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Jonathan Matthias is the leader of The Family in Los Angeles, California. He used to be a newscaster.

During the events of The Omega Man (1971) played by Anthony Zerbe

Matthias, Zachary and other members of The Family go outside of Neville's home and taunt him during the night. Zachary tells him that Neville manged to kill three members of the family when they attacked him. When Zachary suggests using a cannon to destroy Neville's home, Matthias forbids it and insists on using simple technology. Later, Neville is captured and brought before Matthias who puts him on trial for the crimes of the past. He then has Neville brought to Dodgers stadium and put on a pyre. Before Neville can be set on fire, he is freed by Dutch and he escapes with Lisa. Matthias and The Family then return to Neville's home and taunt him again. When the power goes out, Zachary decides to try and climb into Neville's home and kill him and Matthias warns him to be careful. He then watches as Neville shoots and kills Zachary. Richie goes to Matthias and tells him that Neville has created a serum that can return them to normal and Matthias accuses him of being a trick sent by Neville and has Richie executed. He and The Family then go once more to Neville's house, picking up Lisa, who has transformed, along the way. They break into Neville's home and ambush him when he arrives. After The Family destroys the relics of the past he has collected, Neville manages to break free and escape with Lisa. Matthias calls to Lisa and when Neville tries to call her back, Matthias throws a spear at him, which punctures Neville's chest.

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