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Marcie Cunningham is a camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey. She is from Richville, New York and is in a relationship with Jack. Marcie has been afraid of storms since she was a little kid.

During the events of Friday the 13th (1980) played by Jeannine Taylor

Jack, Marcie and Ned are driving in Ned's truck to Camp Crystal Lake. They make it to Camp Crystal Lake, and help Steve Christy remove a tree stump. Alice comes over and everyone introduces themselves. Before leaving, Steve tells everyone, including Brenda and Bill what he wants them to work on while he is gone. While everyone is swimming, Brenda thinks she sees something in the woods. Ned acts like he is drowning, but starts kissing Brenda when she is giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation. Alice finds a snake in her cabin and the rest of the camp counselors go into the cabin and Jack flushes the snake out from under the bed and Bill kills it. Officer Dorf drives into camp and accuses them of smoking weed. He tells them he is looking for Crazy Ralph and then is called back to the station. A storm starts and Jack and Marcie run into the cabin and start having sex. While Marcie goes to pee, she hears a noise and thinks it is Ned and Jack playing a prank on her. She is then killed by someone who hits her in the face with an ax.

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