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Matt Perry


Matt Perry is a businessman and owner of the Greenetrack Greyhound Racing race track in Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama. He is married to Elizabeth Perry and his daughter is Kim Perry.

During the events of Jaws of Satan (1981) played by Bob Hannah

At a dinner party, Evelyn greets Matt and Kim and Matt tells Kim, Evelyn is a real witch. Elizabeth tells Matt, Mayor Thorpe is boring everyone with a campaign speech and Kim tells Elizabeth this party is better than her last one. Evelyn explains to Kim how her magic works. Matt asks Evelyn if his dog track will be successful and Father Farrow interrupts and criticizes gambling and Matt counters with a remark about the church not paying any taxes. Matt introduces Father Farrow to Evelyn and she brings up the history of his ancestors who personally killed witches and burned temples. After her death, Father Farrow presides over the funeral of Evelyn, which is attended by Sheriff Tatum, Mayor Thorpe, Matt, Elizabeth, Kim and Mrs. Carson. During a public meeting on the snake attacks, Mayor Thorpe and Matt walk into the building and Mayor Thorpe demands to know what is going on. Mayor Thorpe says any talk of a snake is a waste of time and Blue Collar Worker asks if the body of a kid at the lake was ever found. Dr. Owens lies and says Evelyn died of anaphylactic shock from a bee sting. After Mayor Thorpe tells the people to calm down and go back to work, Father Farrow tells the people he was attacked by a snake earlier. Mayor Thorpe says the meeting will continue in private and walks into his office with Matt, Dr. Owens, Dr. Maggie Sheridan, Paul Hendricks and Father Farrow. Matt takes over and tells Dr. Sheridan and Paul they have 18 hours to find and kill the snakes and threatens them to keep quiet if they don't accomplish their mission or they will be sent to the local jail on a trumped up charge. Matt later gets a call and is upset that the Biker he sent to rape and attack Dr. Sheridan failed and he tells the person on the other end to tell the Biker to leave town. During the night, Matt complains about the curfew and Elizabeth tells him not everyone is obsessed with the dog track. Kim comes back inside and is grounded for a week by Elizabeth for going outside when it is dangerous. At the opening of the race track, Senator arrives with Matt and Mayor Thorpe. Kim is bitten by a rattlesnake at the track and taken away by Matt. A Female Medic tells Matt, Kim is reacting twice as fast to the snake venom and the Male Medic calls for an an adrenaline shot. Mayor Thorpe tells Matt he is going to tell the people there won't be an opening of the race track, and when Matt tries to stop him, Mayor Thorpe ignores him.

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