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Marian Bagelle is a noblewoman in the town of Rottingham, England. Her parents were killed during a plague. Marian's horse is named Lady.

During the events of Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) played by Amy Yasbeck

Marian sits in a tub and sings a song wondering when her true love will arrive. Broomhilde walks in and tells Marian she needs to get out of the tub before she catches a cold. A bluebird lands on Marian's hand and she wishes she will meet a man who will possess the key to her girdle. At Prince John's Party, Marian walks into the dinner chamber and the Sheriff of Rottingham tries to trick her into a date. Robin Hood barges into the party and insults Prince John to the gasps of the Party Guests and flirts with Marian. The Sheriff challenges Robin to a duel and a fight breaks out between Robin and the Sheriff's guards. Ahchoo, Blinkin, Little John and Will Scarlet O'Hara break into the castle and help in the fight. She hears of a plot by the Sheriff to kill Robin and she and Broomhilde ride to warn Robin. Marian tells Robin about the Sheriff's plan. Robin then sings to Marian as the Merry Men watch. Marian tells him about her chastity belt and how it is written that someday someone will come with a key that fits. At the Annual Spring Fair, the Sheriff orders Robin arrested after he winds the tournament and Marian offers to marry the Sheriff if he spares Robin.

The Abbot arrives with the Sheriff and then Marian is walked to the aisle by Prince John. The Abbot gives a prayer in pig Latin before starting the wedding ceremony. When The Abbot finds out that the Sheriff's name is Mervyn, he laughs, along with the Wedding Guests. As Marian is about to say ado, Ahchoo shoots the rope, freeing Robin from his noose. The Villagers arrive and a fight breaks out between the Merry Men and Prince John's soldiers. The Sheriff kidnaps Marian and carries her away. He is trying to break into Marian's chastity belt with a jackhammer when Robin enters the room. Robin and the Sheriff fight and Robin's locket is sliced off by the Sheriff and flies into the ceiling shattering, and dropping a key. The key lands in Marian's chastity belt, and is the perfect size. The Sheriff accidentally impales himself on Robin's sword and Latrine runs in and tells him she has a pill that will save his life if he marries her. He agrees and Latrine saves him and then drags him screaming away. Marian and Robin tell each other they love them, and Broomhilde stops them from having sex. Rabbi Tuckman is about to marry Robin and Marian when King Richard returns from the Crusades. Due to his brother's treachery, King Richard proclaims that from now on, toilets will be called John's and Prince John is taken away to the Tower of London. Robin's lands are restored including all of Sherwood Forest and he is knighted. King Richard kisses Marian and then Robin and Marian are married. Robin makes Ahchoo the new sheriff of Rottingham and then Robin and Marian ride off. Robin brings Marian home and as they are about to have sex the lock won't open and he calls for a locksmith.

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