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Dahlia McGuire is an investigative journalist in Miami, Florida.

During the events of Invasion U.S.A. (1985) played by Melissa Prophet

McGuire complains to Johnston and Harper that she has been held against her will for over an hour by the police. Harper asks McGuire who she works for and Johnston asks her how she made it to the ship before the police did. They continue to question her and she hands over the photographs she took. At the beach, McGuire takes a photograph of Cassidy and his men and asks them if they know what is going on. McGuire is taking photographs of a party at a community center in South Miami. Tonio is trying to convince Carlos to flirt with Maria and Maria's Girlfriend. A police car drives up and turns on its spotlight directly on the party goers. Tonio walks up to the police car and is shot dead by Koyo. The party goers are then shot and killed, until Koyo reminds the other terrorist that Rostov wants witnesses. Young Cop and Veteran Cop drive up to the party goers, and the party goers start throwing things at the car and the Young Cop and Veteran Cop reverse away from the party. At the scene of the party, Tonio's body and others are being taken away by paramedics. Cassidy questions McGuire and tells her the terrorists are turning the people against each other and authority. Outside the mall, Cindy starts yelling at Kurt and Kurt starts shooting at her and grabs Girl on Car and drives away. Matt Hunter jumps into McGuire's, who had just arrived at the mall, car and they take off after Kurt. McGuire manages to grab onto Girl on Car and get her into her car. Matt throws a grenade into the truck with Kurt and he crashes and the truck blows up. Supermarket Manager tells his customers, because of recent events they don't have any fresh meat or vegetables. McGuire notices a group of men dressed as National Guard troops drive up. Nikko, who is in disguise, is about to start shooting into the customers, when Matt arrives. The terrorists start shooting as Matt kills some of the terrorists. Nikko grabs McGuire and Matt takes his pistol and shoots Nikko in the head. Days later, McGuire picks up a leaflet telling the public about a dusk to dawn curfew and then greets Matt as he is brought to the headquarters in Atlanta by Johnston and Harper.

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