Merchant Captain (Black Sails)

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Merchant Captain


Merchant Captain is the captain of a merchant ship in Bath, Carolina.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 1 XIX. played by Mark Sykes

Tom, Edgar and Caleb take a boat to a ship in the harbor. Merchant Captain takes them to the captain's quarters and Tom pushes Merchant Captain aside and enters the room. Blackbeard asks them why they came and Tom tells him that they are Mary's brothers and they are there to make sure Blackbeard honors his vows to Mary. He tells Blackbeard that he will either by Mary's current husband or late husband. Blackbeard tells them that he can't return and when they pull out their swords tells them that Mary told them three lies. That he retired from a prosperous trade as opposed to being a pirate, that his name is Drummond, and that anyone who lifted a sword against him would survive the encounter. Blackbeard shoots, Tom, Edgar and Caleb and then tells Merchant Captain to make haste to Nassau.