spell on Torgo, putting him to sleep. One of The Master's Wives finds Michael and kisses him, but doesn't let him go. The Master returns with Torgo to the temple and finds his Wives fighting. The Wife who wanted to protect Debbie is tied up for sacrifice and Torgo is placed on the sacrificial alter and is slapped and beaten by the Wives. Michael wakes up and unties himself and runs back to the building. The Master places Torgo's hand over a fire pit and it burst into flames and Torgo runs away into the darkness. Michael finds Margaret and Debbie and they try to escape. The Master beats his Wife that wanted to save Debbie and she taunts him and says his power is fading. Michael and his family decide to go back to the building. Cop 1 and Cop 2 start to search around after they hear the gunshots from Michael shooting a rattlesnake. When Michael and his family make it to the building, they see The Master and Michael shoots at him. The bullets are ineffective and The Master just stares at Michael. Two Girls in Convertible turn at the sign pointing to Valley Lodge. They pull up to The Master's building and get out. Michael walks out and greets them the same way Torgo greeted Michael and his family. The Master and his wives are shown sleeping, with the addition of Margaret and Debbie.