Mark Stevens

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Mark Stevens


Mark Stevens is a resident of California. His outlook on dating is that all women like to shop and men's jobs are to provide money for them to shop so women will feel obligated to have sex with them. Mark's best friend is Jack Livingstone.

During the events of Julie and Jack (2003) played by Will Springhorn

Jack goes to Mark's house while Mark is having sex with Stephanie and Stephanie answers the door and lets Jack in. Mark tells Jack he was in the middle of sex and Jack asks what happened to Mark's girlfriend Barbara. Mark tells him, Barbara is on vacation and Jack tells him about his troubles at work. Mark suggests Jack get a girlfriend and tells him to go on the website Jack meets up with Mark at a bar and Mark asks him if he has had sex with Julie Romanov yet. Later, Jack goes to Mark's house while he is having sex with Helen and Helen lets Jack inside. Mark tells Jack how he and Helen met. Mark then tells Jack that after the first 2 or 3 months, relationships are bad investments due to the drop in sex. Jack tells Mark about Julie and Mark tells Jack that he might be getting catfished.